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06 Aug 2009

Episode 85: Sixty Six Coupons

Sarah Moise Young discovers that doing her part is as easy as picking up her needles; Jasmin Canty escapes death by stash; I attempt to Make Do and Mend on 66 wartime rationing coupons.

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24 Jul 2009

Episode 84: Industrial Fashion

Kim Werker, gets a few things off her chest; hand knit socks are the family business at Corgi Hosiery, through five generations; postcards from the knitting edge, plus Today’s Sweater.

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03 Jul 2009

Episode 83: Rinse. Repeat.

A Victorian woman’s washing is never done, with Ruth Goodman. Modern laundry expert Jacqueline Sava offers advice for hand knit care. Plus, Camille De Angelis has her depression cake, and eats it too.

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12 Jun 2009

Episode 81: To Be of Use

An interview with author, Betsy Greer, while Cinnamon Cooper, Sister Diane, Felicity Ford and Otto von Busch, make good; meanwhile, I ponder the mystery of every day objects.

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