07 Apr 2012

Look. Knitting!

Knitsibs, meet my Lansplitter.

In other news, this week I made the switch from a PC to a Mac. Because my life is not challenging enough, that’s why.

I am sure I will come to love this machine like one of my own children. Eventually. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m very excited, but I haven’t used a Mac since 1999. Turns out the learning curve is a little steeper than I anticipated, and I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing with this new machine, and everything is taking longer than I thought it would. In fact, it may take the whole weekend to figure out how to podcast again. Just letting ya know.

How do you like my Lanesplitter? Isn’t the fabric pretty? It’s even more lovely in person. Do you see why I can’t stop knitting it, even though I have no idea if I’ll ever wear it?

(Yes, that was a blatant attempt to distract you with knitwear. Did it work?)

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  1. Sasha wrote:

    Lovely knitwear, lovely fabric! Looks very fun with the ridges, the colours, the diagonal – all good things! Have often thought of making the switch to Mac due to my intense disliking of Mr Gates, but I will no doubt find it an almost vertical learning curve since I’ve not macced before! (apart from iphoning)

    Posted on 4.7.12 ·
  2. Jennifer wrote:

    Oooooh, that’s pretty!

    Posted on 4.7.12 ·
  3. Chris wrote:

    Pretty! I’m guessing once you finish it and try it on you’ll have no doubts. I saw one in person a little while ago and thought, “Oh! So THAT’s what all the fuss is about.” 🙂

    As for the Mac, I switched about a year ago. Never used one before that. Apple has a lot of helpful tutorials on their website (http://www.apple.com/support/). Macmost.com (http://macmost.com/) has a website and podcast (Macmost Now) that really helped get me up to speed. Now Hubs wants one, too.

    Posted on 4.7.12 ·
  4. Jeanie wrote:

    Well, I finished my Lanesplitter and actually have worn it in public. And I am older than you! I used a brightly colored yarn, too. The only comment I got was from a younger man who said “Like your skirt!”. I did find that I needed to wear a slip with it as it tended to cling to my tights. So go for it! Besides, isn’t it fun to knit?

    Posted on 4.7.12 ·
  5. Mary Anne wrote:

    Love the view of the Lanesplitter. At even older than you, and probably even older than Jeanie, I am about to embark on a Lanesplitter of my own. Perhaps that means I’m immature for my 62 years, but so be it!

    Posted on 4.7.12 ·
  6. MelD wrote:

    *grin* I switched to a Mac a few years ago and now seem to spend my life persuading others to switch, with a 95% success rate so far…
    …and this week I finished my Lanesplitter, too – it ain’t ‘alf gorgeous 🙂 Love how the fabric came up on yours, too! Mine is a bit more rainbow-y (Lang’s Mille Colori).

    Posted on 4.7.12 ·
  7. Sandi wrote:

    I’m so glad you ignored your sister and have started your Lanesplitter!

    Posted on 4.7.12 ·
  8. Julia wrote:

    Well I never! My partner has just done the same thing and the air was blue! But… she has found a fantastic book called Switch to Mac ISBN 1-858704-41-3
    that has helped a lot, she bought it at WH Smiths, Amazon will probably have it, might save you tearing your hair out!
    Knitty hugs from cold and windy Spain

    Posted on 4.7.12 ·
  9. Lydia wrote:

    Lanesplitter looks great probably with some sort of lining to stop it walking up the legs – I would wear it and dare I say I am nearly ever so nearly 59!!!

    Posted on 4.8.12 ·
  10. EvelynU wrote:

    Age matters, but size matters more…when it comes to wearing knit skirts, that is. I think you’ll rock it, Brenda!

    Posted on 4.8.12 ·
  11. Krista wrote:

    I love my iMac! Glad you made the switch.

    I knit the Lanesplitter, but haven’t seamed it yet. I really want to put a nylon lining in it as I will be wearing it with tights and fear “the walking ride up”. Let us know how it goes!

    Posted on 4.8.12 ·
  12. I enjoy using the Mac laptop. Hang in there you will figure it out.

    Brenda, I’m still thinking about your comment in one of the more recent podcasts about your research of memory. I’m working on a project about a great grandmother I never knew so have been quite interested in “memory,” that is who remembers what and why, and how it contributes to family story. I hope you will share some of the information you’ve come across. Memory is a fascinating topic.

    Posted on 4.8.12 ·
  13. Alex wrote:

    Brenda, my 50-something ass is also going to wear a Lane Splitter. I have the Noro in stash already. You wear that skirt with a smile on your face and stick your tongue out at your sister. She lives in the conservative Midwest, right? 🙂
    Maybe we’ve all drank the kool aid but it tastes mighty sweet.

    Posted on 4.9.12 ·
  14. BeckyinVT wrote:

    Wow that lanesplitter looks awesome! Wait, what were you saying?

    Posted on 4.9.12 ·
  15. Annie wrote:

    Hello Brenda!

    I was awaiting pictures of your Lanesplitter after I heard you’re planning on making one. Now I am contemplating about doing one myself…
    Yours looks really nice – I like the way the colors run into each other. If you do not want to wear it – ask me. I’m about half your age, but I guess it will fit, regarding my hip size 😉
    And on the Mac: I have used on at my internship and it was no revelation. I managed to even ask too much much of Mac until it gave up…

    Posted on 4.9.12 ·
  16. Beth wrote:

    Welcome (back) to the world of Macs. Am sure the new platform will be worth the learning curve.

    Also, safe travels as you embark on your tour. While in the DC area you may want to check out:
    The Torpedo Factory in old town Alexandria
    The Textile museum in DC

    There are a couple of other great places that I’m having a brain freeze about right now… I’ll add a new comment when I get my wits about me

    Posted on 4.9.12 ·
  17. Beth wrote:

    Ok. A quick google helped me remember one of my recommendations:
    The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, md
    Home to impressive collection of outsider- and self-taught-artists’ works. It may be a long haul from Alexandria, VA, but def would be worth it. I’m a stay at home mom in silver spring, md (just north of the DC-MD border). If you wanted to check out AVAM and would risk a ride with a 22-month-old let me know and we might be able to work something out. Unfortunately, I’m not able to make it to your booksigning or your classes at Fibre Space.

    Posted on 4.9.12 ·
  18. Jennifer wrote:

    I have made a Lanesplitter and like it, though I second the “wear leggings under it” bit. It was an easy knit for me, used up random colors so I had stripes. Not bad!

    Posted on 4.11.12 ·
  19. Syrenmuse wrote:

    I assume you’re changing over to using the GarageBand. The learning curve isn’t very steep. I’ve never used anything else, it’s pretty straight forward. The OS, however, you may need some time adjusting to, I’ll agree. When I got rid of the second husband I tossed his PC and went back to the Mac. In the two or three years from my previous usage in 1999 to 2002, the Apple OS had gone insanely more complicated but ultimately I got the hang of it. Hang in there, old cats can learn new tricks, they just pretend not to.

    Posted on 4.13.12 ·
  20. Emily wrote:

    Lanesplitter rocks! I recently made one and got A TON of compliments on it. I’m definitely considering a second…just need to figure out what yarn to use. Keep going!

    Posted on 4.15.12 ·

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