05 Feb 2006

Episode 10: Bitch and Bitch

The Stitch and Bitch episode, with excuses. We stitch. We bitch. We stitch AND bitch, together. Lace (Stitch and Bitch) Knitting – Olympic (Stitch and Bitch) Glory – Team (Stitch and Bitch) Wales on Frappr – Mr Darcy’s (Stitch and Bitch) Jacket – A bad dye job – Free to Stitch, Free to Bitch – Thanks to Jen and Laura – Thanks, again, to Sage Tyrtle – Many thanks to Dan… no wait, Dave of Chub Creek – Buy this woman’s wonderful art! (I did.) – Sweater Porn! – No Moment of Ritual Humiliation this week, but this week’s guest Moment is Folly.



  1. *waaaahhh* Why isn’t the episode showing up on iTunes?

    Posted on 2.5.06 ·
  2. Chris wrote:

    Ack!! Hopefully I can get the whole file this time. The first time I tried, I apparently only got about 30 mb… and didn’t notice until I was sitting my soy hot chocolate, weaving in ends, listening to the tale of the Mr Darcy sweater… which was brutally cut off in the middle, alas.

    Anyway. Belated congratulations on your civil partnership ceremony!

    You should know that Cast On has done wonders for my finishing. Usually I put off finishing for ages, since I can’t read and weave in ends. But now I can listen to Cast On and weave in ends, so I’ve been dredging up unfinished projects and weaving up a storm. Thanks!

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  3. MaryMR wrote:

    You are wonderful. I LOVE your show. Keep it coming. I’ve gone back and downloaded all the shows via iTunes and I’ve now listened up to #3, as well as 8, 9, and now 10. Wow! I’m afraid to use them up. And your taste in music totally rocks! Thank you for your time and your work.

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  4. Courtney wrote:

    I’ve noticed that it takes awhile for the newest episodes to appear on iTunes. I just wondered why and if there’s anything that can be done about that. I use iTunes for everything and I’m never without my iPod, so this is a concern for me. I also love this podcast and I can hardly wait for the new episodes.

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  5. Ronna wrote:

    Thank you Brenda for your wonderful show and talent.
    I have all of your episodes and listen to them repeatedly. However, this last episode (#10) does not show up on my iTunes??? I was able to listen to it through QuickTime but my iPod feels left out. Am I the only one?
    Lake Forest, California

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  6. Rhonda wrote:

    I just LOVE your wit! And I love listening to your show. Hmm, is this a woman crush?!? Oh, sorry, just saw Brokeback Mountain.

    And congrats on the civil ceremony.

    Knitting News Cast

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  7. susoolu wrote:

    You are a brave woman, taking on the might of the SnBcafe (they work with weedy little thread, how tough can they be? I do have great respect for people who can sew, and those who want to learn to sew, just that the whole furore is ridiculous). And doing it so well.

    Congratulations on your civil partnership (such a dull term for something that is so good).

    Oh, and could Team Wales stop pinching knitters? (Again, sorry, my competitive blood is up!)

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  8. Julie wrote:

    Great commentary on the Stitch ‘n Bitch controversy!

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  9. Thanks for letting us know about the “Stitch & Bitch” issue… definitely outrageous! Also, yes, the alpaca is named “Got Milk” (we didn’t name her, and we usually call her “Milk”.) Her “milk moustache” is across her bottom lip, and makes it look like she’s smiling!

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  10. Robin wrote:

    I for one would like to see a picture of the finally finished shawl!

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  11. Rebekkah wrote:

    I’ll second Robin! I would love to see the finished shawl. One of my knitting goals for this year is to knit (or at least start to knit) a lace shawl. I’m probably going to knit the Song of Hiawatha stole, from blackberryridge.com. One of the things that appeals to me about it, besides the fact that it’s gorgeous, is that you get fairly frequent pattern changes. Like you, I enjoy variety in my knitting, and it seems like a great lace project for both variety and challenges.

    And thanks so much for the stitch and bitch essay. And for playing Sun Again Will Shine again. Both made me smile a lot during my lunchtime podcast listening.

    If you’re in the market for more televised sweater porn, I’d suggest Gilmore Girls. Not only is the dialogue witty and hilarious, but they often say it all while wearing gorgeous sweaters.

