26 May 2006

Episode 26: Knit One, Give Too

This week we explore the ways in which Erato, Muse of Love Poetry, inspires us to knit for people we love, as well as those whom we don’t know. First, a foole for math makes sweater design easier – Jacey Boggs is Insubordiknit – Sheffield Knitting Group Podcast Review – Carrie Anne Dennison hosts a new UK Knitting Podcast – Cookies to Debra Bronow and Carol Sulcoski for their wonderful essays – Special thanks to Sage Tyrtle of Quirky Nomads for her inspired reading of Carol’s essay.

Dulaan Project Info:

In North America mail your items to: The Dulaan Project, FIRE 107 N San Fransisco St, Studio 4, Flagstaff Arizona 86001
In the UK and EU: Get knitting and watch this space.
Keep track of what’s happening on Ryan’s blog.
Need a pattern? Look here!
Need a button? Take one!


Backing Tracks:

  • Debra’s Essay – John Schmidt – Homecoming
  • Comments – a.b.e. (anthems of a bygone era) – String Groove


  1. kim wrote:

    Oh yay! I’m downloading this now, making my cup a tea and am going to sit and spin while I listen to this. It couldn’t be more perfect. My son is even gone to a playdate. Thanks for another perfect friday!

    Posted on 5.26.06 ·
  2. Thank you, Brenda, and thank you to Sage for such a terrific reading of my essay! I

    Posted on 5.26.06 ·
  3. Szarka wrote:

    Thanks for another great show, Brenda.

    Please don’t repeat music selections, unless it’s to showcase a theme, like the wonderful “Neighbor” theme for ‘Today’s Sweater.’ (And you’re going to play the whole thing later! –warm glow–)

    I love hearing audio so much that I have a hard time choosing music, preferring to have it chosen for me – and I don’t want to waste any precious timeslots that YOU might fill with new and wonderful lovelies. Even with previously-enjoyed-lovelies.

    As to Dave’s observation that we are made happy by repetition, that’s such a very nice thought, and it goes so well with the repetition of knitting that we all love, but…don’t change what you’re doing. I ALREADY listen to the songs repeatedly, because I listen to the shows repeatedly. I save them. Inflict them (infect them?) on my family and friends. And they make me happy, even the first time.

    Posted on 5.26.06 ·
  4. AnnD wrote:

    Brenda, your podcast is one of the first ones I heard and now I subscribe to a few other knit-sibs. Thanks for all the fun stuff — I had to look up Mrs. Beetons! And also for the encouragement to pick up the mic, which I’m soon to do. I so enjoy this intelligent, witty, crafty community!

    fyi, worldwide knit in public day (as if we need one!) is June 10, http://www.wwkipday.com/

    Posted on 5.26.06 ·
  5. AnnP wrote:

    Thanks for another wonderful show, Brenda. I vote for including music and no repeats. The songs are like intermissions during which I can think over what you just said or decipher my knitting pattern and then am ready to listen some more. Yes, I know I can pause but that breaks the spell.

    Posted on 5.26.06 ·
  6. Paul in SF wrote:


    I’ve really enjoyed Cast On and am glad you’ve kept at it. Downloading and listening to your podcast has become a regular part of my Friday evenings. I wonder if I could write a note to the Arts Council of Wales to tell them how good it is that they’ve given you a grant. Maybe other folks would do so too.

    Cookies to you!

    Posted on 5.26.06 ·
  7. tekopp wrote:

    I’m trying to find out how to get the finding-virginia Come to this song, it’s great and I want to have it on repeat (somewhere else than in my head) But it’s impossible to find it. But if you play it again, I’ll love it 🙂

    Posted on 5.27.06 ·
  8. India wrote:

    A big thank you for being MY muse this week! I’m in the middle of the assignment from Hell, getting nowhere fast. So, I’m gonna step back from the keyboard, stick on your ‘cast, pick up the pointy sticks and chill for a while. Then I’ll be in a fit state to finish this darn thing.
    Keep up the good work.

    Posted on 5.27.06 ·
  9. jacey wrote:


    first, thanks for mentioning me! yay! second, please don’t lose your music! What you didn’t hear from me (because i didn’t say it) or see in dave’s comment (because it was in a follow up e-mail) is that I do listen to your music and here’s why — your music seems like a vital and contributing part of your show, an extension of your words. It’s thoughtful, as in you put thought into what to play, what works, what fits etc. It’s not just filler. Please, play, and there’s no need to re-play.

