02 Dec 2012

Episode 124: A little wired

In this episode: A new love captures my heart (and wallet).

These patterns are currently in my To Be Sewn pile: The Schoolhouse Tunic, by Sew Liberated, Clover pants and the Negroni Shirt, by Colette.

Win a Swift bag! What’s your favorite Knitty pattern and why?

Leave a comment. Win the Knitty.com Limited Edition 10th Anniversary bag.

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This week’s Audible pick is Whispers Underground, by Ben Aaronovitch, narrated by Kobna Holbrook-Smith.

Music by Zach Hurd and the Midtown Men.

I Left My Heart in San Francisco, by Steven Strauss and That Old Guy. Suite California, by Sandy and the Surftronics.


  1. Margo wrote:

    Thank you Brenda from a long time podcast listener.

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  2. stebo79 wrote:

    I isten to your podcast for quite some time and I think it’s time to say “thank you” and how much I enjoy listening to your voice!

    Steffi from Germany

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  3. Tamiko Little wrote:

    Hi Brenda,

    Thank you so much. I love x3 listening to your podcast.

    My favorite Knitty pattern has to be Fetching. It is such a sweet pattern and knits up so quick. It’s my go to pattern for gifts and I’ve never had anyone be displeased with it.

    Thank you again,

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  4. Julie wrote:

    My favorite is the BFF scarf. It s just sooooo clever!

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  5. Walden121 wrote:

    I love Skew, just for the genius and hard work of the idea!

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  6. Ashley W wrote:

    My current favorite is Good Day Sunshine – I’m very, very slowly working through knitting it (several knits-for-others have derailed me).

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  7. Liz wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is Wavy from Winter ’04. I knit it my first year away from home and improved my knitting so much, the first pattern I was able to memorize, to ladder down when I made a mistake, to really understand what all those loops were! Very simple and elegant, but a huge learning step for me.

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  8. hotknitter wrote:

    I have Raynaud’s so wear handwarmers daily. I’ve never knit a pair with “fingers” so my current Knitty fave is Phalangees.

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  9. Lynnette wrote:

    It’s really hard to come up with ONE knitty.com pattern, so after sorting through 6 pages of ravelry favorites I narrowed it down to three.

    1) Bigger on the Inside – I have 2 doctor who scarves I only wear to science fiction conventions. One of these days I will make this.

    2) Big D-mn Pineapple, which I will never, ever, make, but it’s so d-mn cool.

    3) Hoover blanket, a stunningly simple, plain up blanket. Boring to knit as written, but a fantastic base for colorwork. I was working on a third iteration of this project as I listened to the podcast.

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  10. Laurel wrote:

    Clapotis! It is timeless.

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  11. BreannaS wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is Monkey by Cookie A. I just love those socks!
    I really love your podcast and always look forward to a new episode. I enjoy listening to you soo much that I have went back and listened to old podcasts when you didn’t have anything new for a while. I hope that you continue podcasting!

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  12. LaurieM wrote:

    I love so many knitty patterns, but my favourite part of knitty is the articles. Especially now that I’m a spinner, I really enjoy the fiber reviews. Many a time, searching for info on the net, google brings me right on over to knitty. It’s a wonderful resource.

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  13. Leslie wrote:

    Lace capelet…hands down. LOVE making it & wearing it!

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  14. jeanP wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Citron. I have knit at least five versions for gifts as well as keeping one for myself. The pattern is easy but not boring to knit and the results look great in many different yarns.

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  15. KathyS wrote:

    I’ve only made one Knitty pattern: Hexed–a hexagonal hat, which I love. But I think that my favorite pattern, which I would like to make someday, is the sock pattern Double Heelix.

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  16. Oh, Dear Heart! I am a knitter who quilts…or a quilter who knits…No; the knitting came first (age 8) then embroidery, then sewing (ages 12 to 40-something) and then quilting. Have fun! (I have 2 Husqvarnas — one computerized — but NO embroidery; heaven help us! — and one ‘plain’) and they are wonderful. May you have many happy years sew-knitting…or knit-sewing…The two are perfectly compatible and each is highly addictive. Make space for a new stash… Trust me.

    As for knitty.com…I collect the patterns I like, but admit to having knit very few. That said, I love ‘Sitcom Chic’ from Issue #3 – Spring 2003 – I made one from dishcloth cotton — dishcloth cotton — and wore it till it nearly fell apart. The perfect go-to sweater.

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  17. PaigeS wrote:

    The Knitty knitted womb is a classic. I don’t think I’ll ever make one, but I it makes me happy just to know it’s out there. Although Lynette is right, Bigger on the Inside is also completely awesome. 🙂

    Posted on 12.2.12 ·
  18. EileenG wrote:

    Favorite Knitty pattern? Pomatamus socks! I’ve made about 5 pairs, the pattern is like candy, Just one more repeat…and before you know it you’re done.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  19. Susan aka paintermom wrote:

    That’s like asking a parent to choose a favorite child. Right now it is Spatterdash because that is what I am making. Another fave is Twist, as it is by my dear friend Jodie and is pefect for the way I spin.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  20. greenmtngirl wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern that I’ve never knitted: Twist & Shout. It’s so enticing, and I am pretty convinced it would look good on, but a little too scared that I wouldn’t be able to make it fit right. But sometimes I still go swoon over it and dream.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  21. Aarlene wrote:

    After hearing about Clapotis for years I finally succumbed and I love it!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  22. Jaimee wrote:

    I love Knitty. My favorite pattern is one I haven’t knit yet: The Beatnik sweater by Norah Gaughan. I just spend an inordinate amount of time looking at the ones other people have knit.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  23. Mark W. wrote:

    I’ve knitted several Knitty.com patterns over the years, but the one I’ve made more than once without messing around with the pattern is Wavy. It’s a classic, interesting, easy scarf with a predictable progression of rows, and it makes a brilliant travel project.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  24. Thea wrote:

    Thanks so much for gifting us with your insight, wit and lovely voice.

    My fave Knitty pattern has to be the iconic Clapotis. Its such a versatile pattern. Different yarns, size it up or down. And fun to knit, too.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  25. Virginia wrote:

    I love many Knitty patterns, but my current favorite is Spring Forward Socks. They look complex, but are so simple to knit!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  26. Psuke wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is Cleeves. It’s the pattern that introduced me to knitty, (it’s so striking for something so simple) and my favorite piece of fantasy knitting still.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  27. Vanessa Phillips wrote:


    My favourite Knitty pattern HAS to be the famous clapotis … have made this for my family for Christmas and will do again !!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  28. Lauren wrote:

    Favorite Knitty pattern: Monkey socks, of course. I’ve made this pattern so many times I’ve lost count. Love it!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  29. Chris wrote:

    So many Knitty favorites! My most recent favorite is BFF. I love the idea of it, but beyond that I see so many opportunities for mixing up the patterns, yarns, fibers, colors. Endless possibilities!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  30. Kristi ~ Artsea wrote:

    My father in law… That guy is my father in law! LoL! My favorite story is of the time they went to a resturaunt & there was a band, but the singer wasn’t doing so good, so he got on stage and started to try to sing with him. Yeah… Didn’t go over so well from what I hear. LoL. I love him.

    I am ashamed to admit, that I have not knit a knitty pattern yet – that I know of! That I know of. I know! I may have and didn’t know it? Shocker, because I have followed knitty for years now and love it. I have no idea what’s happened. But I am going to remedy it ASAP! I have heard you speak of the “double heelix” a lot, and LOVE it. So that is in my que… Which i am bumping up on the list to start sooner now that I see this huge error I have made.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  31. candy dallas wrote:


    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  32. Theresa wrote:

    Tough to narrow it down to just 1 favourite Knitty pattern – isn’t that like asking which is you favourite child? I think my most loved and best utilized item (I made 2) is the sweater ‘Sitcom Chic’ from Spring 2003.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  33. Wyn wrote:

    Like Lynnette, I have trouble choosing just one. I have made several Calorimetry headbands, three Annis shawls, and a Clapotis. And an Edgar scarf. And a bunch of Tit Bits for my breast cancer support group. And I am certain there are more.

    But if I have to pick my favorite it is the Shipwreck shawl. It is a stunning design, and gets compliments every time i wear it.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  34. Kate wrote:

    Thanks Brenda for the great podcast. The first Knitty pattern that came to my mind was Monkey, but than I remembered Clapotis is also from Knitty. I have made a number of them as they are fun, clever and dressy.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  35. Barbara S. wrote:

    I am torn, there are so many patterns. Anything by Franklin Habit is a hit with me, but the one part tern I would love to make is the Shipwreck Shawl by Bethany Kok. I just need to decide on the color.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  36. Malin wrote:

    It’s quite impossible to choose just one Knitty favourite, can’t be done, sorry. Every issue has things I want to knit. I have 5 pages of Knitty patterns in my Ravelry favourites, including Spring Forward, Laminaria, Hug, Amelia, and Kiwi.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  37. Britta wrote:

    Thanks Brenda! Great podcast!

    My favorite Knitty pattern is the Aeolian Shawl: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring09/KSPATTaeolian.php
    It is my favorite because it was my very first large lace project, and I learned so much. Also, it is beautiful and so wearable.

