Welsh for Rainbow


You know how it is.

You’re standing there, with your camera in hand, surrounded by rolling patchwork hills of green, or on a cliff over looking an impossibly blue sea, or deep in the middle of a quiet woods, carpeted with bluebells in the spring. You’re trying to frame a shot but, everywhere you look, it’s so breathtakingly beautiful, you can’t decide where to point the camera.

Been there? Then you understand my dilemma. I’ve been mesmerized by the beauty of Wales for over a decade.

One of my greatest joys is sharing the country and culture, that I’ve grown to love, with friends and family who come to visit. Sadly, for many tourists Wales is only fleetingly glimpsed through the windows of a train on its way to someplace else. I’m always a little sad for the people who see the country this way. Wales has been a well-kept secret in Britain for far too long.

While the patterns in Welsh for Rainbow were inspired by the landscape, and the book itself was born from a desire to share my favourite places and experiences of Wales with the world outside its borders, Welsh for Rainbow is also an open invitation. Frankly, I want everyone I have ever met, and never met, to experience this small country to the left of England that I now call home.

In the patterns of Welsh for Rainbow you’ll find the gothic windows of Tintern Abbey, a swiftly flowing stream flanked by woodlands at Cenarth falls, and see what the tide has brought in at Wisemans Bridge. You’ll taste pure joy in a cone of ginger ice cream, made from sheep’s milk in Hay on Wye, feel your heart stop at the sight of a majestic Red Kite, soaring high above rolling patchwork hills, dip your toes in the water at Amroth Beach, and learn a Welsh idiom or two, to impress your friends.

The stories in Welsh for Rainbow were written between November 2005, and January 2012, and are firmly rooted in the landscape of the Welsh countryside. They are as much love letters to Wales, as they are an invitation to visit.

Croeso y Cymru! Welcome to Wales!

Price: £11.00