31 Oct 2009

Episode 86: Anniversarius Podcastia

Cast On returns for its ninth series, trailing builder’s dust, bits of rubble and three moments of ritual humiliation. We spend an hour on the 4th plinth in ten minutes, and magically wind up very close to home.


This week’s Audible recommendation is the Victorian True Crime Murder Mystery, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, by Kate Summerscale.

Don’t miss: Knit Pink’s Calendar of Hope 2009Mo Rocca’s Moment of Ritual Humiliation (Scroll down and click Knitter’s Revenge – Mother Bear Project

If you missed my hour on the plinth, take heart. It is still available for viewing online.

Get your Stash Busting Bad Ass Giant Knitting Needles here! (You may remember Rachel from the 1000 Strands video.)

Want to make felt but don’t know where to begin? Try Felting Lessons with Terri Pike.

Moment of Ritual Humiliation, the last. The awesome felted jacket that I once stumbled upon, and now cannot find for love nor money, is actually based on a Marci Tilton pattern, not a Sandra Betzina pattern. (I have patterns from both designers, who each rock my wardrobe, in different ways.)

KniTunes were provided by and used with the permission of:

Additional music: Mother’s Mandolin by Upstairs



  1. GabbyGirl wrote:

    I just knew you’d be back today! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve prepared for us diehard listeners. Happy Fall.

    Posted on 10.31.09 ·
  2. Susie wrote:

    Is it too sad that I’ve been excited about this all week (and checking iTunes all day)? So glad you’re back!

    Posted on 10.31.09 ·
  3. Yay! You’re back and iTunes is downloading the anniversary episode! Yay!!!

    Posted on 10.31.09 ·
  4. Robin McCoy wrote:

    I have missed you so much. Thanks for being back. I have burnt all you podcast up to this point on a cd and have given them to my sister to listen to. She doen’t knit, but to me there is so much more than just knitting that I get out of these pod cast. You feel like a friend that I have not seen in years. Welcome back,


    Posted on 10.31.09 ·
  5. Jenna wrote:

    Welcome back Brenda!
    Happy podaversary!

    Posted on 11.1.09 ·
  6. Barbara wrote:

    Huzzah! I can’t wait to listen!

    Posted on 11.1.09 ·
  7. Tina wrote:

    Yeah!!! You’re back. Like Robin, you’ve been missed!!! I love your podcast.

    Posted on 11.1.09 ·
  8. I started to listen to your podcasts in July, yup, every one of them, condensed, got through them all, some twice, relieved by the peace you found in series 8. Wouldn’t have missed any of them. But, I had to time them because I knew you would be offline until your anniversary and after overdosing for 4 months I’m ready for more, and excited to be here real time for the next chapter. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted on 11.1.09 ·
  9. Louise wrote:

    Hello and Welcome Back!
    I’ve been jonesing for months! Welcome back Brenda! Watched you on the plinth, and am grateful you are home! Right now, both my husband and I are listening, and he’s not allowed to speak. Love ya Darlin’
    Louise B
    Worthington, MN

    Posted on 11.1.09 ·
  10. Elisabeth in France wrote:

    Once again, a great podcast! Thanks for sharing your hour on the 4th plinth with us! And what did I do while waiting you? Well, I listened to almost all your shows (still about 8 to go) and I knit a sweater! Me, a die-hard quilter!!! OK, I learnt how to knit long before I learnt to quilt but I stopped knitting 10 years ago. So iIve finished knitting all the parts, now I need to figure out how to put them together…and it’s all your fault, Brenda
    Anyway, welcome back!

    Posted on 11.1.09 ·
  11. Allie wrote:

    I was so happy to get this podcast!!!!!!!!! I was out trick-or-treating last night and just got it today! I can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out I’ve missed you.
    Bye Brenda

    Posted on 11.2.09 ·
  12. Pam wrote:

    YEAH!!! So glad you are back and all is well! I was a little worried…..
    Happy Fall!
    Happy Podaversary!!

    Green Bay, WI

    Posted on 11.2.09 ·
  13. Amanda wrote:

    I’m one of those who found the podcast a couple of months ago, and went back to listen to ALL of the old episodes. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been (not so patiently) waiting for this new episode, and what a pleasant experience! It’s much better to hear about events and charities in real time so that I can participate. Thanks Brenda:)

    Posted on 11.2.09 ·
  14. Julie wrote:

    Welcome back, Brenda. I tucked myself onto my bed with my knitting and my iPod last night and thoroughly enjoyed your podcast. Thanks!

