03 Feb 2012

More light.

Goethe’s final words were, reportedly, “More light.” During the coldest week we’ve had all winter the sun has given us just that. More light. Old Sol has been occupying that particular angle in the sky that turns the sea into a gilt mirror at the end of the valley; that illuminates the beauty of west Wales like nothing else. Except possibly the light on the other side of the calendar, between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice.

The business end of the Cast On business has been, to my great annoyance, annoyingly all-absorbing this week and I haven’t really had much time to admire the light. What with the Grand Tour of North America taking shape, P3 2012 plans being hatched, and an arts grant application to complete, I haven’t had so much as a minute to consider the content of this week’s Cast On. Most annoying of all is the shocking lack of knitting happening around here lately, brilliant light not withstanding. With the the exception of one (ONE!) fingerless mitt, nothing of note has been cast on at all in the last seven days. And I can’t even show you the one thing, much less talk about it, because it’s a gift.

I suppose it’s the lack of knitting that is really the crux of the issue. Cast On is, after all, a podcast about knitting, and there is no knitting, quite literally, to speak of today.

Also, there is this:

Yes, that is actual sun, streaming into my living room through the south-facing sliding doors. And those are the animals I am responsible for, soaking up every last ray of it. The view from that room is spectacular today. No matter that it’s a balmy -2C out there, inside the weather is positively sub-tropical.

The thing is, my office is at the north end of the house. The cold, dark, damp, north end of the house. And today it looks like this.

You cannot imagine how much this grieves me. Not that I’m embarrassed by a crafty mess. Not at all, I assure you. It’s just that I can only tolerate this level of craft-induced chaos when I’m actively involved in it. Today, this is no room to podcast in.

My office/studio/craft room/guest room looks like this because I’ve been sewing. A few weeks ago Tonia scored a really great Ercol chair and matching footstool. Unfortunately the cushions looked like this:

Yes, that mangy fringe stuff was stitched into all the seams, sort of like piping. Who decided that was a good look?

Well. We could not live with THAT. Obviously. So I got out the machines and pulled some natural Irish linen from stash, and now the chair and footstool look like this:

Yes. Much better. And SO COMFY. I never want to leave this chair. Even if it means sharing it with one or another or both of my fur babies.

Given a choice of rooms, the glorious winter light, the new book about watercolour that arrived yesterday, the number of delicious knitting projects that could all be cast on today, the new chair, and these guys…

I’m sure you’d make exactly the same choice I have, and you’d do it without apology. Sometimes you just need more light.

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  1. boodely wrote:

    … and a cup of tea.

    Posted on 2.3.12 ·
  2. Isabelle wrote:

    Oh, this first picture is so, so beautiful.
    Enjoy the light!

    Posted on 2.3.12 ·
  3. V! wrote:

    Great work on the chair & ottoman! They look great!

    Posted on 2.4.12 ·
  4. Theresa wrote:

    Enjoy! and stay inside, the cold in Europe is brutal. Until next time…

    Posted on 2.4.12 ·
  5. Jeanie wrote:

    Sunshine this time of year is always noteworthy. We are rejoicing in longer daylight hours while we wait for our snowless winter to pass. The only thing to do is just as you do–enjoy the sun from inside with our furry friends while we knit away the days to spring! Your photos are lovely.

    Posted on 2.4.12 ·
  6. leslie wrote:

    Nothing cozier than an orange cat in the sun…enjoy!

    Posted on 2.4.12 ·
  7. Catherine wrote:

    Brenda – those linen covers look SO professional (my coat? Still not begun sewing)

    Posted on 2.4.12 ·
  8. Lydia wrote:

    Very cosy rooms and I love the new covers a great place for creative warm winter inspiration! Over here in Western Australia we all love north facing rooms so that we can have light in winter and welcome shade in our hot hot hot summers.

    I am probably a little late to say that I hope you are feeling heaps better from your flu/sore throat. I am enjoying your podcast very much.

    Posted on 2.4.12 ·
  9. LaurenS wrote:

    Brenda – your chair and ottoman are beautiful! good score!

    Posted on 2.6.12 ·
  10. MzTallulah wrote:

    I bet the cats would have enjoyed the mangy fringe greatly… almost as much as the sun! Enjoy the light 🙂

    Posted on 2.7.12 ·
  11. OIY! Love the shawl! You took a plain shawl and WOWED me with it! Good on ya. Yeah OLD SOCK ME! 😉

    I got through them all in one day, proud of me?

    Posted on 2.9.12 ·
  12. Deb G wrote:

    I loved your comment about now is time for “selfish knitting”. I knit gifts and I knit and sell through an artisan’s co-op in southern Maine. From October through Christmas I knit obsessively for unknown people who end up with my knitting, mostly a gifts. Once I clear December 26th, all knitting done is for ME! Socks, a nice little cardigan, a hat I knit 4 times over before I got it right, only to leave it in Iceland when we returned to the states–it’s all for me. Now I have to knit a replacement hat, but enjoy the knowledge that someone in Iceland is wearing a super-warm, cool hat.
    Love your podcast!

    Posted on 2.9.12 ·
  13. Caroline wrote:

    Now that is a handsome cat. Very handsome indeed.

    Posted on 2.11.12 ·

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