Series 11 – Many Things, in Quick Succession

Episode 112: Becoming

by Brenda on February 17, 2012

In this episode: When Truman speaks you have to listen. (It’s the tail chasing that does it.) Dishing up a side of economics with your science before running full tilt towards the cliff where 1410 knitters have gone before. (This […]


Episode 111: Ubiquitous

by Brenda on February 10, 2012

In this episode: Grownup heads and baby toesies. In other words, hats and booties. Bwitain, bwitain bwitain and its arts institutions. The Grand Tour, the grant and the great matter. Not just “For Mother”, download the free Knitting Apron Pattern. […]


Episode 110: We all fall down

by Brenda on January 27, 2012

In this episode: How to lose an episode without losing your mind; how to get over the hype; what happened with Damson; falling down, and getting back up again. These are the weighty topics considered today, briefly. Again, I talked […]


Episode 109: All Art is Beta

by Brenda on January 13, 2012

In this episode: I mourn the bad end to a really good pair of socks. Alas, poor Uzu. I hardly knew ye at all. Yes, it’s a tragedy, but it might have a happy ending. If your freakishly tiny delicate […]


Episode 108: Stand and stare

by Brenda on January 6, 2012

In this episode: I swore I wasn’t knitting anyone anything this year, and then I knit seven gifts. Why do I do this every year? I have my reasons, and it turns out they’re good ones. I had a minor […]