Cast On began on Monday, 31 October, 2005, founded on nothing more than the desire to talk about knitting to people who get it. All the other stuff – about how our memories, thoughts, hopes and dreams are knit into the fabric we create, and become part of the fabric of our lives; about how life and knitting intertwine, and how sometimes you can’t tell where one part leaves off the other begins; and how the only thing wrong with the world today is that there’s not enough knitting in it – all that came later, over time.

Since 2005 the podcast has sort of evolved to focus on finding inspiration in the ordinary, using it to kick start the process of making, and finding ways to carve out the creative time and space that allows you to work your ass off on the projects that matter most to you. Like knitting a sweater. Or saving the world.

The hardware, software and audio production techniques used to produce the podcast have also evolved over the years, and the website continues to expand, contract, divide, reform, and redefine itself, according to the hopes, dreams, needs, fears, desires, whims and current obsessions of its creator. Sometimes those things are reflected here, sometimes not. The podcast and this website are a big part of Brenda’s life, but they are not her whole life. If the site looks a bit dusty since the last time you visited, and hasn’t been updated in a while, it means Brenda’s making things other than podcasts.

Where to start.

If you’re new here, and wondering where to begin, there are a few dependable places to look for content.

The Audio Archive: The Archive contains links to the show notes for every podcast, from the first, to the most recent. Show notes contain the links to everything mentioned in every podcast, as well as a direct download link to each podcast, itself. Clicking the link will download the podcast, which you can then transfer to your portable media device. There is also a handy media player, located at the very bottom of the shownotes for each podcast, so you can listen to any or all of them, right now, right here at your computer, if you so choose.

The Homepage: Here you’ll find links to the most recent podcasts, as well as blog posts, and usually a video of some cool thing – knitting related, or otherwise.

RSS Feed: If you prefer your content to-go, the Podcast Feed wraps it up in a handy square of tinfoil, and delivers it to your favorite feedreader, artfully twisted into the shape of a swan. The Site Feed includes the podcasts, and all blog posts, news, features and articles.

What’s next?

If you’re still looking for things to click on, you can find out more about Brenda in her Mostly True Bio, and see the questions she answers a lot in the FAQ. And if that’s still not enough Brenda, you will find more of her dulcet tones in non Cast On related audio recordings here.