    Posted on 11.2.09 ·
  15. Sarah Jane wrote:

    I have the pleasure of knowing Terri and I can say that her stuff is beautiful and unique. I’m really glad that you decided to mention felting and I hope that you do more with it in the future.

    It’s good to hear you again…..

    Posted on 11.2.09 ·
  16. Barbara wrote:

    YAY! I have NOT been very patient, waiting to hear from you. Thanks so much for your podcast, your words are wise and friendly.

    Posted on 11.2.09 ·
  17. Laritza wrote:

    I did not get to watch it real time, but I did today, and knit every minute of it with you. This was so much fun! Knitting I guess IS a way of life, a way of communicating and sharing.
    Cast on! Knit on!

    Posted on 11.2.09 ·
  18. mimi k wrote:

    Welcome back! I missed your voice this summer!

    Posted on 11.2.09 ·
  19. AnnP wrote:

    I was really looking forward to Halloween this year, not for the candy but in anticipation of a new episode from Brenda. And it’s here! Waiting now for a quiet moment to listen and savor.

    Posted on 11.3.09 ·
  20. Terri wrote:

    I’m glad your interest is piqued by the Nuno felting…. it is quite beautiful and a lesser known fiber art. It gets a lot of questions and comments when people see it.

    I was looking for the knitted sponge pattern in the show notes. Did I miss it?


    Posted on 11.3.09 ·
  21. Terri,

    Hunter’s recipe for a knitted sponge is in the comments (number 45, I believe) on Episode 84: Industrial Fashion.


    Posted on 11.3.09 ·
  22. filambulle wrote:

    Hi Brenda!
    I am glad you are back… and I am glad I came back to my ipod just in time for your aniversary. Happy podcaniversary!!
    I would love if you’ld add your plinth’s rug in your ravelry’s projects. I want to know as much as possible about it, as well as seing close-ups and knowing where those gigantic needle come from (you may have said something about it in the podcast. pardon me. The guys in the train where somewhat loud this morning… πŸ˜‰ )
    Did you keep the hat`? I think it fits you great!
    xos from rainy (at last!) Switzerland

    Posted on 11.3.09 ·
  23. Debbie A wrote:

    I have listened to all your podcasts at least twice. And was fearful you might not return. Although we live on opposites sides of the Atlantic, I feel like you are one of my dearest neighbors. Welcome back!! And thank you som much for these wonderful podcasts and for the other podcasts yours has inspired.

    Posted on 11.3.09 ·
  24. Knittinrn wrote:

    Hey Brenda,
    It’s great to have you back! I’ve missed you! Thanks so much for a wonderful podcast.

    Posted on 11.3.09 ·
  25. Kell wrote:

    Welcome back! It made my day to start it by listening to your podcast, and your turn on the plinth is wonderful. What an amazing experience that must have been. Gotta admit, though, my heart was beating a little faster at the thought of sitting on something that high.

    Posted on 11.3.09 ·
  26. *SO* glad to have you back, to listen to when I go on my daily walks. What a cool experience being on the plinth must have been — though you are a far braver woman than I!! I have yet to make time to watch the entire video, but I promise I will — and I will knit along, though with much finer yarn. Looking forward to the new series.


    Posted on 11.3.09 ·
  27. Susan Prince wrote:

    The Tilted Jacket! Yes! I ended up knitting 2. Misery loves company, I am sorry to admit.

    The first did not fit me; it fit my much smaller niece. The second sweater fit and looked, well, pretty bad. I followed the directions all through for the first sweater in Peruvia Dragon. It was lovely, and, damn it! It didn’t fit. Not at all. The second one is disappointing, but not exactly a disaster. It’s going somewhere else, to someone else who might love it. Maybe. Onward. More ill-fitting sweaters lie ahead.

    Posted on 11.4.09 ·
  28. got back from Trick or Treating, sat down to the computer and suddenly a light went off which said, “Hey, Brenda Dayne is supposed to be back right about now….i wonder…(search, search…) Y E S ” followed victory run through the house. my family will struggle through my need for a cast on fix, and my staff at my cafe says, “reallllly, you listen to a, a, a….knitting PODCAST?” i cannot answer, just smile with delight. Thanks Brenda.

    Posted on 11.4.09 ·
  29. Beth wrote:

    Welcome back! happy anniversary.

    Posted on 11.4.09 ·
  30. Robyn Becker wrote:

    Welcome back. I’ve missed you.