    Take care!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  38. lisa smith wrote:

    My favorite from the most recent issue is the Uh
    La La

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  39. Ummrania wrote:

    I have to be so honest that I have yet to knit a knitty pattern, this is however only because I have only been knitting a year and a half and its sooo hard to pick which one. I really love the Shipwreck Shawl, I vote for that as my favorite.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  40. Jen Simoneau wrote:

    Love listening to your podcast!

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Daisy. It’s my go-to baby gift. There are so many great patterns on Knitty!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  41. sandy l wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is the Satchel. I definitely have an addiction t bags and purses!

    Thank you for a wonderful podcast.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  42. Katia wrote:

    My favorite knitty Pattern is wavy.
    It inspired me to think differentes about “simple” ideas and changed the Way I Look At Patterns ever since.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  43. Sanya wrote:

    Hi Brenda!

    While I’ve made many pairs of Fetching I have to say my favourite Knitty.com pattern is the Shetland Shorty from Summer 2008. http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer08/PATTshetlandshorty.html

    This was my first go at lace, and my first go at a garment. This project taught me that Gauge swatches lie! and that I am a process knitter. When my shrug turned out beautifully and would fit anyone with half my chest size I had no problem gifting it and then starting on the next project. I love the feeling of amazement I get when I look at a FO and it hits home that ‘I made that and it was kinda difficult and tedious at times but it sure is beautiful!’

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  44. susanj wrote:

    Right now my favorite is the last one I knit, Sky Isle. I fell in love when it appeared on the cover last winter. Just love knitty.com–it has been such an inspiration.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  45. Kassia wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is Rosedale. I knit one (have plans to knit another!) and it was such a fun pattern!!

    Thank you for your wonderful podcasts!! I always enjoy them. 🙂

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  46. Annie wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern by now must be “Stitch Surfer”. I had a brief kinda revelation moment when I saw them the first time. They are most definetely in my queue – just need some nice matching yarn.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  47. Karen wrote:

    I missed yo! Glad you are back.

    My favourite Knitty pattern is Kernel by Bonnie Sennott. It is beautiful scarf, though I made cafe curtains from it!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  48. Ellen wrote:

    I have at least 3 favorites that I can think of off the top of my head: Calorimetry, Fetching, and Clapotis. Calorimetry and Fetching are great as quick gift knits, and Clapotis is classic but fun. I’ve always wanted to make a 2nd one of these (maybe after xmas).

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  49. Amanda wrote:

    Citron! Easy to knit and wear…I have knit 3 and want more.


    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  50. Sylvia wrote:

    My favorite is Soliel, from The Spring 2005 Knitty. http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTsoleil.html

    This was the first fitted garment I ever made. I chose this pattern because the of simple construction combined with some lovely details to add interest.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  51. Robin wrote:

    My favorite is the Clapotis. Although a LOT of knitting, it’s very versatile.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  52. Bethan J wrote:

    I still love Clapotis – such a simple pattern, and a simple trick, but a lovely result!
    (I would also like to say Mrs Beeton, but fear that may sound too much like sucking up 😉 )
    Thank you for your podcast – saving up this latest episode for a treat later in a very frantic week!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  53. Carrie wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is Fetching. I’ve made many of them!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  54. Patti wrote:

    My fav has to be fetching. It’s the only one I’ve made multiplies of, one after another, after another, after another. Wonderful knit.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  55. Kelly Bolingert wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is the clapotis. It was my first “real” knitting project and I still wear it as much as possible. I just love it!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  56. Dalyn wrote:

    Cookie A’s Monkey Sock pattern. I had not yet really ventured into sock making. That issue of Knitty really motivated me to continue learning and grow with my knitting. As always, thank you for a wonderful podcast.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  57. JudyAnn wrote:

    Me, too! Clapotis is a classic. I’ve knit four of them!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  58. SandraR wrote:

    Gemini is my favourite pattern, although lots of others are calling me.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  59. Laura wrote:

    I love my Clapotis! I get compliments on it all the time, and the concept is so simple!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  60. Jennifer wrote:

    I’m going to have to pick a favorite from the latest issue, because I’ll never pick if I go from all time. As it is, one is hard. But I’m going to say “Creepy Critters.” I’ve always loved chullo hats, and I love the idea of putting crawly animals on one.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  61. Irina HoleyFiber wrote:

    It is really hard to pick the favorite, but if I have to choose I’d say it must be Sheldon. This little guy is so charming, and so much fun to knit! It is also very well designed, so it really works well as a toy for small kids.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  62. Sirianne wrote:

    I love Starsky by Jordana Paige. It was in my queue for ages and I finally bought yarn for it.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  63. Laila wrote:

    It has to be Cartouche – madly difficult but very pretty!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  64. Angela wrote:

    Great episode! My favorite blanket is Norma from Knitty but my favorite overall project is the Aeolian Shawl: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring09/KSPATTaeolian.php
    It’s been in my queue forever and I’d love to knit it up some day!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  65. Rachel Morgan wrote:

    Citron! I love this pattern because it is wearable as a scarf or shawl and because it is a great introduction to shawl construction.


    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  66. Sheila wrote:

    My favorite pattern would change on a daily basis according to my mood, but my favorite today is Sheldon, the knit turtle from winter 2006. Why? Because I’m in a whimsical mood today, seaturtles are my favorite critter, and really, if it doesn’t stop raining soon here in Oregon, I’m going to need to turn into some type of sea creature.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  67. Mary Anne wrote:

    Lanesplitter, of course! Thanks to Brenda’s inspiration, this 60+ year old is making one that I hope will be flattering and comfy. Laugh not, you critics!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  68. Carol wrote:

    I have many favorites but the one that stands out the most is the Shipwreck Shawl by Bethany Kok. I also love knitting the Inlay sock by Hunter Hammersen and the Double Helix Sock by Jeny Staimen. Congrats to Knitty.com and may you have many more successful years!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  69. EvelynU wrote:

    I love Knitty! I’ll pick Fuzzy Feet as my fav. But there are others!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  70. stmoonpie wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is definitely Monkey, the start of the great Cookie A. sock knitting obsession.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  71. Carolyn wrote:

    I’ve made lots of things from Knitty.com, my latest favorite is Mr. Greenjeans(nade with Malabrigo Rios, LOVE IT), and the companion sweater, Mr. Bluejeans(to be made soon)

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  72. Irene wrote:

    Thanks for the giveaway Brenda! My favorite has got to be the February Lady Sweater; it’s an oldie but such a goodie. Other than that, I love the cool sock patterns Knitty has every few months, like Stitch Surfer or the Double Heelix. It’s never a dull moment!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  73. Lisa wrote:

    Wow! How to choose! Although I haven’t yet knit one, I keep getting drawn to Kate Davies’ Paper Doll Sweater. The imaginations of the knitters have come up with some fun options to this traditional style yoke sweater. It’s on my list.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  74. Dawna wrote:

    There have been so many great ones. Mrs. Beeton is one of may favorites and probably was the first Knitty.com pattern I ever knit. Aeolian Shawl is my most favorite. It is such a gorgeous shawl. Fun to knit and challenging at the same time. I love Knitty.com!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  75. Abby Mro wrote:

    There are a couple disasters I’ve made from knitty, but one of my favorite FO’s was the Ziggy Socks. It was a first attempt at color work, toe up socks too. I fell in love with Judi’s magic cast on & have been a toe up lady ever since!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  76. kimchi wrote:

    I love Cast On!

    I have two favourite Knitty patterns…. Monkey Socks and Lace Ribbon Scarf.

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  77. StephieJo wrote:

    Oh boy! So hard to pick… I’ll have to say the Skew (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter09/PATTskew.php) socks, because the heel was just magic. I really loved how I had to just go on faith that the pattern would work. And they’re lovely!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·
  78. Lisa wrote:

    Not Ravelry! Knitty! Brainfart! Please retract my Paper Dolls statement. My favorite KNITTY pattern is probably Monkey Socks. Or Clapotis. Hmmm. Yes! Gemini. Like me, it can change it’s mind on a dime.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  79. Suzygirl wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    Thanks for a terrific episode. The knitted jewelry is beautiful! I should not have clicked on that link,lol.
    And choose just one favorite Knitty pattern?? Nearly impossible – so many great patterns over the years. But if I had to choose, Aoelian. I think it’s possibly the most beautiful shawl ever.


    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  80. Oh there are too many to choose from, but I will have to go with the Monkey Socks. I just loved knitting them and am planning on making another pair soon!

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  81. Heather wrote:

    I LOVE skew. When I was on the first sock, before I go to the “origami moment”, I didn’t think I was going to like the pattern. Then the origami moment happened, and I fell in love. The pattern is just so clever, and it makes self-striping yarn look even better.


    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  82. Fieldstone wrote:

    My all-time favorite is knucks. It’s my go-to fingerless mitts pattern. I’ve knit it at least a dozen times. I usually make it in Berocco’s Ultra Alpaca Light. I’ve also used it when I’ve made convertible mittens. My next favorite is Citron … I just know I’m going to make that shawl one of these days.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  83. Julie Haurykiewicz wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is the Lizard Ridge afghan: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall06/PATTlizardridge.html Simply gorgeous!