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  12. Alice Few wrote:

    Ahhhhh! I really want to see the sweater, if you get a chance please put it up…many sleepless nights trying to image the sweater. 🙂

    As always, great show.
    Astronomy a Go Go! astronomy.libsyn.com

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  13. Elisa wrote:

    I just had to comment after listening to the latest cast. Thank you so much for doing what you’re doing, and voicing what so many of us feel. I especially enjoyed the Bitch ‘n’ Bitch essay this week. People don’t realise that some of the damage it’s done is not totally reversible, even if SFSE were to back down. I really feel for all those whose groups were deleted. And I’m so pleased that people are giving voice to this and educating others. Keep up the fabulous work!

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  14. Ginger wrote:

    Thank you for this week’s esay. As a sewist who also knits, I am ashamed of the behavior of this sewing company. How could they think that this would end well with all the bad karma they are spewing out into the universe.

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  15. Rebekkah wrote:


    I just went to visit the Blackberry Ridge web page, and realized that I made the same mistake in my comment that I often make when trying to visit their web site. Blackberryridge.com is the website for a retirement home. http://blackberry-ridge.com is the website of a wonderful yarn company.

    I thought I’d clear that up, in case there are any curious commenters who may wonder why I buy lace patterns from retirement homes. 😉

    Posted on 2.6.06 ·
  16. Nancy wrote:

    Thanks again for another wonderful podcast. It got me through gum surgery today (much more pleasant to listen to than periodontist banter).

    I’ll second the recommendation for Blackberry Ridge. Anything by Hazel Carter is worth doing, although her patterns often fall into the “I’ll cast on today and have something wonderful in a year or two” category.

    Posted on 2.7.06 ·
  17. Kristi wrote:

    Just found your show, thanks for making my nano a worthwhile investment!

    Posted on 2.7.06 ·
  18. may wrote:

    Hi – I just discovered your wonderful podcast last week and am now listening to all the episodes while knitting in the evenings. Love your show. Thanks so much for putting out such an enjoyable podcast 😉

    Posted on 2.7.06 ·
  19. Daphne wrote:

    Hi Brenda! Canadians can often catch PBS — and Miss Marple! — from the U.S. My station, KCTS (see KCTS.org) is available by cable in most of British Columbia and across the country on satellite (Cancom Satellite Service, Star Choice and Bell ExpressVu direct-to-home service in Canada).

    Of course, some real Canadians might know if ITV programs are available in the Great White North direct, w/o having to get it through PBS.

    Posted on 2.7.06 ·
  20. Kirsty wrote:

    Excellent essay on the Stitch n Bitch controversy. The company in question is being utterly ridiculous and I’m glad to see that it’s rebounding so badly on them. I’m curious as to whether the trademarking applies over here or if it’s only applicable in the States.

    Posted on 2.7.06 ·
  21. sharon wrote:

    love your choices of music, and hearing you describe your knitting…congrats on you “partnership”. you make me want to visit wales…hooked in massachusetts.

    Posted on 2.7.06 ·
  22. Great podcast once again. I loved the essay and will say Stitch and Bitch with pride 🙂 As a member of one of the many SnB sites on Yahell I must say that we haven’t been contacted yet, and I’m sure that if we were then there would be some pretty P’o’d Scots. I know there are buttons that you can snag that have the anti-SFSE slogans on them, maybe we should all snag one and wear it with pride. http://www.freetostitchfreetobitch.org/index.htm I think there’s also a cafe press site with stuff for sale too. http://www.cafepress.com/saynotosfse
    No I’m not affiliated to either place, but do feel that enough is enough and we should come out needles sharpened and tongues lashing.

    Posted on 2.7.06 ·
  23. Nancy wrote:

    Also, for those of us who are Stateside, sweater porn (series 1) is available from Netflix:

    Posted on 2.7.06 ·
  24. Elaine wrote:

    Your show continues to be the knitting highlight of my week. Thanks for bringing such great entertainment to all of us week after week.

    Posted on 2.7.06 ·
  25. Sandra wrote:

    Hearing all the things you have completed or are working on is terrifically motivating. Thanks for admitting to felting your Clapotis, even though you KNEW better! I did the same thing to a fleece I was washing before spinning. ARGHHH!! I’m also loving the music you choose….I’ve searched a few of them out in I-Tunes and downloaded them into my I-Pod. How is it possible to get a copy of Wren Ross’ “I Will Knit For You”? Loved it..and I-Tunes doesn’t have anything of hers.
    Congrats on your civil union! Yay!

