09 Mar 2012

Getting warmer…

I am pleased to report that electricity has now returned to my home. Rejoice with me. Though I’m still swathed in wool, and wearing fingerless mitts as I type, the heat is on and the house is warming up. (It’s days like this when fingerless mitts really come into their own.)

I don’t think the power outage was sunspot related, but I’ve heard no news either way. What I do know is that having had no electricity today has resulted in a delay to the normal Friday process of getting the podcast out. Ordinarily this would be quite frustrating, but the delay has offered up a really interesting story in the interim and, since I can’t possibly put together a podcast in what’s left of today, I now have time to chase the story.

I’m off to speak to some women about some uteri, and will see you back here early next week.

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  1. Lydia wrote:

    Hi Brenda, Thank goodness you are warm again even though there are one or two knitted wonders nearby! Over Here we are sweltering in 38oC and 40oC tomorrow. As a result I have been lying on the sofa watching ‘A Man For All Seasons’. I never realised what a terrific film this is, worth watching for Paul Scofield alone who has a voice and persona that nearly made me weep. Truly.

    Posted on 3.10.12 ·
  2. Rynda Carlis wrote:

    Uteri watch! That will keep me in wonder.

    Posted on 3.10.12 ·
  3. T.Crockett wrote:

    I’ve listened to this episode a couple times; there’s just so much to take in. Right now the church I belong to is talking a lot about how being Christian means fighting for social justice and human rights. Of course this idea isn’t limited to Christians. Anyway, the vjj campaign couldn’t have come at a better time. I think I’ll be sewing a womb and embroidering on it “Keep your laws off me”.

    Posted on 3.23.12 ·

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