Series 04 – Loosely Knit

Episode 44: A Good Day

by Brenda on January 19, 2007

And we’re back! See my smiling face and count my sexy nose hairs on the BBC! This week’s Yarn Pr0n: La Lana Wools. Bust that stash! Here’s how: Join Wendy’s Knit from Stash-a-thon or, make a pledge at the Stash-a-Long. […]


Episode 43: Granny’s Book

by Brenda on December 1, 2006

Special thanks to this week’s guest writers, Maria Therese Carrington and Kirsty Hall, and readers Kristen Lamoyne and Kara Shallenberg. Hear the original agricultural storyline, six days a week. How artists use Creative Commons Licensing, a report from Open Business […]


Episode 42: Home For the Holiday

by Brenda on November 23, 2006

This week Chicago writer, Franklin Habit offers his (always) unique perspective on holiday coping strategies. I wax poetic (again) about the fabulous Clapotis (see image), by Kate Gilbert. I am clearly not smart enough to get on with the Felted […]


Episode 41: A Love Story

by Brenda on November 10, 2006

After vacillating for several weeks over whether to repaint the living room, or live with it through the winter, we decided to bite the bullet and resigned ourselves to living in less than ideal circumstances while the Very Big Job […]


Episode 40: Get Warped

by Brenda on November 3, 2006

Thanks this week to Syne Mitchell, for tempting me over to the warp side (Those weavers. They recruit, you know.) Special thanks to Toronto writer, Sage Tyrtle, of Quirky Nomads Podcast for her wonderful essay, and for a ritual I’ve […]