12 Jan 2009

The upside of snow

Seems fairly elementary that knit baby, knit is what you do when the world is blanketed with white, but Mary Mooney describes her process most entertainingly in a recent blog post. Her Cabin Fever four-corner-hat is adorable and it’s only a basket overflowing with To Be Knit Next projects that’s keeping me from ordering one of these kits.

I happened across the Oregonian newspaper’s K2Tog blog, as you do, while searching for something else, and I have been a loyal reader ever since. Their posts about what’s happening in the Portland knitting world are a nice slice of home. The added bonus being that the blog is written by journalists, who know their way around words and are quick with a clever turn of phrase. Even without the Portland connection, it’s a pleasure to read on its own merits.

Posted on January 12, in News