18 Nov 2011

Episode 103: One Step Out

Long day. Shownotes Saturday.

Edited to add: I never did get around to writing those show notes, did I? And now I’ve totally forgotten what I talked about. If your memory is better than mine, please remind me what I said, or leave a link to the thing I talked about, in the shownotes.

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Music: The Wrong Side of the Revolution, by Josh Woodward. Josh’s considerable back catalog is available on his most excellent website, for free.


  1. How nice to come home from errands and Yoga and have a new podcast from you to listen to as I fuss about lunch – my own little version of NPR here in NZ, all the better for the yarn content of course!

    Posted on 11.18.11 ·
  2. Samantha wrote:

    Saturday morning coffee, guardian crossword, knitting and you – sounds perfect to me. Thank you

    Posted on 11.19.11 ·
  3. Susan in Northern CA wrote:

    So glad you’re podcasting more often again. I look forward to each one!

    Posted on 11.19.11 ·
  4. Theresa wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    I so enjoy your podcast and thank you for your generosity of time, energy, and ideas. Whichever format works for you, works for me!
    Happy Thanksgiving or as we call it in Europe… Thursday.

    Posted on 11.20.11 ·
  5. Bee wrote:

    Brenda, it’s so good to have you back on a regular basis Thank you.

    Posted on 11.21.11 ·
  6. Wendy Williams wrote:

    I got the biggest kick over the pumpkin pie part! I remember your earlier podcast on how pumpkin pie the way we do it in the US is non-existent over there. It was so wonderful! Thank you so much for your podcasts. I enjoy them and your voice tremendously. That sounds weird. But it is a very nice voice. Thank you again.

    Posted on 11.22.11 ·
  7. Bummble wrote:

    Hi Brenda!

    How lucky can a girl get?
    Pretty lucky, it turns out!
    Not only did I discover I can listen to podcasts while I knit (I still have a problem with fiction, which is less forgiving when the mind wonders – but I shall keep trying!), I also discovered your podcast!

    I listened to the few most recent ones first, and now I’ve gone back to the beginning. I’m looking forward to many, many hours of wonderful, knitterly listening!
    The sound from/via my computer is not very dependable, so I put everything on a USB drive and listen via the DVD player in the living room. My alarm clock (a wakeup light) also has a USB entrance, so I could even wake up to Cast On in the mornings… But perhaps that is taking it a bit too far (and the alarm clock does have it’s idiosynchracies when it comes to which file on the drive it chooses to play) (then again, I might try it sometime after all).

    The only downside is, really, that you have sort of spoiled me for other knitting podcasts… I have looked around, but so far I haven’t been able to find one with the same production values, great content, and wonderful voice!
    It’s interesting to hear the older podcasts; I’m so glad you abandoned the ‘music-under-spoken-word’ almost immediately!
    Otherwise, you seem to hit your stride almost immediately, although I think you talk (even) more calmly now (which is great).

    Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi, and express my appreciation: I am SO glad you’re still podcasting, in whatever shape, way or form, and I hope you’ll continue to do so for many more years!

    I’m Bummble on Ravelry too – although I tend to run horribly behind with updating my projects (the knitting itself is – mostly – wonderful, I’m slowly getting used to being taken pictures of, but the fiddling with the fotographs etc afterwards is just so tedious….).


    Posted on 11.22.11 ·
  8. Bummble wrote:

    The mind wanders, not wonders (although it does that too).
    And the two almost immediatelys immediately after one another is not the best, either.

    Aargh, I wish there were an editing function on these comments…

    Posted on 11.22.11 ·
  9. MzTallulah wrote:

    I loved the pumpkin pie segment! I want to make one too (sweet of course) but we don’t have canned pumpkin here either, so I’d better get roasting.

    Re: quality clothing in England – may I suggest: http://old-town.co.uk/products.htm? I wish I could have one of each of their offerings for ladies – except the shirts, I’d need at least five of those of course.

    Posted on 11.24.11 ·
  10. Barbara wrote:

    Here is a link to the Lady Grey coat group you mention . T
    That’s some coat!

    Posted on 11.29.11 ·
  11. Liz wrote:

    If I heard correctly, you are knitting a hat with yarn that is a combination of yak and bamboo. Did I get that right? Sounds really interesting. Could you please provide some more information about it? Thanks.

    Posted on 11.29.11 ·
  12. Marisa wrote:

    I love your tip about using iPhone notes feature, but have you seen the KnitBuddy app? I love it, BUT I don’t think you can email things from it. I do highly recommend it though because I love the way you can add pictures and counters to it. It’s like a portable ravelry.

    Posted on 12.2.11 ·
  13. Suz wrote:

    Thanks for the music! As this episode came to an end I was happy to be reminded, “if you are cold, put on a sweater.” I had been painting at my studio desk feeling alittle chilled…… duh (hand hits forehead) Thank you!

    Posted on 12.12.11 ·
  14. Hi – you were talking in one of the shows about a software programme for writing knitting patterns. Please can you share the link?

    Posted on 1.1.12 ·
  15. Judith in Ottawa wrote:

    Here’s the Lady Grey jacket pattern link. Naughty Brenda, you know we want EVERYTHING you rave about!

    So wonderful to have you back!!

    Posted on 1.11.12 ·

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