29 Mar 2010


Can I make a confession? I love Glee so much it’s embarrassing. Yes, it’s a cliché of every television show and movie set in an American high school over the past 20 years, or possibly ever. It’s also witty, and smart, and knowing and the jokes are incredibly funny. What I can say. I’m a sucker for people bursting into song.

Jane Lynch, who has played my favourite characters in Best in Show (top right, the one with the German “Puddle”) and A Mighty Wind, respectively, plays my favourite character in Glee as well; Sue Sylvester, the terrifying Amazon of a PE teacher who gets all the best lines, that hint at a dark past involving the ousting of General Noriega and failed auditions for Bay Watch.

Second confession: Tonia and I recently consumed a full box of Glee; the pilot and all twelve episodes of the first series, over two nights. Yes. Yes we did.

Word to the wise, gorging on Glee isn’t something we can recommend. You know, the one Hostess cupcake tastes pretty good. Thirteen, consumed back to back, and you’re going to feel slightly sick and ashamed of yourself. No matter how good they are. Just saying.


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  1. kimchi wrote:

    GAH! I’m coming out of lurkdom to say I am a fellow GLEEK as well. Bursting out spontaneously into song, witty and clever humor and Jane Lynch too?! It’s really just a recipe for the Most Amazing Show EVAR. 🙂 okay, maybe I exaggerate a little.
    I can’t wait till it comes back! I just can’t wait! In the meantime, might I recommend getting the CDs?! Extremely fun sing-along-ing and remembering the episodes. Though I must complain that they didn’t include Kurt’s rendition of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”– one of my faves.

    Posted on 3.29.10 ·
  2. Devon wrote:

    I think I have been avoiding watching this show because I know I will get sucked in! But then again, I always need new things to knit to, so it could be a good thing too! Maybe I would finally finish that lace shawl…

    Posted on 3.29.10 ·
  3. Jasmin wrote:


    Ahem. 🙂

    Posted on 3.29.10 ·
  4. Nina wrote:

    My husband and I did this with the first season of Dexter. Incredibly awesome to see the story through but one can only take so much dark humor in a weekend. I had some very weird dreams after that particular tv/Netflix marathon!

    Posted on 3.29.10 ·
  5. carlarey wrote:

    If you love Jane Lynch, then you should try and find a series called Party Down. It’s about an L.A. catering company where all the staff are waiting for their big break, or their second big break. She is priceless.

    Posted on 3.29.10 ·
  6. Janelle wrote:

    Coincidink! We just started watching Glee this weekend. And if we’d had the whole boxed set, we would have binged, too. But we only had Disc 1 from Netflix and must bide our time before indulging again.

    I dreamt show tunes last night.

    Posted on 3.29.10 ·
  7. Felix wrote:

    I also consumed the entire US edition series 1 GLEE boxset in a shamefully short quantity of time and Sue Sylvester is also my absolute favourite.

    Her lines are amazing!

    In fact I liked Glee so much that I made my Music Theatre Practice students do a whole session on ‘Preggers,’ the episode where Kurt comes out to his dad, and where the entire football team perform Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

    GLEE is, in short, GENIUS. I have to say I am not totally sold on the music, but I really love the scripting a lot and Sue… well there are just no words for the awesome.

    I was especially blown away by the episode dealing with disability; I think it’s a very smart and funny series all together.

    …and that’s how Sue, C’s it.

    Posted on 3.29.10 ·
  8. Gaidig wrote:

    I’m a Gleek, too! Can I knit argyle sweaters and pretend to be Rachael?

    Posted on 3.29.10 ·
  9. Kristin wrote:

    I’m a Gleek too! I used my recent surgery as an excuse to buy the DVDs. A girl has to have something to entertain her during recovery, right?! I think that I love it so much because if I could I would live my own personal musical. At the very least, I know my life has a soundtrack! Plus, I want Emma Pillsbury’s wardrobe in a bad way….especially the vintage jewelry….

    Posted on 3.30.10 ·
  10. Anne wrote:

    Maybe I just have a bingey personality, but I’ve been watching Season 1 on DVD and 3 shows a night leaves me craving more.

    Posted on 3.30.10 ·
  11. Gina wrote:

    I love love love Glee! I have a group of girlfriends who come over every Wed to watch it (although now we’ll have to switch to Tuesday nights now!). My favorite episode though is when Rachel gets a crush on Mr. Schuester and he sings “Don’t Stand so Close” and asks her if she understands what he’s saying and she replies “Yes! That I’m very young and not to stand close to you!” hehe

    Posted on 3.30.10 ·
  12. Rebekah wrote:

    I have a confession…I lay in bed, after my husband has gone to sleep, and watch Glee. Yes, even breaking out into song. Imagine the nightmares my poor husband must be having!

    Posted on 3.30.10 ·
  13. birdgirl wrote:

    The Christopher Guest movies are among my favorites. Podcast please.

    Posted on 3.31.10 ·
  14. jen wrote:

    I love Glee! So smartly written. I’m never cry at tv/movies, but the ones when goes and visits her sister with downs symdrome, streaming tears.

    Posted on 3.31.10 ·
  15. Valerie wrote:

    We have the CD’s on constant play in our lives – always in the car, ipod, cd players…it’s bad! I don’t let my daughter watch it (she’s 12) but she knows all the songs! Definitely my guilty pleasure!

    Posted on 4.2.10 ·
  16. Janet wrote:

    THe CDs are on my Ipod,(my current favourite? “My life would suck without you” – not sure why, but it keeps going through my head at opportune and inopportune times) – I can’t wait for the next episodes – though I keep wondering just where they are going to go with the stories – not that they have to go anywhere, as long as they keep singing away…My 17 year old guffawed when I first started watching, but is now as much into it as me – even my husband has stopped to watch clips – although he doesn’t “get” musicals as a genre, typically.

    Posted on 4.2.10 ·

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