    Posted on 11.4.09 ·
  31. Kim Ledford-Hauser wrote:

    I’m so glad you’re back!!! I so enjoy your podcast; you’ve got a wonderful voice, great music and a fantastic mix of stories. Also, because of Cast on I signed up with audible— but not through your podcast. I want to make sure that they know that I heard about them through you ( I know that that part is crucial in advertising !! : ) and I was wondering if you have or if you could make a section on your website about the audible books that you’ve listened to, enjoyed and would recommend. Thanks and welcome back!

    Posted on 11.4.09 ·
  32. Gina wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    I just want to say I found website/podcast after watching you on the plinth and just wanted to let you know you inspired me to take up the pointy sticks and try my hand a knitting and thou am still finding my feet am really enjoying it and am finding it helps me unwind and relax so thank you very much

    Posted on 11.4.09 ·
  33. Angie wrote:

    I’m so glad you’re back!!! When you were on the plinth you mentioned doing a wall hanging with giant needles, maybe a white aran sort of pattern with cables. You muttered something about being way too into knitting, but I think the sculptural wall piece idea is brilliant. To clean it I would use that incredible stuff called Soak and let it dry outside in the summer–in answer to your self-query regarding cleaning. I’ve listened to every one of your podcasts, and I adore them!

    Posted on 11.5.09 ·
  34. Pattyb wrote:

    Nice to hear from you again! I always enjoy your podcasts – you do a wonderful job. Thank you. I must mention that your voice sounded so different on the plinth than it does on the podcast. At first I thought it was another person speaking πŸ™‚
    Welcome back!

    Posted on 11.5.09 ·
  35. Julie wrote:

    Welcome back Brenda! You were missed. The weeks between podcasts may be long, but going months!?! It was torture! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for podcasting for us.

    Posted on 11.5.09 ·
  36. Karen wrote:

    A friend introduced me to Cast-on and I am loving it! Not only am I feeling united with knitsibs around the globe through you (powerful), enjoying your philosophical bent, feeling inspired to create more, but this is my new source for indie music. I appreciate the time involved for you to research these fabulous up-and-comers, and I get the benefit, so THANK YOU! Enough rambling – thanks for sharing your life and perspective! With much gratitude, Karen from No. California.

    Posted on 11.6.09 ·
  37. Mel wrote:

    Um, Brenda, didn’t you have a little adventure in wet felting with the clapotis? It’s good to have you back. πŸ˜‰

    Posted on 11.6.09 ·
  38. Ulrica wrote:

    Welcome back! I have missed your voice and talk A LOT.

    Posted on 11.7.09 ·
  39. bongomama wrote:


    Welcome back – I’ve missed you! Last night, in the middle of an epic, but un-winnable battle between my maternal instincts and my son’s teenage angst, I simply walked away and put on your podcast. Almost instantly, I could feel my blood pressure lowering and my gaze softening. Thank you for transporting me back to my ‘happy place’.

    Posted on 11.7.09 ·
  40. Karen wrote:

    Welcome back. Am so glad to hear your podcast again. Yours is my favourite knitting podcast and I tell all my knitting friends about it. I love the mix of information, humour, philosophy, knitting instruction, story-telling and music. As terrific as the content is it is made even more enjoyable by your voice, so mellow and easy to listen to. Thank you very much for many hours of listening pleasure.

    Posted on 11.9.09 ·
  41. Jacinta wrote:

    You are back! I’ve resorted to listening to all the old archived epi’s, so glad you had a deserved break but even happier we get a new episode … woohoo!! πŸ™‚

    Posted on 11.9.09 ·
  42. Jill wrote:

    So glad to have you back, Brenda. I missed you! I never got around to telling you how much I enjoyed the Make Do and Mend series – I think it was my favorite so far. I’m looking forward to the new series too. take care. ~ Jill

    Posted on 11.9.09 ·
  43. Felix wrote:

    I’m so glad you’re back! I watched your plinth video as soon as I could find it after unfortunately having to miss your actual plinth time however I thoroughly enjoyed your audio recordings from Trafalgar Square and your reflective commentary in the podcast. I also enjoyed today’s sweater(s) today and experienced a great feeling of commiseration having experienced some major sweater FAIL myself over the Summer. My PhD has swallowed my whole life but I am delighted that you are back with a new series xxx

    Posted on 11.10.09 ·
  44. Camille wrote:

    So glad to have you back!!! I watched most of your hour on the plinth, but then the video kept timing out on me around the 40-minute mark for some reason. And I feel your pain on the sweater fails…I have a cardi I worked on for months that I thought was my biggest triumph (MacGyver steeks! I pulled it off!), but now the ribbing is stretched out and it’s bugging me to no end. Oh, how I wish I were a process knitter so I wouldn’t mind so much. *sigh*

    The music in this episode was especially awesome tooβ€”I was really taken with ‘Kolysanka,’ and it was cool to see it’s from the same guys who did ‘Watchstar.’ They remind me of Crowded House, with something extra. Gotta love the quirky British pop.

