03 Feb 2010

On hiatus

I’m taking a little time away from work for health reasons. Cast On will return in a few months, most likely in the Spring.

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  1. Naomi wrote:

    Brenda I am so very sorry to hear about your health issues. I will be thinking of you as I knit and sending prayers for a speedy recovery. Take care.

    Naomi in S. Oregon

    Posted on 2.3.10 ·
  2. Ida wrote:

    Really sorry to read this. It must be terrible. I hope you will recover soon. I’ll miss your podcasts till they return. (but dont let that stress you!) I’m working on a very demanding tablet weave at the moment and need all the listening intertainment I can get – Cast-on being no 1.. However, thank you, you showed me to Audible.com .. 🙂
    All the best..

    Posted on 2.3.10 ·
  3. Jeanne in Minneapolis wrote:

    Oh my. I just found you and now I have to both worry about you and wait for the next episode. I have had my own health issues (breast cancer) and am now back in my life. Take care whatever it is. You are a treasure.

    Posted on 2.3.10 ·
  4. Stephanie wrote:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your shoulder. I’m a long time listener and can’t thank you for all of the joy that your incredible podcasts have given me. I used to be a pianist (studied at college) and ended up over practicing and developing tendonitis in both forearms. I couldn’t even drive for about six months. I still can’t play and it has been 12 years. I really sympathize with what you are going through. It is terribly difficult. Somehow, over a long time, you will come to acceptance if you are not able to knit again. I wish you luck on your journey and hope most of all that you are pain free soon.

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  5. Hanna wrote:

    Take care, Brenda. Your loyal listeners just want you to get well! We’re all rooting for you and your shoulder.

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  6. aebell wrote:

    Best wishes for your full recovery — you’ll be missed!

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  7. Marisa wrote:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Be well. Looking forward to the next podcast, whenever it comes.

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  8. may wrote:

    Take care and heal well!

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  9. Malin wrote:

    I hope you get well soon!

    I had a similar thing after slipping with the bike on ice last winter. You don’t want to hear about it, so I just deleted a long paragraph of pain, pills and shots. I’m fine now, and I hope that you can be too!

    I’ve been enjoying Cast on since the very start, but only listening in the winters when I walk to work (no more ice-biking for me!) and I’ve finally caught up. It usually is spring the day I catch up on the listening every year. But the snow is not gone this time! We do have a lot of snow in Sweden this year, about half meter now, so that’s not a measure of your diligence. Just King Bore having a good time!

    All this winter lets me wear knitting a lot, so it’s ok. But I would like to get to work with the makeup on the right part of the anatomy for a change…

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  10. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  11. Darrow wrote:

    There’s nothing to say that hasn’t been said, cept while I was grieving you were there. Wish I could help you in your healing process. Hope the next few months are good to you Brenda. Love ya and will send healing thoughts your way.

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  12. Maggiemidwife wrote:

    Brenda- heal well & come back soon. I miss your voice!

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  13. Kymm wrote:

    Smart girl–take the time you need to get back up to snuff. Sending you all good wishes.

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  14. oh! what a shame, sorry to hear your not well. I hope you rest up and get better and remember all your listeners are here for you. Keep you chin up and you will be better sooner than you think, Missing you and your show but your health is more important.
    Love Vanessa (Wakefield, West Yorkshire) xxxxx

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  15. Guru Nam Kaur wrote:

    Take care, Brenda and heal, heal, heal. Your health is most important to us all. Sending you lots of good strong energy.

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  16. Elisabeth in France wrote:

    Brenda, we’ll be there when you come back.
    Hugs and love

    Posted on 2.4.10 ·
  17. Annetta wrote:

    Dear Brenda,

    Taking time for ourselves when we need to is a vital and necessary art – albeit an often marginalised one.

    I support your healthy self-care, and wish you a thorough and complete recovery. I also hope that you find what you need for yourself during this period of quiet and healing.

    I look forward to hearing the healthy new you in good and perfect time.

