20 Jan 2012

A post is not a podcast.

Maintaining dignity with difficulty.

But I’m afraid it’s all I can do this week.

I was totally up for the podcast today. I’ve been working on it since early this morning. I was pretty close to being done.Then, in one of those completely dim-witted moves that I can’t believe I actually did, I saved over the file. Or rather, I opened a new file, and then “saved as”, effectively replacing the file I’d spent all morning working on with one that had nothing in it. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. I watched myself do it, and knew it was not quite right somehow, but hit “save as” anyway.

That’s it for me today, I’m sorry to say. What with the new update to Welsh for Rainbow, I’ve had a fairly full week already. I just don’t have it in me to recreate what I’ve already done today. It’s too depressing to even contemplate. It was a really good show too, maybe even my best show ever, and now you’ll never get to hear it. I’m so sorry.

While I could spend the rest of the day sulking about it, instead I’m going to take the dog for a walk while the weather holds. Then I’ll come home and roast some bananas, because that is my new favorite way of making banana bread. While dessert bakes, I plan to concoct something that includes the cooked chickpeas already in the fridge, plus chorizo and a whole lot of onions and maybe some roasted red peppers. Then I’m going to make some cole slaw to go with it, because a sloppy chickpea chorizo thing needs some crunch to balance it out. And then I’m going to make the most enormous bowl of popcorn, and eat it all by myself while watching the BBC version of Jane Eyre, because that one is best. And then I’ll wash my hands and rip out the edging of the Damson AGAIN. (And THAT is a story, believe you me.)

Next week I’ll tell you all about the Damson, and the new Ercol chair and footstool we picked up this week for £20, and I’ll ponder the damp patch in my living room, and share all the yarn I scored on sale at Colourway, and the Audible book I’ve been listening to this week, and the plans for P3 2012 next October that are already taking shape, and probably lots of other stuff too. Do come back. It’s going to be the best show ever.

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  1. Beth wrote:

    Oh, Brenda, I’m so sorry! I have done such boneheaded things with computers when tired and working too hard; I really sympathize.

    One thought: is there a backup? Because you might be able to retrieve the backup file from a previous version. I know how to do it with my Mac with Time Machine, but I’m pretty sure it’s a possibility if you’re backed up (with a hard drive, for example) at all.

    I love your show and look forward to it every week. I’ll look forward to next week.

    Posted on 1.20.12 ·
  2. Felix wrote:

    I am very inspired by the positive take you have demonstrated here, on the annoying business of accidentally overwriting your amazing podcast. I feel the grace with which you have handled the whole situation is amazing, and more than I would be capable of in your shoes.

    I am also very happy to read of your amazing plans to feed yourself a fine feast, and I look forward to hearing more about Damson, Audio books, popcorn and the rest of the joy you mentioned here, next week.

    Have a lovely day x

    Posted on 1.20.12 ·
  3. joanna wrote:

    Brenda, it’s only 8 am here in CO .
    Just made myself a cup of coffee and went online hoping for a new Cast-On. Sorry to hear about the mess and hope your day gets better.
    I’m with you on the Jane Eyre and popcorn!

    Posted on 1.20.12 ·
  4. sally wrote:

    Pooh Brenda, my heart goes out to you. My knitting has been attacking me also so I know right where you’re at. Hope the banana bread was a success.

    Posted on 1.20.12 ·
  5. TallYarns wrote:

    Fate had me only listen to last week’s show today. Coincidences don’t exist, so instead of catching up that turned out to be a tie-over until next week…
    In the spirit of “it’s the journey, not the destination that counts”, trust that something good will (have) come out of the experience; I do! The plan for the rest of your day sure sounded fab – I hope it worked out that way.
    Have a good week, looking forward to hearing you again then!

    Posted on 1.20.12 ·
  6. MzTallulah wrote:

    Nigel Slater + Heidi Swanson = the best antidote ever to asinine computer behaviour. Wish I could go right home and make that stew, NOW. Looking forward to next week.

    Posted on 1.20.12 ·
  7. Karen wrote:

    Too bad about the podcast. But I think you should adopt the attitude of your orange tabby and take a nice nap in the sun with a knitting blankie. You will feel better!

    Posted on 1.20.12 ·
  8. prairiepoet wrote:

    Brenda, You display a very admirable attitude about a trying moment. Enjoy the walk, fresh air, and feast. I think I’ll pop my own bowl of popcorn this evening. Catch you next week.

    Posted on 1.20.12 ·
  9. AnnP wrote:

    I would bet there IS some technical trick for restoring the file and perhaps a reader more savvy than me will come to your rescue. In the meantime, I admire your attitude and can’t wait to hear you Damson story.

    Posted on 1.21.12 ·
  10. Shannon B wrote:

    I love Toby Stephens, as Mr Rochester, with a deep and abiding love. And Jane — Oh, Jane! That moment when Ruth Wilson sobs “You think because I am poor, obscure, plain and little…that I have no heart!”…it kills me. I mean, come on! Name another actress who would embrace the snot-lip so fully in the name of emoting. You can’t! Why not? Because Ruth Wilson is a nonpariel.