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  84. Linda in Maine wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Mothed! I love the fit and look of it, esp the sleeves.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  85. Susan wrote:

    My favorite is the Vanilla Spice cardigan. It’s my go-to sweater, and in spite of tons of wear is holding up quite well. I love it so much I’m thinking of making another. I learned how to make sleeves by picking up around the armholes and knitting down from this pattern. Since I have short arms, it’s wonderful to be able to try on the sweater with sleeves and make them exactly the right length.


    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  86. lorrie wrote:

    Iced, by Carol Feller looks like a great big comfy sweater. That is my favorite Knitty pattern.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  87. Barbara Heinrich wrote:

    my favorite, for now, is the halloween tam– only because I was looking for a skull pattern to knit on a baby cap. (yep, Latin day of the dead theme for the baby, made in purple and teal…) got to love something that isn’t the classic pink or blue! saw that tam and realized what a cool pattern it is. love the spider on the top! B.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  88. Mercy wrote:

    Hi. I love all of knitty but have a fondness for the scarf Edgar. It was a fun scarf to knit and it was fun seeing the colors change. Knitty was the first knitting blog that I really fell in love with.

    BTW – Your’s is the first knitting podcast that I fell in love with! Keep up the great work!

    Thanks for running the give away. I so want this bag but have to be very budget conscious!

    All the best!


    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  89. Mirror Mittens in Winter 2008 is my favorite pattern. I love warm hands, cables, and pretty mittens. Thanks for a chance to win the lovely bag.


    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  90. Margie wrote:

    My favorite is the Annis. It is a shawl that makes for a great first lace pattern. It knits up fast and is fun.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  91. Janelle wrote:

    It’s a toss up between Fetching and Monkey. I’ve made several pairs of Fetching, though, so if forced to choose I’d go that way.

    Tom Bihn DROoooooool……

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  92. Cynthia wrote:

    My favorite is Clapotis! I’ve made several and love each one

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  93. Lea wrote:

    I’m knitting Mystery & Manners currently by Spilly Jane and its a lovely pattern. My first adventure with color work and so easy to follow.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  94. elisa wrote:

    Favorite knitted Knitty pattern is Thermal. I modified it some and plan on knitting it again. Favorite non yet knitted? Laminaria. Waiting for just the right yarn…

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  95. LeAnn Runge wrote:

    I love the Mandelbrot hat pattern! It involves dyeing and spinning specifically for the pattern. I knit one, I have it on my ravelry projects, it still needs the big ass pompom. I am Ishton on Ravelry, not talented enough to link up the pattern, sooo sorry…..love your podcast <3

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  96. Kate wrote:

    I love so many patterns in Knitty. Some for the unique construction and others for the sheer whimsy. But my current favorite is “In Leaf”
    by Avril Lang.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  97. Sarah wrote:

    Clapotis! I’ve made quite a few scarf width as gifts, but my full sized version for me is still unfinished after 5 (!) years. I love watching the dropped stitches run down, and I love anything knit on the bias

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  98. Bex C wrote:

    Personally I think my favourite is the Quadrat sweater, though there are others which are just classics (fetching and clapotis, not to jump on a bandwaggon)

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  99. Karen wrote:

    It’s almost imposible to choose one favorite. But I’d have to say sock recipe.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  100. SarahJ wrote:

    I love the BFF cowl – my bestest knitterly friend and I made this and did the swap! Knitty is an amazing resource for a knitter to have.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  101. Sharon wrote:

    Awsome episode! Loved it, as usual.

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Mr Green Jeans.
    Well written simple sweater pattern. (yes, i haven’t quite finished mine, but I am looking forward to wearing it)

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  102. Chris wrote:

    My all-time favorite Knitty pattern is a toss-up between Fetching and Monkey socks. I’ve made several of each and they are like knitting crack. That being said, I’m also totally in love with the Tardis shawl and clapotis. So many patterns, so little time.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  103. Jeanie wrote:

    One of my favorites is the Uzu sock
    as it is fun to knit and fits really well.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  104. Carol wrote:

    I think my favorite Knitty pattern is Lanesplitter (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEff10/PATTlanesplitter.php). Even though I haven’t made one yet, it’s a pattern I keep thinking about and mentally making plans for. Someday (before I become too old to wear one) I’ll actually cast one on.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  105. Lisa wrote:

    My favorite is the Hallowig

    It’s just so darn cute. I made one for my daughter a few years ago for Halloween.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  106. Kairi wrote:

    I’m gonna go with the Skew socks. I’ve yet to get them to fit me, but I love everything else about them. Pure genius.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  107. Donna Carmack wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Beatnik. I love cables and texture and this sweater is full of both! http://knitty.com/ISSUEdf10/PATTbeatnik.php

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  108. Lynne Harlow wrote:

    Too hard to name the all time favourite, but the current fave is the BFF cowl by Ysolda. It’s a great cowl and I really like the idea of it.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  109. Megan wrote:

    The clapotis! http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTclapotis.html

    Is there a more fun, versatile, wearable, stylish knitting pattern out there? This is one of my favorite things to knit and wear.

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  110. Tala S wrote:

    I absolutely Love the jewelry that Stephanie Hamilton designs. She has amazing creativity and her jewelry is the only jewelry that can hold up to my 2 small children. So happy to see that her stuff is getting out into the world!

    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  111. PuffyGriffinclaw wrote:

    I had the pleasure of taking the Raglan class in Ohio, so listening to the audio postcards from all of Brenda’s other stops on her trip is great fun. That Swift bag looks awesome!!!


    Posted on 12.4.12 ·
  112. Diane Psota wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Aeolian Shawl. I was so intimidated by it I put off knitting it for over a year. Then I took a class, went at it step-by-step, and now I have my own in a medium green with multi-colored green family beads. Don’t worry, it’s not too Las Vegas. Half of the beads are a matt green. It’s a lovely, flowing pattern.

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  113. Abigail wrote:

    I think I will have to be totally unoriginal and say Clapotis. I have knit four of them (in various forms). For those who have managed to not hear of it, the link is here: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTclapotis.html

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  114. PuffyGriffinclaw wrote:

    Oops, I forgot to mention my favorite Knitty pattern..there are SO many Knitty patterns in my faves and queue, but somehow it seems I haven’t actually finished one. How can that be? Well, the next one up is Froot Loops, which I plan to start on January 1 using a delicious “Chocolate Covered Cherries” skein by Three Irish Girls–Froot Loops and chocolate, sounds like a winning combination to me!

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  115. AnnDS wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is “Vegan Fox.” I never made it and don’t plan to, but seeing that fox-biting-its-tail stole made me laugh and know that knitty was going to be a really really special magazine. Loved it then and love it now.

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  116. Sally wrote:

    Love the podcast.
    My favorite knitty pattern is the monkey socks. The pattern is easy to memorize but looks complicated and they make wonderful gifts.

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  117. Cam wrote:

    My favorite or more memorable pattern is the “houdini socks” by Cat Bordhi.
    It started me on sock knitting. So simple a recipe for socks!!! And now I’m an addict. But when it comes to “feeding the stash”, sock yarn doesn’t count! And that’s just fine by me.

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  118. Katerina wrote:

    One of my all time favorites is Miitens: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter08/PATTmiittens.php pattern – it’s too cute – I just love they way they look on the kids hands – it makes me smile every time I look at them.
    Love the postcards!!

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  119. Taphophile wrote:

    The nosewarmers http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter02/PATTnosewarmer.html . Not that I’ve ever knitted them, but I’ve used them to introduce new knitters to the great resource that is Knitty and the whimsy that is possible with knitting.

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  120. Clapotis is by far my favorite. Not only is it a wonderful project and pattern, but it introduced me to the social side of knitting. Who knew there could be so much buzz in a community about a scarf pattern?

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  121. Julia wrote:

    Cookie A’s Monkey Socks is my favorite Knitty pattern. I have also knit a shawl and am currently knitting the Java Socks.

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  122. eddy wrote:

    my favourite knitty pattern of all is the skew socks. made a lot of pairs of them already and its such an cool and differnt design not similar to any socks i knitted before. to make them in to colors is just to cool! here is the link:http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter09/PATTskew.php
    thanks for a great podcast!

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  123. Karyn wrote:

    My favourite Knitty pattern, from a nostalgic point of view, is the simple, manly Halfdome watchcap: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATThalfdome.html. I discovered this pattern when I was in my knitting ‘infancy’, and made several of the hats that Christmas to warm the heads of the bald men in my life (husband, father, brother, and brother-in-law), plus a slightly larger one to fit the other brother-in-law with hair.

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  124. Beatrix wrote:

    Thank you for this and all the other episodes of Cast On, I love listening to the podcast while driving, cooking, doing housework… simply whenever I have no time to knit 😉

    My favourite knitty pattern is the Double Heelix Sock, simple but beautiful 🙂

    Greetings from Germany,

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  125. Laurilee wrote:

    calorimetry is my favourite knitty pattern. I’ve made several as gifts and everyone loves them

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  126. LaurenS wrote:

    I love the Clapotis – clever and fun to wear – and instantly recognizable (a knitter’s secret society handshake).

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  127. JulieG wrote:

    Clapotis has been my therapy on more than 1 occasion. Never lets me down!

