08 Sep 2006

Episode 36: Bling

Listen carefully during the title essay, and you will hear dogs snoring. Many thanks to writers Karen Talerico and Emily Treen, and to readers Heather Ordover, and Kristen, for this week’s essays. Halloween is just around the corner. You’ve seen Hallowig. Now you can knit Leah – Knit for the cure with the Fiber Arts Avengers – Send Caps to the Capital – It’s Time2Knit, again – Check the progress of the minis at Chub Creek.

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A Knitter Queens – 9 Sept
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Additional Tracks:
All Roads Lead to Wales – Up Stairs รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Mother’s Mandolin


  1. Sarah wrote:

    Trying to download this weeks episode, noot coming through iTunes and comes up as error from this page? Help!

    Posted on 9.8.06 ·
  2. Rhonda wrote:

    This weeks episode won’t download for me either. GASP!!!!

    Posted on 9.8.06 ·
  3. It’s okay. Take a deep breath. It should be fine now.

    Posted on 9.8.06 ·
  4. Jennifer wrote:

    YAY! No problem downloading on iTunes. Thank you, as always Brenda, you make my weekend! Big huge cookies for you.

    Posted on 9.8.06 ·
  5. Sarah wrote:

    Made me laugh, made me cry, always the sign of a good show. Listening tonight whilst making cupcakes from fulled/felted ribbing. Kids are allowed on the quite coaches, it’s where some of my six year olds best reading is done.

    Posted on 9.8.06 ·
  6. Sasha wrote:

    ooooh! Woken by an early (it IS early, OK?) phonecall, I staggered out to check to computer and sure enough – Hurrah! The new cast-on ep! Wheeee! So now will stagger back to bed while it’s downloading and awake to listen later! ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

    Posted on 9.9.06 ·
  7. As I sat on my bed , my young son(9 years old) sat with me. I with my knitting him with his game boy.
    He smiled after the stories were over and said
    ” Mommy that was nice sitting and listening to the ladies talk” and you know Brenda, it was . Thank you once again.

    P.S. It occurs to me when the doils come back to Toronto ,those Chub Creek boys should bring their minis to a Stitch n Bitch.
    We meet down in Kensington Market at Lettuce Knit on Wend. nights 6:30 till around 10:00 pm.The dolls may want to go yarn shopping (don’t ya think?).Maybe meet a Harlot travelling sock, or a certain Knitty gal.Yes I do have friends in high places.But I ‘m willing to share,even the yarn.
    I can also arrange beer for thre Chub (chug) boys Come on Sage you come too,we love the hookers too.
    All our love from Toronto Denny Mcmillan

    Posted on 9.9.06 ·
  8. Shelley wrote:

    My first time listening and I LOVED every minute. What was I doing while listening? Working on some baby pants for Fiber Arts Avengers. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for producing a fabulous cast – I’m so glad I found you!

    Posted on 9.9.06 ·
  9. fitknit wrote:

    Ahhh, another wonderful episode. Now my week is complete. Many thanks from Australia.

    Posted on 9.9.06 ·
  10. India wrote:

    Hey, Brenda, looking forward to listening to this week’s episode. My heart is a funny shape right now – my son has just gone back to university (about 25 minutes ago), and somehow, listening to someone whom I have often heard speak about their feelings for their child in a way that mirrors mine, might bring me a little comfort today…

    Posted on 9.9.06 ·
  11. Julia wrote:

    Yay! My weekend is complete. And the Leah buns? I am so there!

    Posted on 9.9.06 ·
  12. teresa c. wrote:

    Thank you for another perfectly good hour. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted on 9.9.06 ·
  13. Kim wrote:

    Thanks so much, Brenda, for kindly mentioning the Fiber Arts Avengers this week. WE appreciate it so much!

    Posted on 9.9.06 ·
  14. Truly enjoyed this show. (unlike when I dishonestly enjoy them) The essay, “Bling” was inspired. Nice going, B. This is one of your best.

    Posted on 9.9.06 ·
  15. Nancy wrote:

    First, wanted to let you know I enjoyed this episode. Great music (as always) and good stories. RE: Knitting Software. I am not sure this is the software that was being looked for, but I have to mention Knit Visualizer, which helps you easily create knitting charts. It’s new this year, is out and available for purchase for PC and Mac.

    Posted on 9.10.06 ·
  16. Kathy wrote:

    Love your show. Don’t usually listen to it while knitting, but it does make dishwashing and cleaning go much faster. Love the fact that you have turned me on to soooo many other blogs and podcasts. Thanks bunches and keep of the great show! fyi musings of a peaceful knitter is closed. sorry to see that, the title is intriguing and i wanted to see what it was about *sigh*

    Posted on 9.10.06 ·
  17. Sherrard wrote:

    Hi, Brenda, I am passionately attached to your podcasts and now have the whole series on my IPOD…Can’t say enough appreciative words about how GOOD this podcast is and how much work you put into it.

