Series 03 – A Sense of Place

Episode 33: The one without a clever title

by Brenda on August 11, 2006

It’s a Library Thing – The Mighty MagnaBowl! – Design a Sweater for Marie Claire – Provisional Cast-On: The video – Short Row Toes for Toe-Up socks: The tutorial. – The Dink Dolls hit the road – Don’t miss the […]


Episode 32: Gwlana (Woolgathering)

by Brenda on August 4, 2006

Well. What can I say. I changed my mind. I’m allowed, right? And though it may seem as though I’m on a humor strike, be assured my sense of the absurd is still intact, and will no doubt surface again […]


Episode 31: Forever Summer

by Brenda on July 28, 2006

The dogs are still snoring; other than that, it’s just me this week. Me, and my socks. The Cast On – The Heel – The Bind Off – Elfine’s Socks – Stitch and Pitch – Stitch and Pitch Sock Pattern […]


  This week you almost can’t hear me for the snoring dogs. Let’s kick some puppies! – Boing Boing – Knit Knuckle Tatts – XML Code or Knitting Code? You decide. – My perfect sock. (Could this be THE combination?) […]


Episode 29: You are here

by Brenda on July 8, 2006

Series Three begins by not really beginning. Think of this as a place-holder podcast. My other car is a Ferrarri – My other podcast has a sexy feed – Knit Bears for the Snuggle Project – Thanks to Dave, from […]