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  128. Juliann wrote:

    I think my first Knitty pattern was Fetching fingerless mitts. I made them for everyone that year for Christmas. Then our group started knitting Monkey socks. Loved that. Then Clapotis….loved that. See where this is going. How do you pick a favorite?

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  129. Lorna wrote:

    I love Clapotis, because it is so simple and it works with a variety of yarn weights.

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  130. Kate wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is Mrs. Beetons. (I know, could I be anymore of a brown nose? ;)) Seriously, though. I’ve made it 3 times for different people and it has always been well-received. Everyone just thinks they’re so fun! Plus, it is a great way to get some of the smaller quantities of homespun yarn out of my stash. (Also, I’m kind of obsessed with beads so any pattern with beads is almost an automatic win with me.)

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  131. Sarah wrote:

    Hands down, my favorite pattern is the Monkey socks. I’ve made so many pairs of them I’ve both lost count and memorized the pattern!

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  132. Cynthia wrote:

    The Swift bags look wonderful. My fave Knitty pattern is the
    Clapotis. I am moving soon, found the perfect yarn as I was packing
    and this project will be the first I do in my new home. It was hard
    to decide which pattern to choose!

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  133. Bizzo wrote:

    My favourite Knitty pattern is “Kate”, a cute toy cat, which my 13 year old son still loves!

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  134. Joyce wrote:

    My favorite is Clapotis. It is easy to knit and always looks elegant, no matter what yarn is used (but especially variegated yarn). I always get compliments on mine when I wear it.

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  135. Sarah wrote:

    My absolute favorite (and most used) Knitty pattern is the Everlasting Bagstopper. My expandable, shrinkable and washable green and black bag goes everywhere with me.

    ps, love Clapotis as well. It’s the only thing I’ve ever knit that has been identified by a complete stranger – as in “Excuse me, did you knit that? And is it a Clapotis?”

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  136. Kristina wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Velvet morning – the colors the colorwork are so gorgeous and my other favorite is the knitted uterus. Unfortunately I have not knit either of these items but hope springs eternal!

    Posted on 12.5.12 ·
  137. jen dickinson wrote:

    You did my hometown proud, thank you for such a great episode! My face knitty pattern is Fetching because I have knit a few, will surely knit more and they make a fab gift.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  138. Terri wrote:

    Well, I’ll have to limit it to ones I’ve actually knitted or I could never choose just one! I’ll go with the “Kink” neckwarmer. Unfortunately, I had to frog it because the handspun alpaca I used grew and grew. I’ll have to try it with another yarn.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  139. Linda wrote:

    My favourite Knitty pattern is “Fetching” fingerless gloves. I made them in a soft wool/cashmere blend for my DIL and she loves them.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  140. Susan martinez wrote:

    I’ve made three of knitty’s patterns: citron, fetching and another that I can’t remember the name. But my favorite one that is in my queue on Ravelry is the felted tea cozy with the dots and stripes – it’s so cute. I’ll be making it soon – thanks Knitty!

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  141. Paula F wrote:

    I haven’t made many Knitty patterns, but I guess my favorite so far is Coronet since I have made more than one. The hat is warm with the turned up brim. The brim makes the hat; it is a simple but unusual edge to what otherwise is an ordinary hat.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  142. Vivian wrote:

    My favorite pattern is one I knit for my son. http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter08/PATTfishy.php
    It’s the dead fish hat and it always makes me smile when I see it.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  143. Jeanette wrote:

    I love the Annis shawl by Susanna IC. It is so beautiful, and at some point I will definitely make it for myself. 🙂

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  144. donna wrote:

    Let’s see. Sitcom Chic, Froot Loops socks, Aeolian shawl… I can’t pick and you can’t make me!

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  145. Penny wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is the Monkey socks – an easy to remember pattern that looks great in every yarn I’ve used so far.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  146. Jennifer wrote:

    Listing just one favorite pattern from knitty sure is hard; there’s so many great ones! Right at this moment my favorite is the Steggie: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring09/PATTsteggie.php . It’s whimsical and so wonderfully cute!

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  147. Nancy Padfield wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern… February Lady sweater because it was my first big project!

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  148. Wendy Warren wrote:

    I think the pattern I’ve most enjoyed making from Knitty would have to be Reid. It’s a lovely lace cardigan for a little girl. Just difficult enough to be a bit of a challenge and small enough not to get boring.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  149. Toya wrote:

    Just found your podcast for the first time!

    Would have to say that Fuzzy Feet is my favorite Knitty pattern. I’ve made too many to count.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  150. Laia wrote:

    Pick one favorite? Really? I’ve loved so many over the years.
    Flappy Flounder
    The Deadliest Catch

    But my favorite, if I have to pick one, has to be Bigger on the Inside.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  151. Kaystir wrote:

    My favorite pattern from Knitty is Bitterroot by Romi Hill.
    I really enjoyed making that pattern, and it really set me on the track of knitting Romi’s shawls. I used a skein of Handmaiden Fine mini maiden in chocolate brown I got in Toronto on a trip and some turquoise beads. I loved the rhythm of the pattern, the feel of the silk and placing the contrasting beads. It was a really good knitting memory for me, and I think that I might even knit another one soon.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  152. Lilianne wrote:

    My all-time favorite is the Monkey sock patterns by Cookie A, just because it was the first sock I knit that had texture and wasn’t just a plain old vanilla.

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  153. Irene wrote:

    Brenda! So great to hear your voice. I’m glad you have a new roof. May it always keep you dry. My favorite Knitty pattern is Fetching by Cheryl Niamath. (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fetching). I have made so many of these little mitts as gifts and they are always well received. Just a great, simple but elegant pattern.
    Take care and Happy Knitting

    Posted on 12.6.12 ·
  154. So far my fav is Fetching Fingerless Gloves. http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTfetching.html
    This is my third winter wearing them. So perfect for driving around and using my iPod. Such pretty cables!

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  155. Emily wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Monkey. It works well with variegated yarn without becoming boring to knit and it is the first pattern I recommend to a knitter that is looking to start knitting socks.

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  156. Valerie wrote:

    What a fun episode! You wax poetic when you really get going, Brenda. Good stuff. I’ve been drooling over the Bihn Swift since you mentioned it a couple episodes ago. My favorite Knitty pattern is the gorgeous, Clapotis and it’s a new technique for me to conquer. It’s in my queue and I’m hoping for early 2013 … wouldn’t it be so fun to create it with all the doodads sitting in a Swift bag? Swoon!

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  157. Susan wrote:

    The pattern I have made most from Knitty is the Monkey Socks. It’s a great pattern and an enjoyable sock to knit!

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  158. laura wrote:

    I love the fish hat. They are so fun and the kids have a great time wearing them. Have you seen the dead fish attitude of the kid models? What a hoot! Doesn’t hurt that they bust the stash as well…

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  159. Christina Keck wrote:

    Monkey Socks! They look good in any yarn: solid, tonal, or variegated. I’ve loved reading these comments. I added several patterns mentioned here to my favorites.

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  160. Gretchen Garcia wrote:

    I absolutely love the Skew sock pattern! I have made it twice already and will be working on a third pair this week. I would die for a Swift bag. I asked for one for Solstice and truly hope it arrives. It may not, so this drawing would be a wonderful boon. I need to be more organized with my knitting, projects, and patterns. I think a Swift would certainly help with that. 🙂 I always look forward to your next podcast. Keep ’em coming and I’ll keep up with my Audible subscription and Tom Bihn addiction! <3 ya,


    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  161. Tina wrote:

    What a great photo with this post!

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  162. Colleen Bolthouse wrote:


    Love the show, hope it goes on for a long time. My favorite Knitty pattern is Bitterroot, because I prefer large shawls, and the stitch patterns on this one change frequently enough to keep me interested in a long project. I also like the beading. I will admit part of the fun was the yarn I used, Ella Rae Merino Lace, which I loved knitting with. My daughter claimed this for her own as soon as it was done, so I may have to knit it again.

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  163. Lisa Lopez wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Girl Friday by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark. I wear it all the time and get lots of compliments. Knitty is what really got me into knitting. All those cool FREE patterns when I was just starting out was a godsend. I didn’t want to pay for patterns that I really couldn’t afford at that time only to find out they might be way over my head. Plus I got to make some really cool items from really cool designers that I might not have gotten to if I’d had to pay for the patterns.


    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  164. while the Vale by Norah Gaughan was previously my fav knitty pattern (I love her!), my new fav is the Katja in Knitty spring 2006. I have a new niece who I want to shower in knitwear, but my sister lives in Phoenix, AZ so wool sweaters are a little out of the question. the Katja satisfies my need to knit with the heat of the desert; best of both worlds!

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  165. M Lee wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern are Coronet and Foliage. Coronet because it’s the first time I did a cable in a hat and Foliage because it is the first time I tried the two circular needle method of knitting in the round..and it was a total success

    M L

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  166. Kp wrote:

    Hi Brenda, long time fan who has been far too fickle to post and tell you such for a long time. I have really enjoyed the audio postcards from your journey, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing such with us. As for my favorite Knitty pattern, I would have to go with the OpArt baby blankie by Melissa Domingeuz. This is my go-to baby gift, and while the rows do get eternally long, the finished product is simple, modern, and a really awesome gift for a snazzy rugrat.

