December 2007

Episode 59: Start as you mean to go on.

by Brenda on December 31, 2007

Dream a while with me, as we pause in the space just before the old year gives way to the new. This week on Cast On, contributing writer Becky Annison shares a Secret Life. What’s a Callenig? Heather Ordover, of […]


Thank you, knitsibs!

by Brenda on December 21, 2007

For making this year magical.


I love that from time to time I get to indulge in geeky WordPress stuff. Seriously. It pleases me no end that I know a few things, and can make stuff happen on a web page. If I weren’t so […]


Milano Stitch

by Brenda on December 2, 2007

That’s what I’m calling that stitch pattern, because that is where I learned it. If it has another name, I’m not aware of it, and I don’t want to know. You don’t have to call it Milano stitch, if you […]