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27 Mar 2009

Episode 77: Personal Best

It’s the largest, grandest, most popular, and most renowned thing ever, though it’s not always considered a success. But it’s big. It’s the Magnum Opus.

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06 Mar 2009

Episode 76: Panacea

The cure for all ills is found at the tips of your own knitting needles. An exploration of your brain, on knitting; with guest, Tara Jon Manning, and contributing writer, Diana Klau.

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21 Feb 2009

Episode 75: Epiphany

Exploring the man behind the “Mauve Measles” epidemic of 1862; a short foray into the woods, with Tonia; and fiber play, with art yarn spinner, Jacey Boggs.

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23 Jan 2009

Episode 73: The Poetry of Code

The new series begins, and with it an Alchemical journey. We chat with writer and textile lexicographer, Elinor Kapp; Jonathon Whitall moves us one step closer to a global knitting language; I learn the merits of working the problem.

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