    Be well,

    Blackwall, Australia

    Posted on 2.5.10 ·
  18. Jill wrote:

    I hope you are feeling better soon, Brenda. I will miss you while you are gone 🙁

    Posted on 2.5.10 ·
  19. Sarah wrote:

    sending well wishes your way brenda! luckily you’ve got tonya to take good care of you! otherwise we’d all just have to make a trip and be the knitsibs we are. much love

    Posted on 2.5.10 ·
  20. Terri wrote:

    Sorry that you are going through a rough patch with your health.
    Plenty of rest and recuperation is needed so please do that and do not overdo.
    Will be looking forward to hearing your podcasts in the spring but you are so important to me and your fans so you must get better.
    Hopefully you will be able to knit a bit while you are recuperating.

    Looking forward to hearing from you later.

    Posted on 2.5.10 ·
  21. So sorry that you are suffering so much pain — and can’t even knit to get you through it! That’s seems very unfair to me. Sending lots of healing wishes your way!

    Posted on 2.5.10 ·
  22. Karoline wrote:


    I’m so very sorry about your heath reason. But I hope you get better soon (no rush)! I will miss you dearly!

    Sending healing thoughts your way!


    Posted on 2.6.10 ·
  23. Jaimee wrote:

    I am so sorry to hear this- I can’t imagine how awful this must be for you. I wish you the speediest recovery!

    Posted on 2.6.10 ·
  24. Thank you for taking care of yourself. Thank you for letting us know about what is going on. Thank you for all the work that you have done for us. Thank you for taking the time you need; we will be here when you return.

    Posted on 2.6.10 ·
  25. Hang in there! This pain will pass. We will be here cheering for you all along the way.

    I once read an really interesting article on marathon runners. It discussed how they keep going in an actual race. It was all about getting through just this minute. They counted down from 100. They sand nursery rhymes. They recited poetry in their head. They just did it for that one time, and then they did it again. And eventually, they had run 26 miles.

    The same for you. Right now, you need to get through this minutes. Eventually, you will arrive and be pain free, but for now, get through this minute. Just this one. That’s all you need to do. Remember any good nursery rhymes?

    Posted on 2.6.10 ·
  26. kathleen wrote:


    All my best wishes for your healing (if frustrating) hiatus. As for me, I am going to revisit some of my favorite episodes, starting with the Muses. As for you, get in touch with Slugslothene, muse of idleness 🙂


    Posted on 2.6.10 ·
  27. Nicole wrote:

    Dear Brenda,
    I am sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Please take very good care of yourself. We’ll still be here when you get back.

    Posted on 2.6.10 ·
  28. Jenni wrote:

    Best wishes for a speedy mend. On the plus side, your rest will force me to discover other knitting podcasts (not that I will ever abandon my first love, Cast On!). Looking forward to your return…

    Posted on 2.7.10 ·
  29. Devon wrote:

    I hope your time off is full of chocolate and pillows. Resting when one needs to is always the best thing to do. Take care and feel better soon!

    Posted on 2.7.10 ·
  30. Gail wrote:

    Hi Brenda,

    So sorry to hear you’re having health problems. Hope it’s nothing too dramatic, and more sort of the boring and annoying kind of problem. I sort of figure that if you have to have a health problem, something non-dramatic is better…

    Take care of yourself, and let Tanya take care of you too.

    Posted on 2.7.10 ·
  31. Debra wrote:

    Get Better Brenda! Will miss you and your knitting until you return!

    Posted on 2.8.10 ·
  32. Karen wrote:

    Wishing you health, peace, and joy.

    Posted on 2.8.10 ·
  33. Lisa C. wrote:

    Take care of yourself. You will be missed.


    Posted on 2.8.10 ·
  34. Carol Bateman wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    Come on girl get out those watercolours. Weren’t you the one who talked about all round creativeness ?
    Knitting is impossible, so get out those paints and look out of that wonderful new window that you have just had put in. What a landscape…… just waiting for you!
    I really believe that it being creative is what matters and if i cannot paint then using a beautiful yarn to make something makes my day.
    Love Carolxx

    Posted on 2.8.10 ·
  35. Sheri wrote:

    I just wanted to write a little short note hoping you feel better soon.

