13 Jan 2006

Episode 7: Deny the Knit

It’s the Blue Episode, and Gail Lucas thinks people who don’t behave themselves should have to work harder for their knitted gifts – The Maple Leaf Socks are now on Ravelry – The dark heart of craft – Help foster kids; knit red scarves; eat bagels – Uppity blues women, Dave from Chub Creek, and a singer whose overnight success only took 40 years. We’re knitting in the blue chair, and Today’s Sweater is, of course, blue.


Additional links for this show: Sweater love at Anthropologie; quicktime video of Navaho Plying; UK Civil Partnership


  1. Hi Brenda! Haven’t gotten a chance to listen to this episode yet, but in the last one you asked about how to keep the long sections of color distinct in the yarn you were spinning. Have you tried Navajo plying your singles?

    Posted on 1.14.06 ·
  2. Jennifer wrote:

    Recently found your show and enjoy it very much. I have especially enjoyed your musical selections.

    I was just wondering what happened with episode 7. It cuts off around the time you are talking about the Welsh population in the Southern U.S. It’s obvious the cast is not over? Can this be fixed?

    Posted on 1.14.06 ·
  3. Atuin wrote:

    Uhm, it sounds like this podcast got cut off. I liked it and would definitely like to hear the rest if it exists :D.

    Posted on 1.14.06 ·
  4. eliza wrote:

    Am I the only one for whom this one cuts off abruptly? iTunes cuts this episode off right after “I know a bunch of welsh miners..,.” SOMETHING. I’m jonesing now for the rest of my Cast On!

    Help? (I’m more eloquent when it’s not 4 a.m. No, really, I am.)

    Posted on 1.14.06 ·
  5. Brandy wrote:

    It does cut off Eliza. I was listening in iTunes also and when it went silent I double clicked and replayed the ending of it just to make sure. I thought it was my computer freezing up hah!

    Posted on 1.14.06 ·
  6. Roe wrote:

    Love your Podcasts! My husband asked me to go with him to the Dr. and wait while he had his physical. Odd request but he held my leg up while I gave birth so I figured I owe him. Plus I could knit and get caught up on your podcasts. Well, references to self striping yarn while I am knitting self striping socks, porn and your Xmas had me laughing and crying. I was afraid they were going to give me a referral to Psychiatrics. Keep it coming! Oh, great music!!

    Posted on 1.14.06 ·
  7. Chris Dayne wrote:

    Really good music. Can I get a shout-out on the next ‘cast?
    Love you, keep ’em coming!

    Posted on 1.15.06 ·
  8. Aidan wrote:

    Woo Hoo! Mazel Tov! May the two of you have many, many happy years together! How exciting. I’m verklempt. I love weddings! Now what are you doing wasting time reading this? You should be working on that lace shawl! Groundhog Day approaches!

    Posted on 1.15.06 ·
  9. Jess wrote:

    Congratulations to you and Tonya on your upcoming nuptials. I hope you both enjoy being civil to one another 🙂

    Another fan who is totally loving the wild podcast ride.

    Posted on 1.15.06 ·
  10. Courtney wrote:

    I love your podcast. I was traveling without my computer over the holidays and I just caught up on back episodes today. I’ve now heard every episode of Cast On and I look forward to the new ones. I was so pleased this week when you revealed the artists behind the Today’s Sweater theme song. I’ve been wondering about that. I’m downloading the Lascivious Biddies on iTunes as I type. I was also glad to hear that Civil Partnerships exist in the UK. I didn’t know that and I hope that something like that will exist in the US sometime soon.

    Posted on 1.16.06 ·
  11. kelly wrote:

    I just want to let you know that I’m really, really enjoying this podcast. I’m not a big podcast listener, but yours is really enjoyable. I’m currently living abroad, alone in a small town, and being able to listen to this hour about knitting is something I really look forward to. So, thanks. I’m sure it’s a lot of work and it’s rather appreciated.

    Posted on 1.16.06 ·
  12. kelly wrote:

    Hmm. Could I say ‘really’ a few more times?…

    Posted on 1.16.06 ·
  13. Lauren wrote:

    Oh my goodness. Congratulations to you and your partner! I sure hope we get a special nuptial update when the time comes! Thank you for letting us be (an ever so small) part of your life. Though I don’t know you, I think if you in Wales and smile as if I do. Best to you and Tanya from Boston.

    Posted on 1.16.06 ·
  14. Raellyn wrote:

    Congratulations to you and your partner! My lovely Bug and I have also been together for seven years and we are celebrating our anniversary today. We will be thinking of you both on Groundhog Day!

    Posted on 1.17.06 ·
  15. Christine wrote:

    The amazing singer you ended Episode 7 with is named ‘Bettye LaVette’ not ‘Betty LaVette’.

    Posted on 1.17.06 ·
  16. Jake wrote:

    Congrats on your upcoming unionizing!

    For what it’s worth, most of my legally-joined couple friends (same- or opposite-sex) who don’t like words like “husband” and “wife” just use the word “spouse” (“spice”, of course, being the plural).

    Posted on 1.17.06 ·
  17. mamacate wrote:

    An even better option for plying up that inevitable extra bit of singles on one bobbin is andean plying. I was doing it wrong for a good long time, but even if you just wrap it around your hand (similar to plying from a center-pull ball), it works unless it’s very twisty, slippery stuff.

