13 Mar 2008

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Still working hard on the proposal, but coming up for air this morning to wave, answer a few quick questions, upload a few photos, and pass along a sweet little video.

I’m working my way through the ’06 podcasts. Just heard about the Knitting Olympics. Are there plans to do this again this year? If so, I want to knit for Team Wales!!!

The Knitting Olympics were created by the Yarn Harlot, and I haven’t yet heard if they’re on this year. Does anybody know? If they are, I will be only too happy to lead Team Wales to victory. I have already picked a challenging pattern, the more so because it is one in an XRX book. I don’t know what it is about XRX pattern nomenclature, but I find them difficult to decipher, so I haven’t knit many of their patterns. I think we all have a tendency to stick with what we know, so pushing myself into unfamiliar pattern territory will be part of the Olympic challenge for me.

Why do you call Basecamp the best tool ever? I’ve tried it, but was really disappointed to find out that they don’t have the important stuff like Gantt charts, due dates for tasks and other features.

I think I get on with Basecamp for the very reasons that some don’t like it. It’s simple. There are a few things missing from the free version that would really love to have (the ability to send files, for instance) but, all in all, it’s been just great for managing my very simple project. There is a nifty calender that allows you set milestones and due dates, a message board allows you to link to milestones, and a To-Do list for all the little bits and pieces that need fixing later.

That being said, there are only two of us working on book proposals, and we’re using Basecamp more as a scheduling tool, and a way for one of us to politely kick some ass if the other doesn’t deliver. (You listening, Basecamp Partner?) For more complicated projects, or managing many people, Basecamp would probably not be up to the job. For small projects, with few participants, it’s just the ticket, and it’s free.

Tonia and visited The Museum of Welsh Life at St Fagan’s yesterday, and spent some talking to the smithy. Although I had my Zoom, and had even stopped to pick up extra batteries, I broke the cardinal rule of podcasting and missed an opportunity to pick up some great audio.

St Fagan’s is where I recorded an interview with a weaver for Cast On, and it’s full of people who are passionate about the social history of Wales. Passionate people make for great audio, and it occurred to me on the way home that interviews, like this one with the smithy, as well as non-fiber related road trips, and other more general Welsh weirdnesses, would be a great addition to the podcasting world.

Yes, I’m actually considering starting another podcast. In my spare time. If I do decide to take this on, it probably won’t happen until the autumn, but I’m already casting about for names. Window on Wales? Postcards from Wales? The Museum of Welsh Curiosities? Creoso y Cymru (Welcome to Wales)? Suggestions in the comments, please.

Knowing of my deep and abiding love for Mister Rogers, several people have made me aware of Won’t You Wear a Sweater Day, on the 20th of March. Of course I’ll be wearing a sweater that day, although I will have to think hard to come up with a favorite. I love all my sweaters.

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  1. Lisa C wrote:

    Hey Brenda,

    If you really do start a Wales podcast, I will listen. Not only do I find your voice soothing, but I love Wales. As for a name, Window on Wales sounds good to me. Keep doing what you are doing and remember to take care of yourself.


    Posted on 3.13.08 ·
  2. AnnDS wrote:

    Oh Brenda,
    Thanks for sharing that video. It wasn’t till I became a parent that I truly treasured Mr. Rogers and all he stood for. I will wear a sweater with pride that day. Ann in snowy but sunny Cleveland.

    Posted on 3.13.08 ·
  3. I live in Pittsburgh, where Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood was filmed, and I really hope that everyone around here gets in the sweater spirit – especially knitters!

    Posted on 3.13.08 ·
  4. Lauren wrote:

    I believe Stephanie said that the Knitting Olympics is a once-every-four-years event, so we’ll have to wait for 2010. Looking… Here it is: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2007/01/18/i_love_this_yarn_really.html

    Will you do another knitting olympics??

    Absolutely. I might do a few things differently next time, (Things like finding a better way to manage the list of names. A way that doesn’t include all that crying.) but there’s no way that the Winter Olympics could go down in Canada and I couldn’t do it. Lucky for me I’ve got a couple of years to figure it out.

    What’s that? A few of you saying “But what about the Summer Olympics! The Knitting Olympics can happen every two years, not four!”

    I don’t think so. When you have an event….a sport, you only get to go to the Olympics every four years. It’s part of what makes it epic. Bobsled? Four years. Skiing? Four years. Running? Four years. Knitting? (I’m sure you see where I’m going with this.) I say that the Summer Olympics are for other sports. Maybe the Crocheters should have the Summer Olympics?

    Posted on 3.13.08 ·
  5. Mary wrote:

    March 20th is my birthday. I think I should take it as a sign that I need to knit a sweater.

    Posted on 3.13.08 ·
  6. Lauren wrote:

    Postcards from Wales! That’s my favorite and I know I’d subscribe!

    Posted on 3.13.08 ·
  7. Rachel wrote:

    Oh I hope there is a Summer Knitting Olympics. I’ve been plotting out my pattern and even though I crochet too I would rather knit in keeping with the original spirit of the knitting olympics. Maybe someone should start a project to knit facemasks for all of the athletes to wear in China – with the various colors/flags, of course.

    Posted on 3.13.08 ·
  8. Linda wrote:

    Thanks for sharing that lovely video. I’m sending it to my grown kids. They grew up with Mr. Rogers.

    Posted on 3.14.08 ·
  9. Marina McIntire wrote:

    Oh! Tears in the morning. Our boys grew up with Mr. Rogers, too.
    I will send it on, but I think I got more out of it than they ever did!
    I think I’ll *start* a sweater on the 20th — my sweet husband has
    been waiting quite patiently for me to do that for him.
    Thanks, Brenda!

    Posted on 3.14.08 ·
  10. NeoYankee wrote:

    Name suggestion – “Welsh Rare Bits.”

    OK, I apologize. Nevermind.

    Posted on 3.15.08 ·
  11. Kimberli wrote:

    Love the idea of an all-things-Welsh podcast. Would love to listen. You’re a great podcaster and I love learning about faraway places. I’ve discovered I really enjoy those podcasts that contain interviews on the road so bet you’ll come up with something special. As for titles, the Postcards from Wales is pretty good. Says it all in a nutshell.

    Posted on 3.16.08 ·
  12. Christine wrote:

    Ravelry has a Knitting Olympics Board going for Summer. They’re calling it the “Trials” in deference to the Harlot’s desire to stay with the winter olympics.

    “Citius, altius, fortius.”

    Posted on 3.16.08 ·
  13. Debi wrote:

    I LOVE that beautiful picture! Thanks for the video and I’ll be wearing a sweater this Thursday. I like “Postcards from Wales” but I’m also intrigued by “Welsh Rare Bits.” lol

    Posted on 3.16.08 ·
  14. Ru Temple wrote:

    Happy Sweater Day, and Fred Rogers’ 80th that wold be.

    Posted on 3.20.08 ·
  15. Red wrote:

    You could add a “Life in Wales” segment to Cast-on, like the way Knitters Uncensored has a section about life in Germany.

    Posted on 6.10.08 ·

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