    Posted on 2.8.06 ·
  26. Ginny wrote:

    I am in utter awe of your show. My husband has gone to working nights, and my 8-month-old is already tucked into bed, and I am just relaxing on the couch with the dog, knitting and trying to catch up on all the past episodes.

    Thank you for your comments on the SnB controversy and for just being generally inspiring. I love hearing someone else besides myself “yammering on” about knitting.

    Keep it up!

    Posted on 2.8.06 ·
  27. Jay wrote:

    I loved the first series of the new Miss Marple, although I have to admit that I was leery at first since, up to that point, I had considered Joan Hixon (or was it Hicks?) to be the ultimate Miss Marple (I’m an afficiando – every Agatha Christie known to man is on my bookshelves!)… but I thought it was all fantastic, and was so relieved to hear that I am not the knitwear voyeur.
    Now, am I the only one that closes his eyes and groans too..?

    Posted on 2.8.06 ·
  28. Hey Brenda!

    Of course another great show. Talking about the SnB controversy (which I have refrained from blogging so far, because I’d be waaaay too worked up about it), have you seen Panopticon’s comic today? I found it hilarious…

    I had my moment of sweater porn last evening watching ‘Nanny McPhee’ at the movies. I was looking at the green jersey Simon (Thomas Sangster) was wearing in the movie – just because I’m thinking about knitting my first jersey. It’s really bad, because I kept staring at people’s knitted wear everywhere I go these days.

    Last thing, the Knitting Olympics: Have you heard the special interview Whit Larson from ‘About Time’ made with the Yarn Harlot? If not, you need to hear it! It’s such a great interview! BTW, Faserfimmel.de has made a button for “Team Expat”, YAY! So, if there’s any expats out there participating in the Olympics. Just get on my blog and grab the button!!! Or just go to http://www.faserfimmel.de !!!

    Posted on 2.8.06 ·
  29. Jeni R wrote:

    You go girl!! What a well written essay on the SnB mess. Hope they are listening to all the bad press they are getting on the blogs for being such dinks.
    I love your podcasts, some I listen to while I am working or doing chores, but I listen to Cast On only when I can hear every word, song, comment. Thank you for doing such a great job.
    Jeni R

    Posted on 2.9.06 ·
  30. Senora Feinstein wrote:

    I absolutlely LOVE your podcasts. I can not wait for the next episodes.

    Posted on 2.9.06 ·
  31. minnie wrote:

    Stitch N Bitch! Stitch N Bitch! Stitch N Bitch! take that, sfse! (i feel like animal on the muppet show, lol)

    wonderful, as usual. i do agree with the other ladies, we would LOVE to see the shawl and the sweater. i did my first lace piece for a christmas gift, and blocking is indeed magic. it was pretty before, but when i laid it out on my mother’s bed (the giftee is allergic to cats, and well, i do have jimi, lol), it became stunning. ain’t it grand?

    Posted on 2.9.06 ·
  32. minnie wrote:

    oh and congratulations on your . . . umm, what’s a descriptive word for it? is nuptuals acceptable? well, congrats, anyway!

    Posted on 2.9.06 ·
  33. Karen wrote:

    Excellent podcasting! Like yourself, I grow tired of the twisting of the beautiful varied expressiveness of the English language into legally protected phrases, especially those like Stitch ‘N’ Bitch, which so clearly began as a linguistic rhyming pun amongst all. It makes me wonder who dares be first in the queue to copyright “To Be Or Not To Be”!
    Moving on, in the episode before last, you mentioned moss stitch as not being really suitable for beginners in your experience. I should like to add 3×2 rib onto that, especially if your entire jumper is in 3×2 rib. Guaranteed to really wreck your peace of mind! Just run those row patterns through your head a few times….lost count of how many times I had to rip back and re-knit.
    Congratulations too on your newly spliced status (pun intended!) and I am so glad you had a good day of it.

    Posted on 2.9.06 ·
  34. Fascinating story on the S&B controversy. I don’t even know why they’re pursuing it except that they might have a bit more money to spend on lawyers than the plaintiffs do. After all, a quick visit to Google Groups was all that it took for me to find that the first use of the phrase on Usenet was in 1992 and it really started to get popular after about 1995 (perhaps that’s just the net’s popularity explosion instead). Search results are here.