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  167. Chris wrote:

    I still love Fetching. I’ve made 6 pairs, and am working on another for a Christmas gift. My second favorite is probably Monkey. It’s just a great sock pattern.

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  168. docksjo wrote:

    I most say Citron, Hilary Smith Callis, It the only knotty patter that I have knitted, but there are lots lovely once.

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  169. Jennifer wrote:

    The Fetching mitts will always hold a special place in my heart because they were my first dpn project, my first cable project and my first “good” yarn project.

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  170. Michelle wrote:

    I have to choose just one? I’m not sure that’s possible- I love my Trilobite hat, and the Calorimity’s that I’ve knitted as gifts were probably the least painful gift knits I’ve ever made. I guess if I had to choose, though, it would by my Girl Friday Sweater. It was the first sweater I ever made that I would want to wear- nice fit, weight, everything! If I could only find something to de-pill it, I’d probably be wearing it right now. Thanks for such an awesome give-away.

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  171. Shannon wrote:

    I guess my favorite pattern would have to be clapotis even though I have yet to make it! Maybe this will be the impetus I need.

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  172. Barbara A. wrote:

    My new favorite Knitty pattern is the Pyroclastic socks. Mine came out so beautifully.

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  173. Caroline P wrote:

    So many lovely Knitty patterns it is very hard to choose. I think due to my huge sense of achievement when I finished it, it would have to be ‘Bigger on the Inside’ – Knitting and Dr Who – a great combination!

    Posted on 12.7.12 ·
  174. Lynn wrote:

    My favorite pattern is Mrs. Beeton, of course! Not to be a brown-noser about this, Brenda. It’s simply the only pattern I’ve made off of Knitty, and I’ve made several pairs for myself and family members in a variety of colors. We all love them, and I love that it’s a project that’s easy to take along with me. Thanks!

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  175. Kate wrote:

    My favourite is usually the last one I knitted – which is currently the Pasir-a-normal socks. http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEdf12/PATTpairanormal.php

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  176. Vivian wrote:

    Another great episode, Brenda.
    I have so many favorite patterns fom knitty, but one of my favorite is the dead fish hat. It always makes me smile.

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  177. eileen wrote:

    Right now … I love Mr. Green Jeans cardi, because i found the perfect hand-dyed for it … I have so many Knitty patterns waiting patiently for the time I can give them. Love the Swift bag too, both sturdy and stylish!

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  178. Susan aka sjanova wrote:

    I guess standing up to multiple knittings and being a perfect little girl baby gift would make Helena my (recently and currently) favorite Knitty pattern. I knit it with the picot edging variation one of the Ravelry knitters mentioned. Looks nice in white or pink or … but I’ve stuck with solid colors so far.

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  179. Cindy wrote:

    I have knit clapotis and citron and I enjoyed knitting both. Too many lovely patterns and not enough time to knit them!

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  180. Kathy wrote:

    I have to say the Skew socks. I loved working the pattern and the fit was great. Plan to make more of those in the future.

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  181. Hard to pick just one pattern. For the humour and creativity, I think I would pick the fishy hats. They are brilliant! Not sure I’d dare wearing one myself, but I just love the idea of those silly hats (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter08/PATTfishy.php)

    If I was more serious about shawl knitting (I knit a few, but don’t wear them…), I would pick the Aeolian Shawl. There is something very appealing about this delicate pattern, in my opinion (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring09/KSPATTaeolian.php)

    Thank you for a nice podcast. I really enjoyed the “audio postcard”!

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  182. My favorite Knitty pattern is the Shipwreck Shawl. I just can’t say enough about this piece. It’s what inspired me to start working on shawls. I have not knit this piece yet as I’ve been practicing my lace knitting, but this is on my to do list and is my gold medal to achieve. Knitty has such wonderful patterns and I find inspiration in many of the patterns that are featured. Thank you Brenda for Cast on and the hours of inspiration, education, and entertainment. I’ve enjoyed every episode and look forward to each of them. Thank you.

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  183. Robbie wrote:

    I love vignette by Amy Herzog. It’s the top sweater in my queue. I’m getting up the courage to make it as my 1st sweater.

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  184. Lizzie wrote:

    My favourite pattern from Knitty is the shapely boyfriend sweater because it is now my favourite go-to sweater and the instructions were flawless!

    Posted on 12.8.12 ·
  185. G. K. Green wrote:

    Elizabeth Freeman’s Laminaria is my all-time favorite Knitty pattern because it combines beauty and use in an amazing way … The Estonian lace is gorgeous, and the piece is just right to contour over the lucky wearer’s shoulders and stay put to ward off chills. The link for this on Ravelry is http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/laminaria

    Posted on 12.9.12 ·
  186. Lisa wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Ice Queen by Rosemarie Hill. I have yet to knit it but the image has stayed in my mind’s eye as an inspiration and aspirational knit. I’d love to think that if I knit it I would look as serene and otherworldly as well as warm as the models do. Knitty was one of the first blogs I started reading as I learned to knit. It gave me a sense of what possibilities there were–now I read for the spinning articles too. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration Brenda and hope you have warm and wonderful holidays.

    Posted on 12.9.12 ·
  187. Andy Baker wrote:

    While there is lots to love about Knitty, the pattern I have used the most and that is my fallback pattern for all gloves now is Knucks. I have knit a fair number of fingerless gloves and this IMHO is the best because it’s tons less fiddly than the cuff-up patterns. It’s very versatile, and with only a slight modification, you can make gloves with actual fingers.


    Posted on 12.9.12 ·
  188. Krista wrote:

    So far my favorite Knitty pattern is Shedir. I wear the hat more than anything else that I’ve knit so far and love it. The Aeolian shawl would be a close second.

    Posted on 12.9.12 ·
  189. Nina wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Froot Loops. It’s the only sock pattern I’ve knit twice and they were just as fun the second time. I still have them both after several years of wear and the pattern has held up well.

    Thank you also for the audio postcard. We moved from San Francisco four years ago and I miss it all the time. I could close my eyes for a bit and be right there.

    Posted on 12.9.12 ·
  190. Eleanor (undeadgoat) wrote:

    I knit from patterns a lot less than I used to, but Amused by Jordana Page was the first sweater I ever knit four years ago, and while I learned a lot about yarn substitution and why my choice wasn’t ultimately the greatest, I loved making the sweater and do still wear it regularly!

    Posted on 12.9.12 ·
  191. Cheryl wrote:

    My favorite patterns are thr Citron and the Monkey socks. Thanks for your great podcasts!

    Posted on 12.10.12 ·
  192. Mary Brown wrote:

    OMG Brenda, I was so amazed to hear your latest podcast. I live in Pacifica, CA and I have admired Stephanie Hamilton’s knitted jewelry since I first saw it. I was EXTREMELY bummed to hear that I did not know you were here in my home town and I didn’t know! I have been listening to your podcasts since I first discovered you! I went back and listened to every one I could find! Ah well, you will be back, right?
    So, my favorite Knitty pattern is one I would never knit, but I loved Frankin’s back story. It’s called the “Big D-mn Pineapple” bag. It was amazing to me that people really did knit these back in the mid 1800s.
    Here is the link:http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEss12/FEATss12SIT.php
    Thanks for all you do!

    Posted on 12.10.12 ·
  193. Jan Morgan wrote:

    My favorite pattern is the BFF. the cocoon stitch is alot of fun to make. THe two cowl links are perfect for BFFs to knit together to show their rememberance of each other:0) I moved last spring and am having to make new friends. I picked moss green and tan. I can hardly wait to finish!

    Posted on 12.10.12 ·
  194. Meg White wrote:

    My favorite is the Danica scarf because it’s the first time I tried entrelac, and it’s become a favorite technique and my favorite way to use lovely yarns with long color repeats.

    Posted on 12.10.12 ·
  195. Melissa wrote:

    It is difficult to choose a favorite, but I will go with Steggie http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring09/PATTsteggie.php because it is a brilliant pattern but also was on of my favorite ever gift knits. I knit this for my great nephew who is autistic and LOVES dinosaurs, and he wore it with glee for a year until the sleeves only reached his elbows. When Josh unwrapped the present, he said “due to it’s boney plates it’s obviously a stegosaurus from the early triassic period”.
    You can see Josh wearing his Steggie on my ravelry page http://www.ravelry.com/projects/peaceweaver/steggie.
    And thanks for yet another delightful podcast, Brenda!

    Posted on 12.10.12 ·
  196. ruth wrote:

    Many to choose from. Citron is my choice.
    Off to check out what others have said……

    Posted on 12.10.12 ·
  197. ruth wrote:

    citron is my favorite

    Posted on 12.10.12 ·
  198. Diane Hall (rav - knitogram) wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is citron. It’s easy to knit and beautiful!!

    Posted on 12.10.12 ·
  199. Heather wrote:

    It’s hard to choose a *favorite* Knitty pattern, but I have made a couple of Miss Dashwoods – such a great girl baby gift! Someday I will tackle the Aeolian Shawl – so gorgeous….

    Posted on 12.10.12 ·
  200. Terri wrote:

    Florine is my current favorite. Just a beautiful shawl!