    Just a note. My IPod did not pick up the other side of your conversation with the woman who wrote the book about fixing your knitting. I can hear it somewhat faintly through my computer. Has anyone else had this problem? Your voice was very clear on both.

    Best to you, Sherrard

    Posted on 9.10.06 ·
  18. Nancy wrote:

    Whoops I forgot to leave the URL: http://www.knitfoundry.com/software.html

    And I also had a hard time hearing the interview – had to turn the speakers up to hear it.

    Posted on 9.10.06 ·
  19. Donna wrote:

    I loved this episode … I especially loved your essay about the “Quiet Car” …I do believe I work with women like that!
    I seek the quiet, too…and your podcast helps me find it. Thanks for another great episode!
    PS…How come we never get to hear from Tonia?

    Posted on 9.10.06 ·
  20. Ellen Bloomfield wrote:

    Brenda ๐Ÿ™‚ I went to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival last Friday night and lo and behold Briar Rose Fibers was there!!! I got some LOVELY merino batts and got to thank them in person for sponsoring you.

    Posted on 9.11.06 ·
  21. Kirsten wrote:

    Loved the show, especially the Bling essay. I tend to knit in the subway in Toronto, and always look for my ‘knitting seat’, which means that I only have one person next to me. If I can’t find one, I have been known to knit standing and endure the stares of the people around me.

    Oh, I am not too sure who exactly is aware of this, but Dave of Chub Creek has a t-shirt in Cafe Press that pays homage to Brenda. Check it out! http://www.cafepress.com/chubcreek.65155327

    Posted on 9.11.06 ·
  22. wixtermom wrote:

    Loved the show, as always. I was excited to hear the interview as this sounds like a book I need! However, the interview did not come across on my speakers at all, even at the highest volume.

    I listened to today’s show while ripping out a mistake in my Icarus shawl. It was nice to imagine the lovely countryside by rail as opposed to thinking of how tedious it is to tink back mohair.

    Thanks for another great show.
    PS Thanks also for turning me on to Librivox! I love it, and listen to it daily!

    Posted on 9.11.06 ·
  23. Been listening since the beginning, and LOVE your podcast. This one made me teary-eyed and I agree with Chub Creek’s Dave that it’s one of your best. One critique though – the color “flesh” means different things to each of us. Thanks for a great podcast, and for all the effort you put into it.

    Posted on 9.11.06 ·
  24. Christine wrote:

    Great podcast! Greetings from Chicago!
    I listen every week, but have never commented. So, now I am doing so at your urging!!! I particularly enjoyed your essay, inasmuch as I live among a population that includes many well-blinged young women. Keep the wonderful podcasts coming!

    Posted on 9.11.06 ·
  25. Great show!!! I listened while pouring a whole bunch of candle tarts. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted on 9.12.06 ·
  26. jamie wrote:

    Great show – but you really picked a challanging dye subject. Red is a difficult color anyways and I tend to find avacato pits really fussy. Yellows & greens seem to be about the easiest. Fennel is my local standard yellow, very “forgiving” and easy to find. Also onion peels.

    Posted on 9.12.06 ·
  27. Jennifer wrote:

    Another lovely show. Thanks so much for just being you and for sharing yourself with us!

    Posted on 9.12.06 ·
  28. minnie wrote:

    i found this link wandering around the web http://www.creativepaperwales.co.uk/

    the name of the product is sheep poo paper. take it for what you want

    Posted on 9.12.06 ·
  29. Rebekka wrote:

    I love your show! It gives me inspiration to try new knitting things I have never done before. As you talk about scenery of Wales I feel like I am there, which sometimes feels better than being in the state of Ohio in the USA. You help my day pass in a job that I call less than exciting in a cubicle. Keep up the great work!

    Posted on 9.12.06 ·
  30. Mintyfresh wrote:

    Just finished listening to the latest podcast on my walk home from work, and I’m finally all caught up! I spent the last few weeks listening on my walk to and from work (about 20 minutes each way, so with just a little fudging at the beginning and end, I’d listen to at least one a day, on average). To be honest, I’m sad to have caught up–this means I have to wait for weekly episodes, instead of devouring them back to back during free moments. I adore your podcast, and I can’t say enough good things about it. Thanks for all your hard work!

    If you’re curious about my “place,” well, I listen while walking up and down 3rd Street in Philadelphia, PA.

