07 Jan 2009

Phat Knits

Much as I love pushing the boundaries of knitting, I had never considered knitting a sofa, until I saw Phat Knits – a series of giant threads used to create interior products. Designed by Bauke Knottnerus. Too cool. I wonder where I can buy the yarn?

Thanks, Karen!

Posted on January 7, in News


  1. Laia wrote:

    The only thing I can think of looking at this picture is how would someone manipulate those needles?

    Posted on 1.8.09 ·
  2. Barb wrote:

    Maybe some things really do only come from factories? 🙂

    Posted on 1.8.09 ·
  3. vanessa wrote:

    maybe they knitted them like dave cole does from http://www.theknittingmachine.com he knits wires and fibreglass. i saw his work in the latest book i bought called KnitKnit and his work is pretty impressive the book cost me about 10 pounds on amazon.

    Posted on 1.21.09 ·
  4. Valerie Barnett wrote:

    Love the Phat Knits! Do you know if and where they can be purchased?

    Posted on 1.3.14 ·

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