    Posted on 2.10.06 ·
  35. honeybee33 wrote:

    LUV-LUV-LUV your show!!! I find myself currently “between employment venues” and listening to your podcast makes me feel lucky to be so (which is a miracle unto itself). ;~)

    ~ hb33 ~

    Posted on 2.10.06 ·
  36. purlpower wrote:

    Hey Brenda, I was interested to hear you were knitting dolls of real people, so is Ysolda and apparently there is a Crafster challenge relating to ‘make your own twin’ at the moment, maybe you should enter it?

    Posted on 2.10.06 ·
  37. purlpower wrote:

    P.S. I’m originally from Derbyshire, no we don’t have moors, but we do have dales!

    Posted on 2.10.06 ·
  38. Kersten wrote:

    Brenda–You’re the best thing since sliced bread! Thank you so much for giving us closet-knitters a voice. Even though my grandmother taught me to knit, my family (even the knitters) doesn’t share my passion for this craft. I find a real sense of support in that the knitting community is able to ‘share’ our knitting fascination through your show. Thank you!

    Posted on 2.10.06 ·
  39. Carol wrote:

    I love the descriptions of Today’s Sweaters. Any chance of a photo of the finished garment? Would love to see your modifications and colors (especially after hearing of dye jobs!). Fantastic show, as always.

    Posted on 2.10.06 ·
  40. Maribel wrote:

    Hello Brenda,
    Thank you for enlightening all of us on the controversy over the terms of stitch and bitch, I have been telling everyone I know. Proudly displayed the books at my store.

    Congrats on the civil ceremony, many blessings and joy !

    Maribel ..nyc

    Posted on 2.11.06 ·
  41. sadie horton wrote:

    I would love to see a picture of the Mr. Darcy sweater!!!!

    Posted on 2.15.06 ·
  42. Diane wrote:

    I was very enlightened by your comments on the Stitch and Bitch controversy. I am disturbed by the large company’s attitude, although I shouldn’t be… I’m a lawyer and it’s typical of large corporate America, throwing its weight around. I love your podcasts, and never miss them (although I sometimes don’t listen for a few days after they are up…) Thank you for your very professional, honest, and very entertaining podcast. I remain a great fan!

    Posted on 2.16.06 ·
  43. Patti wrote:

    Your podcast always makes my day, thanks for all of the time you put into it. Congratulations on your union. May you have many happy years together.

    Posted on 2.22.06 ·
  44. Christine wrote:

    Intellectual property is tricky business. While it might be a nicer world if we all played nice, the reality is that companies need to protect their trademarks otherwise they are worthless.

    Posted on 2.22.06 ·
  45. jennifer wrote:

    I have dedicated an LJ community to this podcast.
    I hope that’s ok

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  46. NikiChoudhury wrote:

    Did you ever find the pattern for Simon’s sweater in Nanny McPhee? I have been hunting for a way to figure it out as well.
    Thank you.

    Posted on 2.6.07 ·
  47. Celeritas wrote:

    Sweater porn cracked me up. It’s like my fiancee (who’s a fencer) while watching movies with sword fighting would say, that’s not possible.

    Posted on 4.14.08 ·
  48. the Lady wrote:

    Hello! I’m working through all the shows, starting with number one. (And enjoying them, thank you!) In talking about your Mr. Darcy sweater, you mentioned sleeve caps as “being on shirts that you buy when you go to the department store, and they are made like that because they fit the human body” However, I would argue that when you buy a t-shirt, sleeve caps are present because of the nature of a Sewn Shirt. The tailor or seamstress does not have the option of making the fabric, they work with either woven or knitted fabric that they must then shape and sew together to fit the human body. The beauty of knitting is that you can make the fabric itself as you make the garment, hence there are loads of options for sleeves to fit a shoulder other than sleeve caps. Can you tell I’m a huge proponent of knitting in the round from the top down? 🙂

    Posted on 2.13.09 ·
  49. the Lady wrote:

    Oh, and I haven’t finished this episode – but congrats on your civil ceremony, and I too, love sweater porn. There’s not much of it, but what there is is good in The Road to Avonlea Series. Alec’s sweater just makes me want to jump all over it!

    Posted on 2.13.09 ·

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