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03 May 2014

Episode 129: Carcast

In this episode: This week I scour the internets for the perfect winter sock yarn, and find it in the Welsh countryside, ten miles from where I live. There’s a bit of musing on the merits of sock laundry, which leads me to discover the joy of knitting socks in pure unadulterated animal fibre. I…

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04 Apr 2014

Episode 128: Clifford Byway

In this episode: Free yarn! Plus, Pretty little Forsythia thugs. ::shakes fist:: Lovely fibre for spinning from these fine purveyors:Freyalyn’s Hand-dyed FibresEdgewood Garden StudioCountess Ablaze I turned to Sarah Anderson’s The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs: Techniques for Creating 80 Yarns for help and inspiration. Highly recommended. We’ve been eating out of Nigel Slater’s Eat…

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07 Mar 2014

Episode 127: Is this thing on?

In this episode: I celebrate the final patterns in Welsh for Rainbow, Barley Straw (top left) and Pentre Ifan (below left), plus the publication of the e-version of the book. I am delighted to find that I haven’t forgotten how to talk about my knitting, and am also relieved by such, in equal measure. I…

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04 Apr 2013

Episode 126: Bedcast

In this episode: I get to talk about about my knitting to a real, live person! Such a treat. We are in my guest room with refreshing bevvies and Amy Singer for a P3 wrap up, some sweater fixing, shawl knitting, and shameless self promotion. Always one of the highlights of P3, our Tiny Perfect…

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01 Feb 2013

Episode 125 – My own private Oregon

In this episode: A travel and teaching round up but, mostly, I have just missed talking with you. Visiting one’s old home town as a tourist is bitter sweet. I’ve been hanging out in the West Hills, shopping at Stroheckers, walking at Council Crest, and shopping as if there is no tomorrow. Oregon has funny…

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