    Posted on 2.8.10 ·
  36. Rachael (In Derbyshire) wrote:

    Well Brenda…I think it’s so shitty that you can’t knit & you’re shoulder is so bad. I think you should be really mad & sad & fed up! But…I think somethings gonna come up. Something good. Something positive. Just have a little faith & it’ll happen. We all love you Brenda.
    Rachael XXXXXX

    Posted on 2.8.10 ·
  37. JayeL wrote:

    Dear Brenda,
    I have a long letter or email sitting in my head to you. I came to find the drop and send it off only to find that you are under the weather. I hope you get well soon. Know that this beginner knitter – sort of – is inspired by and thinking about you and sending you good thoughts.

    Posted on 2.9.10 ·
  38. Sarah in PA, USA wrote:

    Hi Brenda! I’ve been a long time listener of yours! It took me just about a year to listen to all of your podcasts starting from the first and ending with the most recent! I’m very sorry to hear that you’re shoulder is giving you problems again… I’m hoping you get back on your feet soon! Until then – rest, relax, and work on feeling better!!! WE MISS YOUUUUUUUUU!

    Sarah <3

    Posted on 2.9.10 ·
  39. Shannon wrote:

    Stay strong sis. I’ve never commented though I’ve listened to all of your podcasts over the last few years (can’t believe it’s been years now). You’ve talked me through more than a few personal crises and I’ve always wanted to say THANKS. See you on the other side of that shoulder pain!!

    Posted on 2.9.10 ·
  40. Tracy Hoover wrote:


    Ditto what everyone else has said. You are the first knitting podcast I listened to, and you’re still my favorite. Take care of yourself. Hope to hear you again sooner or later.

    Tracy aka gambagirl

    Posted on 2.9.10 ·
  41. KathleeninSF wrote:

    oh boo! stupid bodies that we love. Good thing your shows are brilliant to re-listen to until you are well! Hope you feel very good very soon. Much love, Kathleen in San Francisco

    Posted on 2.9.10 ·
  42. kat wrote:

    Sorry to read about your healthissues! All the best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    I started listening to your podcast about a month ago, i am still inthe process of listening to the backissues. Love it! its really great fun to spend all those perfectly good hours with you – actually makes them better!

    best, kat (from Vienna, Aut)

    Posted on 2.9.10 ·
  43. Alison Lee wrote:

    I just had the great pleasure of interviewing Brenda!!!
    Even though knitting is not my first love, I totally enjoy listening to her show as well.

    You can hear our talk together on either iTunes under CRAFTCAST, or on the CRAFTCAST website.
    Thanks again Brenda, and speedy recovery!!!

    Posted on 2.9.10 ·
  44. Hilary wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    I recently discovered your podcast and I’ve been listening to the old episodes each morning during my commute to work. I enjoy your work tremendously and I just wanted you to know that your words truly brighten my days!
    Take good care of yourself and remember that there are many, many people “out there” wishing all the best for you!

    Posted on 2.10.10 ·
  45. Audrey wrote:


    I will miss you and Cast On. I hope that you feel better soon. I was so very sorry to hear that you were having health issues. Best Wishes!


    Posted on 2.11.10 ·
  46. Your podcasts have been a joy to me–I listened to the whole list and got interested in knitting because of you. You helped me discover a lot of other podcasts, as well. You are in my prayers and I hope you will feel better very soon.
    Be blessed.

    Posted on 2.11.10 ·
  47. lynn wrote:

    I was encouraged to lry continental last time I had difficulties with computer / wrist problems on the right hand. Still switch occasionally during longer stretches of knitting, when I get a hand cramp. General cardio exercise, correction of posture-sitting-ergonomics, and stopping caffeine were suggested when the tendinitis threatened last time. Hope you find a good combination of solutions – we all miss you.

    Posted on 2.11.10 ·
  48. Deborah Gudger wrote:

    Brenda-SO sorry you have to give knitting a time out-but you are still showing us all such grace in your acceptance and in picking up your camel down and spinning away. I’m healing from hip replacement and while it’s better daily, I’m impatient for the pain to be gone also. Fortunately I can knit my way through it but knitting isn’t as rich an experience if I’m not listening to Cast-On. You’ll be in my thoughts as you heal and I’m sure you’ll have many learnings to share with your knit sibs when you are on the other side of this period.
    Spin on!