    Posted on 1.21.12 ·
  11. Vickie wrote:

    I feel your pain. And once the ideas have left my brain and landed in pixels or paper once the thought of recreating them just makes me cry. Take a break, have a sleep and a tea and knit. That is the only remedy.

    Posted on 1.21.12 ·
  12. Jeanie wrote:

    Oh Brenda, even though you lost your podcast, I can still hear your voice as I read your blog. Your recipes sound wonderful–I am aiming to try the banana bread one soon. Hope things are better now. Just watching a cat sleep in the sun is restorative!

    Posted on 1.21.12 ·
  13. Susan wrote:

    Yes! That BBC version was the best–in my book, at least. Glad to find another who shares the sentiment.

    So sorry to hear about your lost file. I did that at work this week on a quarry report spreadsheet.

    Posted on 1.21.12 ·
  14. Louise wrote:

    Brenda, I learnt about you through Librivox and I really like your reading voice! Almost through listening to The Age of Innocence.

    So far I have not heard your podcasts as this is my first visit to your site.

    About the lost file: a new book in Australia may interest you. Digital Dark Age: a cautionary tale, discusses digital preservation and access. Easy reading. Very small print run. Must declare that I am a co-author.

    Posted on 1.21.12 ·
  15. Nancy wrote:

    Oh, Brenda, I am so sorry to hear your news of erasing your podcast. I love hearing your voice. But thanks for the post, and I’ll look at how you make banana bread, etc.

    Looking forward to next time!

    Posted on 1.22.12 ·
  16. Anne wrote:

    Thanks for the cute kitty! (Orange cats are the best.)

    Posted on 1.22.12 ·
  17. Rae wrote:

    I guess it is mildly comforting to know that someone I see as competent as you does something that I do from time to time. Whew… maybe I am not losing my mind… but I am losing gloves… hand knit ones at that…

    Posted on 1.22.12 ·
  18. MM O'Brien wrote:

    Hi Brenda – I’m so sorry about your podcast, but I agree with Jeanie – I could hear your voice as I read your post. I hope the rest of your weekend was stellar! Thanks too for the latest Welsh for Rainbows! I was just able to download it today (sorry about the delay). Just beautiful!!! I’m sure you wish it was all done, but I’m thrilled there is more to come.

    Posted on 1.23.12 ·
  19. boodely wrote:

    Ahhh… that sucks. We’ve all done it. It’s a good thing that tomorrow is a new day.

    Posted on 1.23.12 ·
  20. Cynthia wrote:

    Telly and yarn time for me tonight too…Downton Abbey
    series 2. Add a cat on my lap and some popcorn, ahh…

    Posted on 1.24.12 ·
  21. V! wrote:

    Oh no, I’m so sorry about your podcast disaster! I have totally done that kind of thing! But whenever you do get around to recording the next episode of Cast On, I’ll be looking forward to hearing it. Until then, enjoy your delicious day!

    Posted on 1.25.12 ·
  22. Fiona Mac Bride wrote:

    Would it make you feel better if you knew that I put handspun silk and handspun wool into my washing machine for a dyeing project (it said to do so on the label of the dye-pot) even though I knew it was wrong. It wasn’t the heat of the water or the amounts of dye, it was the stupid rush to get the job done and out to dry that led me to throw the not-so-secure skeins into the top loading machine. Like you I saw myself thinking…”..I musn’t let the machine go on for too long otherwise the wool will felt.” SO Dumb because it wasn’t the wool felting that was the problem (I had clearly done a good job not over-washing it) but the skeins ALL TANGLED.
    I heaved 4kg of wet yarn out, pulling it from behind the fins of the agitator, and slopped it into the laundry sink. The silk had “merged” with the wool and I had a enormous mound of blended wet blue spaghetti.
    It is now three days later and I am much better. The yarns are tamed and tidy. I said nothing of it to my partner and I’d like to put it all behind me.
    See, you are not alone.

    Posted on 1.26.12 ·
  23. AJ wrote:

    Sorry you had one of those moments but it was certainly fate stepping in for whatever reason we may never know. Your replacement cast will be better than this one though I know that doesn’t take the sting out doing it. Hope the rest of your projects turn out better than your expectations! Have a great week.

    Posted on 1.27.12 ·
  24. Barbara wrote:

    Having saved podcasts 101-109 to enjoy during my vacation week (which, sadly, is ending today), I just spent the last few hours reveling in the joy that is listening to Cast-On and knitting on my new Cloisonee mittens (YarnHarlot).
    So happy you’re back to podcasting and that you’ve included the “Knit like the Wind” intro. I’ve always loved hearing that little bit at the start of the podcast. Looking forward to a weekly visit with you and hearing of your mindful knitting.
    PS – the sleeping (or not sleeping) thing may be related to menopause. No one mentions that – hot flashes seem to take up all of the conversation – but I didn’t sleep more that 2-3 hours for a year. It goes away. Eventually.

    Posted on 1.27.12 ·
  25. Jan wrote:

    Your podcast, your labor of love, may have been written over, but your voice has been speaking in the back of my head since before Christmas! And what has it been sayng? January is selfish knitting month and you deserve an Osmena. So, this morning, i pulled out the yarn and needles and will cast on when i’m finished with this little post. Thanks for speaking to me.

    Posted on 1.28.12 ·

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