15 Jan 2010

Mastering the one-handed hipster photo

I don’t make resolutions, as you know, but if I did, mastering the art of the one-handed hipster photo would have been on the list for 2010.

Clearly, I need to learn where to point the camera to make best use of the auto focus. Nevertheless, despite (or, possibly due to) my own ineptitude with the camera, I somehow managed to obtain documentary evidence of Finished Objects.

Yes, that is Citron, fetchingly draped around my neck, and those are Driving Miss Daisy gloves on my fingers, the pattern for which, I am happy to say, is finally ready to rock and roll.

hipster1The gloves were knit first, and the ample skein of March Hare wool and silk (in “Victoria’s Ball Gown” purple) yielded enough leftovers for an almost-Citron. I finished Section 4 of the scarf, skipped Section 5 and went straight to the final ruffle, which I worked for 14 rows, instead of 11, because I had enough yarn and I could. I finished with two rows of garter stitch, and bound off in purl, to keep the ruffle from curling.

I enjoyed every minute of knitting this pattern, even when it grew to over 400 sts. It’s fairly mindless, and yet at the same time offers a thrilling sense of accomplishment when you reach the end of each section. The finished piece wraps neatly around the neck, and the ruffles and puckered bits create a nice texture, without being overly girlie. Like Joy, (who reminded me of the pattern’s existence) I could quite happily crank these babies out for the rest of the winter.

Finally, I want to share my newest favorite art blog, which perfectly captures the subtle poignancy of Missed Connections ads. (Which I can never read without thinking, “Why didn’t you SAY SOMETHING while she was right there next to you??”) I had planned on passing this one along in the podcast, because the art is just so lovely, but today’s Missed Connection, a lovely visual paean to subway knitting, is too perfect not to share immediately. Knitting Girl on Train 7 introduced someone to knitting, and also made that someone’s day. Apparently, knitters are warm people. Which sounds like it should be on a T-shirt, but is no less true.

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  1. Heidi wrote:

    Oh dear brenda, the missed connections blog is fascinating thankyou for sharing….
    Lovely work on the gloves and wrap, the softness of that yarn is evident even by photograph..

    Posted on 1.15.10 ·
  2. FiberNerd wrote:

    Love seeing the finished objects in use, together! The gloves look great, and I’d say you’ve mastered the one-handed-hipster photo!

    Posted on 1.17.10 ·
  3. Lara wrote:

    Love the Missed Connections blog!

    I am also working on Citron, it’s a nice relaxing piece to have as a backup when the light is too dim or I need something portable to work on…

    Posted on 1.17.10 ·
  4. delaïdo wrote:

    Hi Brenda, is audible.com no longer sponsoring you? I’ve recently moved, so I’ll be using mass transit and I’m ready to listen to some of those audio books you’ve mentioned.

    Posted on 1.17.10 ·
  5. Hi Delaido,

    Yes, Audible is still a sponsor. There are ads for Audible all over the site. Click any of them.



    Posted on 1.18.10 ·
  6. delaïdo wrote:

    hi Brenda,

    Thanks for your response. You must think me so daft! Evidently my spam-ad blocked on my computer is preventing me for seeing and/or clicking your audible links. Even when I type in your special audible URL, I get a blank page!

    OK, I will try to fiddle with my (annoying) ad blocker to see if I can get it to work. I want to be sure that audible knows you talked me into getting a subscription.

    Posted on 1.21.10 ·
  7. Dear Brenda,

    Loved listening to you walk through the snow as I was, well…walking through the snow here in Central Alberta. I have never been to Wales, but have been to Yorkshire, where I walked through fields with stone walls and stiles, and small woods, and to Scotland, where I hiked around Iona and Mull…What a glorious place the UK is!

    Now about “Miss Daisy” — the pattern looks lovely! *But*…I have quite a bit of this very yarn — in more than one colour! — in my stash, and would like the pattern only. Would you advise where to get the pattern alone, as I don’t require an entire kit?

    Thanks, and keep up the great podcasts.

    Posted on 1.24.10 ·
  8. Andy Baker wrote:

    Hi Brenda,

    I was listening to part of your last podcast (maybe the one before that) while I was folding laundry a couple of weeks ago and it felt like you were just sitting right there talking about knitting. It was very nice. I really enjoyed out time together.

    Also, after hearing about Driving Miss Daisy, I ordered two sets. (Why not? The euro is still strong and one of them will make a great gift…maybe, if I don’t knit it as well.) They arrived yesterday. Beautifully packaged – very smart looking. I’m excited to start in on them after I get two things off the needles.

    So glad you’re out there.

    Posted on 1.27.10 ·
  9. Jessica wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    I’m a long time listener, first time commenter. Your self-portrait is great. You’ll get the hang of it and soon you’ll even be able to take a photo of you and maybe 3 other people! Certainly a necessary skill these days 🙂
    I was wondering if you had more photos of the Driving Miss Daisy gloves. I was hoping to see more of the eyelet pattern and where the button sits. Also, do you know if the yarn color is selected randomly in each kit?

    Posted on 1.27.10 ·
  10. LoriAngela wrote:

    Thanks so much Brenda. I got my Driving Miss Daisy kit in the mail today. The only bad news is my Mom has asked me to donate something to the fair for a knitting prize. I know every knitter would love one of these. Sigh.

    Posted on 1.28.10 ·
  11. KathleeninSF wrote:

    LOVE love love the haircut!!!

    Posted on 1.30.10 ·
  12. Liz T, wrote:

    Aww – that is the sweetest blog.

    Posted on 2.14.10 ·
  13. Nina wrote:

    Matching accessories?? How will anyone know you are a knitter? 🙂 Very beautiful finished objects.

    Posted on 2.22.10 ·

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