    Posted on 12.11.12 ·
  201. Leslie Ann wrote:

    My current fave is Vignette by Amy Herzog. I love her patterns – the shaping, the style, and of course the actual knitting!

    Posted on 12.11.12 ·
  202. I find it tough to pick favorites, but based on how many times I knit it, Broadripple would have to be in the running. This was pre-sock design explosion and when I found a pattern that worked for me, I worked it. I knit about 6 pairs of these!


    Posted on 12.11.12 ·
  203. My favorites are actually a pair of patterns: Fetching and Dashing, fingerless mitts for her and him, respectively! They were my first cable patterns, my first mitts, and first knitting in the round on double points, which are now my favorite type of needles for sock and mitt knitting! There are many other knitty patterns I adore, but I’ve made so many Fetching and Dashing mitts as gifts that they will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂

    Posted on 12.11.12 ·
  204. Ellen wrote:

    I think that my favorite, just based on how many times I’ve knit it is “Fetching”. It is simple and elegant but very functional.

    Posted on 12.11.12 ·
  205. Erica DeFigueroa wrote:

    My favorite Knitty Pattern is Clapotis. I know that it’s a fan favorite, but I just love dropping stitches. It feels like I am doing something dirty and getting away with it, and the result is always lovely!

    Posted on 12.11.12 ·
  206. Elizabeth wrote:

    My favourite is “Roam” by Laura Chau (Fall 2007) a zippered hoodie originally in Handmaiden yarn, but I did mine using my own hand-dyed, handspun yarn. It’s the sweater in my Ravelry Avatar (hilltopfibre) I wear it at least once a week from September to May (it’s cold here in Ottawa). I keep meaning to make another, in another colourway.

    Posted on 12.11.12 ·
  207. Carrie wrote:

    My favorite pattern from Knitty is Monkey by Cookie A.

    Posted on 12.11.12 ·
  208. Lisa wrote:

    My favorite is Dashing fingerless gloves. I made a pair for my daughter and she absolutely loves them.

    Posted on 12.11.12 ·
  209. Liz H wrote:

    My favourite Knitty pattern is the Broad Street Mittens. They are fingerless gloves with a mitten top that can fold over the top. Genius! I’ve made two pairs, one of which I have kept. I wear them all the time in winter. They were the first gloves I made and the first glove was very easy. The second was more challenging, courtesy of the ‘make second glove, reversing directions’ gambit, but I enjoyed having to think it through and learned a lot.

    Posted on 12.11.12 ·
  210. Kelly wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is Minty by Erica Jackofsky. I’ve knit this cute little hat 3 times already and will likely make it again. I’ve given each one away and each time its been a big hit! Stripes or solid – both are gorgeous!


    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  211. Val wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern would have to be the Monkey Socks by Cookie A. I’ve knit them more than once and will knit more in the future. It is just a great pattern! Loved the podcast this week, thanks!

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  212. StitchinStacey wrote:

    My favorite pattern is Monkey by Cookie A – it was my start to sock knitting!

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  213. Krista wrote:

    I enjoyed the non-intuitiveness of Skew.

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  214. Anne Thompson wrote:

    Hi Brenda! My sister and I had the pleasure of meeting you in Oakland for one of your fabulous classes! We will also be attending Madrona in 2013. Lucky us. My favorite pattern from Knitty are the fingerless gloves – of course the name escapes me but they have a sweet little cable on the wrists and a picot bind-off. I love them because it was one of first early projects that I did not make any mistakes or at least that I can tell?:). See you soon – Anne

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  215. Carol Perecman wrote:

    So hard to choose with so many wonderful patterns to pick from, but I also like Fetching. Useful and beautiful, great gifts, don’t use much yarn–what else could you ask for?

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  216. porpoise wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is the first one I ever saw – Ysolda’s Arisaig from Fall 2005. I was searching for knitting patterns online and lo and behold, up popped Knitty. I fell in love with Ysolda’s story of her grandfather, and inheriting the yarn that used for the cardigan from him. I think it is such a wonderful example of the connection that knitting can give us to our pasts, and continuing on into the future. Plus Ysolda is so completely adorable, and the cardigan is so gorgeous, that how can anyone resist?

    I’m still searching for the perfect yarn though….some day!

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  217. Hilary Green wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern (so far) is the Majestic Moose vest. The moose is more realistic than cartoonish; I live in Maine where we honor the Moose; I live in Maine where we need adjustable layers of clothing; I enjoy the “nice rack” pun now that my rack is several inches lower than where it once was. I wear it frequently! 🙂 I must add that I hated knitting it and finishing it. 🙁

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  218. Hilary Green wrote:

    PS the knitty website seems to be under siege and I can’t verify the URL for the Majestic Moose.

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  219. knittingmonster wrote:

    Knitty has had so many wonderful patterns and I’ve knit many of them. My favorite has to be Twist + Shout. It was so much fun to knit and I love wearing it. Doesn’t get much better than that! Thanks, Brenda for your fantastic podcast!

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  220. Alex wrote:

    My favourite is Citron. It’s perfect for showing off a lovely yarn – something soft and drapey is perfect. I finished mine off with a picot edge – which took several evenings but worth the effort. I wear it all the time. I made mine after seeing one on another knitter and I know of at least one that has been knit because someone saw mine so I suspect there is a lot of word of mouth involved in its success.

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  221. ElizabethD wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern (hard to pick just one!) is the Lizard Ridge afghan.

    Posted on 12.12.12 ·
  222. Ansley wrote:

    Over the years I have saved a number of Knitty patterns, mostly gloves and cardigans. I have yet to knit a single one, so I guess I can’t legitimately say I have a favorite.

    Posted on 12.13.12 ·
  223. yarnbird wrote:

    This is really difficult because there are so many adorable knitty-patterns. But I think that Beatnik by Norah Gaughan is my first choice – at the moment.

    Posted on 12.13.12 ·
  224. yarnbird wrote:

    PS: I forgot to write why I adore the Beatnik pattern: Of course it’s the cables. I also like the neck and that it’s a really nice allday-sweater

    Posted on 12.13.12 ·
  225. Robin Cap wrote:

    I love the shawl pattern by Kieran Foley called Seascape.

    Posted on 12.13.12 ·
  226. Rebecca wrote:

    What is my favorite knitty pattern and why? The Womb pattern, by MK Carroll, because every politician should have their own uterus before making laws that affect women’s health care. Sometimes the female politicians need an extra one, too.

    Posted on 12.13.12 ·
  227. Christine wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern has to be the Clapotis because this is how I discovered Knitty. I was a new knitter and I had just joined a knitting guild. Several of the ladies were wearing a Clapotis. When I located the pattern, I not only found the Clapotis instructions, but the world of Knitty that was waiting to be treasured.

    Posted on 12.13.12 ·
  228. Barbara wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    I would love a chance to win a Tom Bihn bag!
    My favorite Knitty pattern is the Clapotis.
    I loved that it taught me to do what I had avoided my whole
    knitting career: to DROP stitches on purpose!
    It was addicting to knit and the finished object is one I wear and
    Thank you for the chance to share the pattern and to enter the contest,
    Barbara Fornoff

    Posted on 12.13.12 ·
  229. sherry brandt-rauf wrote:

    My favorite is Citron. It is so elegant and drape-y. I can put it over one of my numerous black shapeless dresses and look a little bit dressy. Mine is made out of seacell and it is really lovely.


    Posted on 12.13.12 ·
  230. Barbara Heinrich wrote:

    My Favorite pattern is one I have yet to knit but so want to some day!
    It’s the Clapotis- can’t believe I haven’t knitted one as of yet. have the pattern and have the yarn but it always is the thing I’ll do AFTER I do this one thing….yeah, I know.

    Posted on 12.13.12 ·
  231. Sarah Dise wrote:

    Hi Brenda! Thank you for doing this contest! I have been skimming through everyone’s comments and getting some fabulous ideas for new projects!!!!

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Cookie A’s “Monkey” because it is so much fun and a breeze to knit! It never gets boring and looks beautiful in any yarn – solid, striped, variegated, whatever your heart’s desire! It is a blast to knit just like all of her other patterns! 🙂

    Here’s a link! http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTmonkey.html

    Posted on 12.14.12 ·
  232. Donna wrote:

    My favourite is my first Knitty pattern I knit and it is the Citron.


    Posted on 12.14.12 ·
  233. theyarnsnob wrote:

    I love so many of the Knitty patterns, but my favorite is one called Square Cake,http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter07/PATTsquarecake.html. I changed the pattern to have a square flat bottom and now use it to hold my knitting.

    Posted on 12.14.12 ·
  234. Nyss wrote:

    Wonderful episode – thank you ^_^

    Posted on 12.14.12 ·
  235. Rebekkah wrote:

    Looking through the knitty projects I’ve knit, I think my favorite has to be the Duck Duck baby booties. I knit two pairs, one for Milo and one for a friend’s baby. Here’s my pair:


    Posted on 12.14.12 ·
  236. Jessica Peled wrote:

    I’m in love with Iced by Carol Feller- it’s a great cardigan which knits up quickly in bulky yarn :0)

    Posted on 12.14.12 ·
  237. Ceridwen Davies wrote:

    Another enjoyable episode!
    I love the shawls by Elizabeth Freeman, especially Laminaria (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring08/PATTlaminaria.html) which I knitted in midnight blue and it still has the wonderful movement she created in the design of a forest deep below the sea. It was my first attempt at a pattern inspired by Estonian designs and her instructions were really clear.

