08 Mar 2010

Have you got it?

I’m not a regular viewer of the ITV program that’s responsible for today’s M3 video. To be honest, I’m not any kind of viewer at all. I usually give it a wide berth, which is why I missed the memo on the K Factor contest that ran through the month of February. Apparently ITV put out a call for knitted contestants in late January, and Britain’s talented knitters responded.

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  1. Laia wrote:

    Oh that video is hilarious. Thanks for sharing it.

    Posted on 3.8.10 ·
  2. martha in mobile wrote:

    That IS odd, isn’t it? I hope the knitted bears from The Mother Bear Project will stage an intervention and encourage the contestants to seek world betterment by providing snuggles, rather than chasing after fame and fortune in the fickle world of the knitted entertainment industry.

    Posted on 3.8.10 ·
  3. Deb C wrote:

    OMG! What a stitch (pun intended). Thanks for posting, I was just taking my knitting a little too seriously. Miss ya, Brenda!

    Posted on 3.9.10 ·
  4. Thanks for brightening my day. Only the Brits could make that work! LOL!

    Posted on 3.9.10 ·

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