    Posted on 9.13.06 ·
  31. Kate in Somerset wrote:

    If you get the urge to turn those sloes into sloe gin, here’s a tip from a guy on Bristol Slow Food Market. Freeze the sloes before putting them in the jar with sugar. Then when you pour over gin at warm room temperature the skins will split. Saves all that pricking.

    Posted on 9.13.06 ·
  32. Hmm… flesh-colored yarn… plus well-placed bobbles… equals anatomically (and spectrally) correct purse? Just sayin’. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted on 9.13.06 ·
  33. Zabet wrote:

    Completely episode-unrelated comment: (sorry, haven’t had time to listen yet!)

    Ran into Chris of Briar Rose at the WI Sheep and Wool Festial. She’s wonderfully kind and the yarn is freaking scrumptious. Ne came home with 2500 yds of a mostly green laceweight and I bought a large hank of mostly orange sportweight. No clue what I’ll be DOING with it, mind… mostly I just seem to admire it in different kinds of light and then rub it on my face.

    Briar Rose has the Zabet seal of approval!

    Posted on 9.13.06 ·
  34. elle wrote:

    I was surprised by the content of your Bling cast. It displayed a level of resentment towards working American women that surprised me. I don’t work. I do, however, in your words, “wear signs of wealth”. You would probably describe me as “dripping in diamonds” on certain days. I would never think a train car would be “quiet” never having experienced one before. Perhaps you should have alerted them to the designation instead of judging them so harshly. I’m glad you have “jewel” tones of wool and “silky gloves”. Perhaps they do too. Perhaps they also, like you, walk their dogs in “knitted wealth”. They were in a foreign country, not familiar with your quiet car, dressed up for a meeting. I find it very interesting you state they “did not look” at you. The older I get, the less I judge. This sounded out of character for you. I hope the car is quiet the next time you travel….

    Posted on 9.13.06 ·
  35. Angela wrote:

    I just subscribed to this Podcast and I just have to say I love it. You have a very soothing voice and I just loved listening to the stories, music, and interview.

    Posted on 9.13.06 ·
  36. Coleen wrote:

    Hi from Columbia, MD USA. I have been listening to your podcast for awhile now and enjoy every minute. My favorite thing to do is knit, play online scrabble and listen to your podcast – yes, all at the same time! Keep up the great work and thank you.

    Posted on 9.13.06 ·
  37. Alliesw wrote:

    Love this show! I listened to this one where I usually listen, in the car! But then I got to listen to it again during some free time at a conference I was attending–and I got to knit while listening–first time ever, I think!

    Posted on 9.13.06 ·
  38. Lolly wrote:

    Don’t forget me! I am the last stop on Lisa’s blog tour: LollyKnitting Around ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Posted on 9.14.06 ·
  39. Auntly H wrote:

    Since you asked so nicely, I thought I’d let you know that I listen to your lovely podcasts while riding the bus to and from work. I often knit on that ride as well, but now that the University is back in full swing, there’s not always enough room. Thank you for keeping knitting a part of my commute, whether I’m holding the yarn or not.

    Posted on 9.15.06 ·
  40. TeAntae wrote:

    Brenda, though I’m still in the process of listening to this podcast, I had to hit pause on my iPod to comment on your “Bling” essay. I was so taken and understanding of how you felt during your ride. I felt like I was in the train car with you, and regardless of that sign, I wanted to yell at those ladies to shut up already!

    Regardless of the earlier comment someone made; excessive bling does seem to go hand in hand with ignorance to anything but one’s self. So what if the sign says no, so what if Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm in a country other than my own, so what about anyone else but me? On a trip to Paris I embarrassingly heard the husband of an American couple, both in loud Hawaiian shirts, call for a waiter while snapping his fingers at gentleman. I wish I were kidding.

    And a *wave* to Coleen. I’m in Columbia too!

    Posted on 9.15.06 ·
  41. Ana wrote:

    I just wanted to say that I loved your “Bling” Podcast. As a working woman, I did not feel resented in any way. When I’m on business trips, I’m the business woman knitting away on the plane– and I get lots of strange looks from people. So why not the other way around?

    I could buy myself diamonds if I wanted to, but think about all the yarn I’d be missing?

    Posted on 9.18.06 ·
  42. Nicole wrote:

    Brenda, I love your essay! Very “Quirky Nomads”

    Posted on 9.25.06 ·
  43. Dena wrote:

    I loved the Elinora song (daughter’s name is Ellanora). I mentioned it to my husband who does a Saturday morning kid’s music radio show with Ella (Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child). He just got a nice e-mail back from Nate of Sweet Diss and the Comebacks and will be playing their song on the show this week.

    Posted on 9.26.06 ·
  44. Renada wrote:

    Brenda, this was your best podcast to date. The music was good, I almost cried with the essay about the cancer surivor, and I was >>there

    Posted on 9.29.06 ·

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