    Posted on 12.14.12 ·
  238. Aimee wrote:

    Oh this is hard, but my favorite knitty pattern that I have completed is Chaos. It’s so much fun and I love the extra questions as folk watch me knit in response to a die roll.


    Posted on 12.14.12 ·
  239. Janet wrote:

    The pattern I’ve chosen is Haiku by Kristi Porter. I have a two year old granddaughter (Martha) and a grandson expected at the end of April next. I have already knitted two of these cardigans for Martha and added collars to them. She is quite tall for her age so having an easily adapted pattern is a great plus in my book! I think I’m going to be using this pattern for a long time since all you have to do to change it for use by a boy is change the buttonholes round and have a think about the colours you use.

    Posted on 12.15.12 ·
  240. Elisabeth Isaksen wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Fetching. They have an elegant simplicity.
    If I searched around, I know I would make this decision more difficult so I will leave it at Fetching.
    Thanks Brenda for your terrific show. It was great meeting you at the Lion Brand Studio.

    Posted on 12.15.12 ·
  241. Elisabeth Isaksen wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Fetching. They have an elegant simplicity.
    If I searched around, I know I would make this decision more difficult so I will leave it at that.
    Thanks Brenda for your terrific show. It was great meeting you at the Lion Brand Studio.

    Posted on 12.15.12 ·
  242. Meghan wrote:

    My favorite pattern is Clapotis because that’s the pattern that taught me to be comfortable with dropping stitches. As a new(ish) knitter dropping my first stitch was kind of scary, but unravelling those rows feels really good (and vaguely naughty). I’m not someone who normally knits a pattern more than once but Clapotis is my exception.

    Posted on 12.15.12 ·
  243. ‘Spyrogyra’ (Spring 2008) ~ it’s a fun pattern to make & to look at, & one which also packs neatly away into a handbag so it’s a terrific travel pattern, too. Even die~hard “I don’t wear colour” people ~ like Mandi from my local independent bookstore ~ love the way a multicoloured yarn enhances the pattern lace itself.

    I made Mandi an orange/pink pair in Little Traveller from the Sanguine Gryphon because the wind blows strongly through her store in the colder half of the year, & this way she can unpack books & order me new books whilst her paws stay toasty warm. Win win!

    Posted on 12.16.12 ·
  244. Brenda wrote:

    A wonderful podcast as usual. Thanks for the great prize.

    My fave pattern – the first one I knitted – is Fetching.

    (goodstuff on Rav)

    Posted on 12.16.12 ·
  245. Vanessa wrote:

    My very first pattern on my Ravelry favourites – still one of the loveliest patterns I’ve ever seen – is Jeannie. Reversible lacy cabled stole in divine blues and greens. Still awaiting my spinning the most beautiful merino silk fibre blend. It has to be worthy of it!
    And maybe I’m just a trifle intimidated too.

    Posted on 12.16.12 ·
  246. Brenda wrote:

    The latest issue of Knitty has a sweater I just love, Darrowby. It just looks so comfortable that I can’t wait to knit it! Of all the knitty patterns I have already knit, Clapotis is one of my all time favorites and I have knit several. Thanks for the contest. It’s funny that I was just given a recommendation for this bag and had been stalking it online when I came to Brenda’s site to download the latest podcast and saw the bag. Coincidence?!

    Posted on 12.16.12 ·
  247. MaryAnne Williams wrote:

    Another Fetching fan here! I adore fingerless mitts and these are so pretty in a simply elegant way.


    Posted on 12.16.12 ·
  248. Sandy Z. wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is the Skew socks (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter09/PATTskew.php). They are ingenious! I’ve knit them once have plans to knit them again in a self-striping yarn.

    Posted on 12.16.12 ·
  249. Alisha wrote:

    My favorite knitty.com pattern is definitely Fetching! These fingerless mitts are beautiful, easy to make, and make fabulous gifts. I’ve knitted at least 7 pairs of them with different kinds of yarn and they’ve all turned out beautifully. I highly recommend this pattern for gift giving this season – you still have time. I’m now considering making another pair myself since I can’t think of what to give to my mom… : ) You can find this pattern here: http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTfetching.html

    Posted on 12.16.12 ·
  250. twinsetjan wrote:

    Of course, I love Mrs. Beeton, but to name another I’ll go with the Annis shawl…elegant lace in a shape that can be a shoulder hug or a neck scarf. And it’s a quick knit for anyone with some lace knitting experience with a big pay-off in terms of impressing the heck out of recipients!



    Posted on 12.16.12 ·
  251. Elaina R. wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Dashing (http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring07/PATTdashing.html). I have made them as gifts for a few people, and it is always met with great enthusiasm and compliments.

    Posted on 12.17.12 ·
  252. Christine Vawter wrote:


    Colonnade is my favorite knitting pattern in Knitty. I have made two and I now love Stephen West’s patterns.

    Posted on 12.18.12 ·
  253. Tobie wrote:

    I have a few favorites. I really like Citron and the Clapotis. The ones I use for gifts so often that I’ve memorized them are Fetching and Dashing.

    Posted on 12.19.12 ·
  254. Tobie wrote:

    I have a few favorites–I really like Clapotis and Citron. In addition, the ones I make frequently for gifts are Fetching and Dashing.

    I am having some trouble posting a message—hope this goes thru and is not a dupe.

    Posted on 12.19.12 ·
  255. My very favorite Knitty pattern has to be the Laminaria Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman. I’ve knit several Laminarias in different fibers and it never disappoints.


    Posted on 12.19.12 ·
  256. tiffanie wrote:

    just fell head over heels for metalouse. stephen west + noro = yay!

    Posted on 12.19.12 ·
  257. Kelli wrote:

    The Incognito Cowl (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter09/PATTincognito.php) — something I actually finished! Fun and quick to knit.

    Posted on 12.19.12 ·
  258. Marsha Barnes wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern (besides Mrs. Beeton!) is Ice Queen. http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter07/PATTicequeen.html

    Posted on 12.19.12 ·
  259. Rachel wrote:

    Oooh I have coveted one of those bags! Would love to win it!

    My favorite Knitty Pattern is Bigger on the Inside – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bigger-on-the-inside While I haven’t knit it yet, I LOVE IT!!

    Posted on 12.20.12 ·
  260. Lisa D wrote:

    My favorite knitty pattern is Mr. Greenjeans. It was a fabulous pattern for my first cardigan using my very own handspun.

    Posted on 12.20.12 ·
  261. Jaime wrote:

    Wow, so hard to choose. I think my very favorite is the Double Heelix though. They’re so clever and eye-catching. Now, please, choose me. I’m in love with the special Knitty Swift bag.

    Posted on 12.20.12 ·
  262. Robin Cap wrote:

    Burning Embers is a fitted cowl pattern by Kristy Howell, it has a button tab at top and pretty lacework scallop edge along bottom. I need to make another one soon.

    Posted on 12.20.12 ·
  263. Urbanitter wrote:

    Yay! I can still get in on the contest despite my late listening. I have to say, its got to be Clapotis as my favorite Knitty pattern ever, based on what it taught me about knitting and knitters. 19973 projects on Ravelry can’t be wrong, even minus 949 frogged and 1 tragically lost (my first! agh!) But 1822 Helpful notes? Inspiring blogs, spreadsheets, KALs and spinoff projects? Really, its what brought me to realize the community in the world wide knitted web. But thanks for the thread, and the reminder that I’ve had Mrs. Beeton on mental queue since the moment it appeared, but never popped it on my Rav queue! Done!

    Posted on 12.20.12 ·
  264. Lucina wrote:

    My favourite is the Shipwreck Shawl. Such a fun project, including dyeing the yarn yourself and beading – both firsts for me! The last part gets a bit boring to knit but it will be worth it.

    Posted on 12.21.12 ·
  265. Melanie wrote:

    My fav is the Aeolian Shawl
    Because it is so pretty and I loved making it for a wonderful friend who I dont see any longer.

    Posted on 12.22.12 ·
  266. That’s a hard choice, but I’ll somewhat arbitrarily choose the Lizard Ridge Blanket because I just finished knitting it and LOVED both the process and the result. This design makes such ingenious use of Noro’s distinctive dye work.


    Posted on 12.22.12 ·
  267. Kym wrote:

    Fetching! They are the cutest mitts.


    Posted on 12.22.12 ·
  268. Tora wrote:

    I really love Renaissance by Kristen TenDyke. As a curvy woman it’s great to find patterns designed especially for our shape.

    Posted on 12.23.12 ·
  269. Diane wrote:

    As others have said, that is a hard choice. I have knit fetching a number of times but one that is quite innovative is the know it all bag.


    I like things that are innovative but straight forward to knit.