    Posted on 2.12.10 ·
  49. irene wrote:

    Dear Brenda
    I am so sorry to hear you are ill. I hope and pray you will recover very soon.
    Lots of love from all your fans from Germany. Best wishes!

    Posted on 2.13.10 ·
  50. Louise wrote:


    Sorry to hear that you are not well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to hearing you again in the spring. In the meantime, I’ll listen to those early podcasts that I missed!

    Take care

    Posted on 2.14.10 ·
  51. Eva Muhlhause wrote:

    My best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Posted on 2.15.10 ·
  52. Barbara S. wrote:

    Brenda you are missed 🙂
    I hope everything is going well and you are getting better.

    Posted on 2.15.10 ·
  53. Donna Henderson wrote:

    Brenda, I hope your recovery from your health challenges is complete and rapid. You are sorely missed at this house. Donna

    Posted on 2.17.10 ·
  54. Debby wrote:

    Isn’t it amazing that one can feel so connected to a person they have never met? I do feel that way about you and your family. Your podcasts are so lovely: informative and intelligent and great music. I have grown as a knitter because of them and as a person. You have introduced me to a world of ideas and experiences with which I am not acquainted. My most sincere wishes for your speedy recovery. Perhaps you need a little sunshine and time away from the damp Welsh weather. Do take good care.

    Posted on 2.17.10 ·
  55. Jennifer wrote:

    Dear Brenda, I’ve never contacted you before to tell you how much I enjoy your podcasts. I’ve listened to all of them. They are never deleted because I listen to them again and again. Your voice is a pleasure to listen to; every episode is intelligent and thought provoking; I love the variety of subjects; the interviews are so interesting because YOU are interested in the person; ….
    I could go on and on and …..
    Please look after yourself. Don’t come back until you are really, really better. I will miss Cast-On very much.

    Posted on 2.18.10 ·
  56. Lisa in TN wrote:

    Miss you, get well

    Posted on 2.19.10 ·
  57. So sorry to hear this. Hope that you feel much better soon. Hugs

    Posted on 2.22.10 ·
  58. Psuke wrote:

    I very much miss hearing the new podcasts and I hope you feel better soon (and not just for the selfish reason of wanting new podcasts).

    Posted on 2.23.10 ·
  59. Lucy Williams wrote:

    I hope you are feeling better. Your podcast is a treat to look forward to.When I have some time off and my sons are at school, my greatest indulgence is to sit at the kitchen table with some knitting and listen to cast on. Now I’m going to decide which past episode to choose to listen to.
    Very best wishes for recovery.
    I hope the sun is shining there in my homeland.

    Lucy Williams xxx

    Posted on 3.1.10 ·
  60. Trish wrote:

    Dear Brenda
    you will never know just how much your podcasts have meant to me and how much hearing your voice inspiring me to knit, and to imagine creative things, to escape and allow myself to make nice things: all this you did for me whilst I tried to get my head around my real life, the one where my brother had cancer and sadly died last month. I knit and knit through those months, listening to you and enjoying rediscovering that old craft, years ago I knit because I could not afford nice things. Now I was knitting to create nice things, to feel and smell wool, to dream of colours and patterns. I could not have dealt with the long journeys to be with my brother or the long periods of time when nothing was happening if I had not had my needles and yarn.
    Reading about your shoulder and your pain made me want to give you something back, I don’t know what, perhaps it is enough for you to know what an inspiration you have been. I think as well that I can share your frustration as I too am temporarily unable to knit. Nine weeks ago I fell in the ice and broke both my arms. The right has healed but the left arm  had to have an op to reconstruct the elbow, so I understand entirely your description of pain and lack of movement. And then the desperation of not being able to knit is so intense. I have just, in the last week, managed to start crocheting as a compromise, as I can feed the wool through my fat swollen fingers and just about get the hook going in a rythym, I trynot to listen to the clicks and clunks in my arm. I have completed thirteen yellow daisy squares. Pitiful really but at the rate of two an evening I might have a throw at the end of two months. I wonder if you can crochet perhaps?
    I do hope you improve and get back to that knitting, it is such a feeling of loss when you can’t get that yarn moving.

    Sent from my iPod

    Posted on 3.29.10 ·

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