    Posted on 11.11.09 ·
  45. linda willeer wrote:

    happy happy anniversary!!! i always love the podcasts. i treasure the time i get to listen to them. i enjoyed the knitting on the plinth. it was wonderful that you got to experience that. the best to you and yours in this new season.

    Posted on 11.11.09 ·
  46. Deborah wrote:

    Congratulations on your four year podcast anniversary, Brenda! I’ve been with you on this journey from the beginning and have really enjoyed every episode. Thank you so much for all of the thought, time, sweat and tears that go into producing your most excellent podcast!

    One episode that made a deep influence on me was the one with the story told from the perspective of leftover yarn that gets knit into socks for a poor little girl. It inspired me to knit socks and sweaters for the Warm Woolies organization – and I think of that story every time I search my stash for yarn for these projects.

    Posted on 11.13.09 ·
  47. Maureen wrote:

    I have just started listening to your podcasts (well podcasts in general). I have tried many knitting/spinning ones and I very much enjoy yours. I am listening in order from the beginning, so it is taking some time to get caught up. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your style. Cheers!!

    Posted on 11.13.09 ·
  48. glad to your voice again when i’m knitting away, I really missed i usually take your show on my mp3 to listen while i’m at work on the sunday morning shift, i tend to be alone at work so your show is like company and i sit, knit and listen until a customer comes in to disturb me but. i’m glad your back again for a another great series. keep em coming! you do some good work. x

    Posted on 11.13.09 ·
  49. jill wrote:

    glad you are back I have listened to all the podcasts in the last two months and have thoroughly enjoyed them
    I can’t wait for the next podcast I am sad because i used to be able to listen to you for hours on end now i have to wait for weeeeks can’t you podcast everyday? Just kidding. I appreciate all your hard work keep it coming!
    Jill from missouri

    Posted on 11.15.09 ·
  50. Eileen wrote:

    Hello, am so glad you are back. I found you last summer and spent allot of my time listening to you while traveling in China. Your podcast made 14 hour train rides bearable. Thanks Eileen

    Posted on 11.16.09 ·
  51. Happy Anniversary! I remember your first podcast. At the time the only other knitting podcast was “Knitcast with Marie Irshad”. Now look at how the genre has grown! I look forward to listening to many more podcasts from you. Yours is the friendly voice that accompanies me on roadtrips from Minnesota to eastern Wisconsin.

    p.s. Whatever happened to Marie Irshad?

    Posted on 11.23.09 ·
  52. Charlotte wrote:

    Greetings from Norway πŸ™‚

    I could hardly believe it when I found out, that there’s a podcast for knitters. Actually it was my husband who discovered the podcast for me. We’d got phones with ipods and were trying to learn how to download and listen to podcasts.

    I must admit I do suffer from a mild case of KNITTING FRENZY! on the odd occasion. I also love spinning yarn from al sorts of fibers.

    I must say I was hooked from listen # one. I find your podcast inspiring and fun to listen to. Nice music too. And Hanne Boel was one of your music choices – hmm, nice surprise, since (though living in Norway) I’m danish – as is Hanne Boel. She has a very nice soul-lish type of voice, which I (and many others) highly appreciate πŸ™‚

    Thanks for Cast On !

    Posted on 12.13.09 ·
  53. Mary wrote:

    You said you checked the interweave site for errata. Have you considered writing a review or comment on the pattern in the interweave store? or telling interweave in some other way?

    Interweave could simply say that model has x inch bust, is wearing x inch sweater.


    Posted on 1.23.10 ·
  54. Jan wrote:

    Hi Brenda, Due to problems with my iPod I listened to this one today while going to work and it must have been a strange thing for my fellow travelers to see me smile almost the whole time during the part of the plinth..You have done great!!!!! and I loved your performance!! Now I have some more to listen from your great podcast because i am running far behind with listening.. Thank god they are all now on my iPod again and I will have many train trips with lots of info, great music and your great voice… and I loved the last song (brought almost tears in my eyes, don’t know why)

    So thanks again for bringing such a pleasure in a Dutchman’s life

    Posted on 2.12.10 ·

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