    Posted on 12.23.12 ·
  270. Sarah wrote:


    My favourite Knitty pattern is Arisaig by Ysolda Teague, not only is it a gorgeous pattern with a beautiful lace stitch but it also has sentimental reasons for being my favourite. It was one of the first patterns I discovered on Knitty which totally opened up my eyes to this wonderful collection of free yet really well designed patterns. It was also my first Ysolda pattern and she’s still my favourite designer now. Also I was coming back to knitting after many years away and my grandma had just died and I was left all her knitting needles and yarn, including some that was from a Half ripped out sweater which I kept and so the story behind this pattern was even more meaningful for me.

    Posted on 12.24.12 ·
  271. Anne wrote:

    My fave hands-down is Clapotis! Such a lovely & versatile project!

    Posted on 12.24.12 ·
  272. Beth Rudo wrote:

    Such a hard choice! I must have made a dozen Knitty patterns. But my current favorite, which I can hardly wait to knit, is Bigger on the Inside http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bigger-on-the-inside

    Posted on 12.25.12 ·
  273. Shirley wrote:

    Though I haven’t made them yet one of the patterns I like is for the Freja mittens by Emmy Petersson. http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwbis11/PATTfreja.php I like the look of them and the changes of colours are close together so it might be easier not to pull the yarn too tight when changing colours.

    Posted on 12.26.12 ·
  274. My favourite, so far, and also the only one I’ve yet to knit, is the Clapotis. But I have several that are on my “to-be-knit” list for someday, including Calorimetry.

    Posted on 12.26.12 ·
  275. roseann wrote:

    by far, clapotis!!

    Posted on 12.27.12 ·
  276. Vanessa wrote:

    Ooooh nifty bag!
    I love the Fish Hats!!!! I’ve been itching to make them for years but, alas and alack, I do not belong to a family of hand-made-gift lovers.
    However I now have a pair of gorgeous 14 month old twins, and whether they want them or not, they’ll be getting Fish Hats for the next few winters. They have Maltese heritage, they’ll doubtless try to eat them…

    Posted on 12.27.12 ·
  277. Camille Wieder wrote:

    Favorite pattern would be Skew Socks, though I have not finished my pair yet!

    Posted on 12.27.12 ·
  278. Tania A wrote:

    Loved the podcast this time! It was a lovely little thing to listen to as I cleaned up after the holiday.

    My favorite Knitty.com pattern … so hard to choose just one!

    Fetching, for certain. I actually need to make myself a new pair. My originals are a little short on the fingers.

    There’s a bunch that I adore though, mostly ones other people have posted, so I’ll leave Fetching as my entry.

    Posted on 12.27.12 ·
  279. Can’t wait for the next P3 Brenda! I hope you had a lovely Christmas! xo

    Posted on 12.27.12 ·
  280. Cheryl wrote:

    Citron is my favorite Knitty pattern. Have made 2. One while tripping in Morocco. First time knitting with beads was on citron on that trip.

    Posted on 12.28.12 ·
  281. Seajaes wrote:

    For sure Citron is my favorite Knitty pattern.

    Posted on 12.28.12 ·
  282. Glenys wrote:

    Thuja is my all-time favourite Knitty pattern! It’s saved my gift-giving backside more than once when I’ve had to come up with awesome last-minute socks.

    Posted on 12.28.12 ·
  283. Lara wrote:

    So many good ones! I love Fetching because I’ve knit them for myself, for others, for children… they always look great and are so simple to work.

    Posted on 12.28.12 ·
  284. my favorite pattern is Calorimetry: http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTcalorimetry.html. It’s a really fast knit and is the perfect thing if you live in a colder climate but wear pony tails all the time. No matter where I wear it, I always get a ton of comments and compliments. I could totally fill up my knitting time for the year just knitting these for all of my friends and relatives that want one!

    Posted on 12.28.12 ·
  285. Elaine77 wrote:

    I’ve just completed the BFF Cowl, having exchanged knitted links with my knitty friend in Switzerland, and can definitely recommend it. I love the result, as well as the sentiment. http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEdf12/PATTbff.php
    Thanks for another fab podcast Brenda! Happy new year! x

    Posted on 12.29.12 ·
  286. Lies wrote:

    Clapotis. I knitted four of them, I translated it into Dutch for my friends. I like the magic of the thing, it flies off the needles.

    Posted on 12.29.12 ·
  287. Erin b wrote:

    Yorick it is unique and fun topull out in Samson. Plus I learned I could knit lace and white yarn does not felt we’ll. the other is not quite a pattern but I swear by the toe up formula socks

    Posted on 12.29.12 ·
  288. Denise wrote:

    My favorite pattern so far is the beatnik. I haven’t knit it so far (well I started but then frogged, gonna try again!) http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEdf10/PATTbeatnik.php

    I also love the fetching pattern.

    Posted on 12.31.12 ·
  289. Fernie wrote:

    Thanks for another great episode, Brenda. And what a great giveaway! Choosing a favorite pattern from Knitty is no easy task, but I’m going with Afternoon Tea from the Spring/Summer 2012 issue at http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEss12/PATTtea.php

    Posted on 12.31.12 ·
  290. Risasukka wrote:

    My favorite pattern must be Monkey (http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTmonkey.html). They are pretty simple socks, look still like that you put some effort in them and are a great gift. They also work well with different kinds of yarn.

    Posted on 1.1.13 ·
  291. Roxanne wrote:

    I love Idunn! I’m really enjoying the versatility of wearing cardigans and am pursuing knitting an Icelandic sweater. Thanks for the offer!

    Posted on 1.2.13 ·
  292. Darlene wrote:

    Hi Brenda, Happy 2013! I finally had a chance to listen to your last podcast great as always and picking a favorite knitty pattern is like picking a favorite child they are all beautiful and fun to knit and I have made so many but looking back thanks to your podcast the one I knit the most was clapotis in many different yarns and colours. Thanks again Brenda, a knitsib in PEI Canada

    Posted on 1.2.13 ·
  293. My favorite Knitty pattern is Fetching. Why? Because it had gone viral and I completely REFUSED to knit it! Everyone was doing it. I did not want to follow the crowd. But, I looked at some of the completed patterns and gave in. They were so pretty! So in knitting, following the crowd isn’t all that bad!

    Posted on 1.5.13 ·
  294. Pip wrote:

    Hi, and a very Happy New Year! I really enjoy thr podcasts. I’d have to say that Fetching is my favourite knitty pattern, just because I’ve made lots of pairs and gifted lots of them away. A great pattern to return to. It’s always nice to have a small size project to tuck in a bag for a long journey. I have knitted these in several different counties, while on trains, buses and planes!

    Posted on 1.6.13 ·
  295. Maureen wrote:

    I love so many of the Knitty patterns but the one I have made over and over is Clapotis. I have made four of them, mostly out of Noro Silk Garden, but also a lace weight one out of Handmaiden sea cell. They were all gifts of the heart, though one has come back to me after the death of a dear friend and I treasure it all the more.

    Posted on 1.7.13 ·
  296. Malin Strandli wrote:

    My favourite is Surf & Turf, because it is so whimsical! And it reflects perfectly who I was at the time when that issue came out.

    Posted on 1.8.13 ·
  297. Vicky wrote:

    I love the Cookie A Monkey sock pattern, it was the first lacy sock I knitted and still one of my favorite pairs.


    Posted on 1.9.13 ·
  298. Terri wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is whichever I have finished most recently! This would be Fractured Light. I love the mitts, and the hat fits perfectly. http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEdf12/PATTlight.php

    Posted on 1.9.13 ·
  299. It’s a tie between Citron and Mr. Greenjeans.

    Posted on 1.13.13 ·
  300. My favorite Knitty pattern is Thuja. I’ve made both the socks and then a fingerless mitt version.

    Posted on 1.13.13 ·
  301. Constance wrote:

    I love Fetching and have knit a few pairs of them, but also love love love the Foliage hat which uses exactly one skein of beautiful Malabrigo Chunky.


    Posted on 1.13.13 ·
  302. sharryn papp wrote:

    my favorite knitty pattern is Ambroso. My favorite mittens – and I have made plenty. Simply classic with a touch of decoration.

    Posted on 1.14.13 ·
  303. Kristyn wrote:

    Easy! Clapotis….because my teenaged daughters think it’s cool!

    Posted on 1.19.13 ·
  304. Megan Whitehead wrote:

    Knitty favourite has to be Kate, the kitten in britches:

    Although there are lots of others I love!! x meg

    Posted on 1.19.13 ·
  305. Julie Branhm wrote:

    My new favorite pattern from Knitty has to be one out of the latest issue, Idunn. I can’t wait to cast it on.


    Posted on 1.30.13 ·
  306. Debra Yocum wrote:

    My favorite Knitty pattern is Bigger on the Inside. I love Doctor Who!

    Posted on 2.26.13 ·
  307. Kris wrote:

    My favorite is the Shetland Shorty. It was my first lace project and still remains one of my favorite pieces.

    Posted on 4.3.13 ·
  308. Jacquelyn Jarboe wrote:

    I love Annis by Susanna IC. The crescent shaped shawl is lovely. The lace edge on it is very nice. Once the lace is knit, the stockinette goes quickly which allowed me to get a gift knitted by Christmas. It can be used as either a shawl or scarf, because of it’s shape. It gave me a chance to try nupps and the suggestion for Miss Babs Yet lace yarn was quite a find.

    Posted on 5.28.13 ·

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