    Speaking of high-twist, there’s nothing wrong with your spinning if you spin high-twist singles. There’s no such thing as a balanced singles. As far as commercial singles, sometimes they’re not true singles (try pulling noro kureyon apart–you’ll see it’s two-ply, though I’m not sure how they manage to make it look like singles); or they’re steam-blocked to within an inch of their life.

    That bump in the navajo plying will go away if you go VERY SLOWLY and make sure tension remains on the old loop when you pull the new loop through. Don’t release the old loop until the twist travels into the new loop.

    I’m not sure I’m explaining this well enough–I’d better go home and do some navajo plying so I can see what I’m talking about for myself, sigh.

    Keep podcasting–a good hour of knitting with cast-on on the mp3 player is a highlight of the week!

    Posted on 1.17.06 ·
  18. Jessica wrote:

    I, too, am in love with Anthropologie. I was fortunate enough to live near a store while I was in Ohio. I have a stack of catalogues from about 1999 hidden away in my house.

    Congrats on the article in Vogue Knitting! I got my copy today and saw you and Marie.

    Posted on 1.18.06 ·
  19. genny wrote:

    Hey there

    Really enjoying your podcasts – am listening my way through them all!

    Well there is one little negative, your accent/voice reminds me of someone at work who annoys me… but this isn’t about you! I’m working through my issues!

    I’m sitting here at my computer in New Zealand (just adding to your international shout out)

    Posted on 1.18.06 ·
  20. Carry wrote:

    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!! So exciting…and you are right, Groundhog day is a scream! 🙂 It will be hard to forget, won’t it?

    Can’t wait until I can get hitched to my partner back in the states…

    Keep up the excellent podcasting, it always makes my commuting bearable!

    Posted on 1.18.06 ·
  21. carolyn h in ct wrote:

    Hey Brenda!! I just discovered your podcast (who remembers how i meandered upon it, i don’t know) and I love, love, love it. Keep the episodes coming, I’m Jonesing for more. It would be wonderful if you posted a picture of Today’s Sweater on the blog. Love the music. Thanks for sharing! best, carolyn in dreary CT!

    Posted on 1.19.06 ·
  22. Anne wrote:

    Love your podcast Brenda and the musical selections keep my needles clicking. I have ME and have trouble concentrating ( thats my excuse anyhow!) and audio material just works better for my stressed out brain. Laughing is good medecine and I recommend your programme many others. Pure therapy for the mind, soul and knitting muscles!

    Posted on 1.19.06 ·
  23. Caren wrote:

    Hi Brenda,

    Discovered your podcast a few days ago and have had a marathon listening session to get caught up. It’s absolutely terrific! Love the music, love the little stories about life in Wales with Tanya, love the descriptions of the sweaters, love the tag line (“if you’re cold…”).

    About a year ago, I “discovered” audiobooks and have barely read a physical book since.

    Knitting and listening is the best. It’s like doing two hobbies at once! Most of us multi-task our knitting, I imagine. Knitting while watching tv; knitting while listening to music, podcasts, books, etc.; knitting while waiting in line, in traffic jams, etc. Listening to Cast-on yesterday while running errands was so fabulous. It was like being able to knit while grocery shopping!

    Thank you thank you for all the hard work you obviously put into each and every show. I can’t wait for the next one.

    P.S. Librivox rocks! Now I’m trying to decide what book to volunteer to read.

    Posted on 1.27.06 ·
  24. Cirilia wrote:

    Been enjoying the podcast, but I REALLY enjoyed hearing the TWO references to Webs in this episode–I happened to be walking there when I heard them! We are fans and really got a kick out of the mention =)

    Posted on 1.29.06 ·
  25. E'Bert wrote:

    I’m a new listener and since I love your podcast soo much, I am listening to your back issues.

    Just so you know, the men who knit link isn’t working anymore.

    Posted on 2.27.06 ·
  26. nicole wrote:

    I am loving listening to your podcasts, I only allow myself to listen to them while I walk on the treadmill… thanks to you, last week I walked (and even a little bit of running during the songs) 61 kms (sorry, I cannot tell you in miles)

    I think it is relly important to keep a diary of the things that you make. It doesn’t have to be really detailed. I learnt this from Kaye England, an American quilter. She talked about quilting diaries, and how important this was.

    One of the main reasons was for the things that you made that you didn’t like, or were full of mistakes or anything like that. You need to write down in that diary why you didn’t like it, or what went wrong…the reason?

    Simple, if your great great great grandchild inherits your “masterpiece”, they can look in the diary (hoefully they will inherit this too), and see that you didn’t like the colour, or the way it turned out….so then your great great grandchild doesn’t think that you had bad taste, or that this was the best thing you could do! LOL

    I have quilted for many years, and kept a diary of the quilts I have made, who I made them for including addresses or birthday etc…I love sitting down every now and again and looking from the beginning of the things I have made over the years…It is a really great history of what you liked and how you progressed in your craft! I keep a diary for Quilting, cross stitching and knitting.

    thanks again for some great music and your wonderful way of presenting!
    Nicole, Berlin, Germany

    Posted on 4.21.08 ·

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