    Posted on 5.27.06 ·
  10. Kait wrote:

    Thanks so much for being part of my new Saturday morning ritual: a cup of coffee, Cast-on, and a bit of surfing to psyche myself up for going to my studio. I went to a tiny geeky college where one set of dorms were named after the muses, so for me this latest series is like a thread through time, connecting that younger self with the present; the reading of things like Aristotle and Plato with my current efforts to pluck creative things out of my brain and the materials at hand. Thanks so much for the inspiration and the extra push. As for the music, I prefer little or no repetition, as for me, music on podcasts is a way for me to find NEW songs and artists. And if I hear something that I really want to sing along to, perhaps even dance around the room, or even think of as my new personal theme song (“When I Get My Shit Together”), you’ve enabled me to find it and even support the artist via the Podsafe network. Thanks so much.

    Posted on 5.27.06 ·
  11. Susan wrote:

    Fantastic show! I’d love to hear any song again that you’d like to play again. I enjoy finding new artists after hearing them on your show, but if there’s a song that you’ve played before that works really well in a future show, I’m cool. The songs you choose always fit the podcast, and I really appreciate the way it all goes together as a whole. I trust your judgement.

    Thanks for the kick in the rear end on the Dulaan Project. I’d been thinking I wanted to do something for it, and your feature made it a priority.

    Finally, have you seen the new use for Mrs. Beetons? Scroll all the way down!


    Posted on 5.27.06 ·
  12. Liza wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    Your podcasts continue to entertain, inspire and intrigue. I really look forward to each new episode. My own preference would be not to hear music repeated. Although I’m not a big fan of music’s being played in subject-dedicated podcasts, I do enjoy your taste in music. When I like a song you’ve chosen I download it to my music library or buy the cd. I spent hours tracking down a copy of “Wales Forever!” I listen to Cast-On for knitting and you — your thoughts and observations as well as those of guest essayists.
    The only time the music posed a problem for me (and I’m speaking for myself only) was in December. I was startled to hear religious (christmas) music in a podcast dedicated to knitting. But as CastOn is also a podcast about your life, including christmas music makes some sense. I simply forwarded past it.
    Keep up the good work.

    Posted on 5.28.06 ·
  13. Tonia wrote:

    Liza, I have got to agree with you over the Christmas music. Bleagh!

    Although Brenda is mostly perfect, one of her slight flaws is her unhealthy obsession with Christmas music. The way she tells it, she grew up in a family that had Christmas albums playing pretty much throughout the month of December, and although not particularly religious, she likes to continue the “tradition”.

    Next time you get a little irritated or bewildered by Brenda’s Christmas selections, and are tempted to fast forward through them, please spare a thought for her partner, who cannot fast forward through the month of December’s music. Much as she would like to.

    Posted on 5.28.06 ·
  14. Thanks so much for playing my promo in this episode, Brenda, it was really appreciated. You gave me the inspiration to start up my own podcast, and despite all the hard work, I am really enjoying it! The first full episode went up last night. Thanks again for yet another fantastic show, I always look forward to listening to your cast each weekend.

    Posted on 5.28.06 ·
  15. Jeanie wrote:

    Hey Brenda, great episode!!! This episode should be dubbed the “feel good episode of the year” as it totally gave me the warm fuzzies (especially the “raffi-esque” song!). I wish more episodes made me feel as lovie-dovie as this one did!

    I also vote for no song repeats as I’ve discovered (and purchased from) many new musicians from your podcast.

    Thank you for all your time and energy that goes into your podcasts — lots of warm and fuzzy “cookies” to you!


    Posted on 5.28.06 ·
  16. Karen wrote:

    I love your show and always look forward to the next one. I’m with Szurka, who says it so beautifully–no repeats, please. I have played parts of episodes over to hear the song again, and have sought out artists online. But you continue to introduce me to music I hear nowhere else, and I value that.
    Thank you!

    Posted on 5.28.06 ·
  17. Cath wrote:

    I can truly relate to the infertility story, my husband and I have been trying for a baby for 9 years. During the first few years of treatment I would cast-on for baby clothes and when the cycle was a failure they would get put away in a box in the attic (I even knitted a christening gown and christening shawl when I did finally fall pregnant, only to suffer a miscarriage a shortly later). I am afraid to say that we still do not have children and I will not even contemplate knitting baby clothes (I even refuse to knit children’s clothing for friends and family) as it upsets me so much and I end up crying with every row.

    I love listening to your podcast each week.

    Thank you

    Posted on 5.28.06 ·
  18. April wrote:

    I used the knitting fool calculator to do my first two sweaters =) my ONLY two sweaters I guess, hmm…

    Posted on 5.29.06 ·
  19. Abigail wrote:

    I rarely comment because I listen to the podcast away from the computer and I never remember what I want to comment when I come back to the computer. (The perils of having small children, I suppose.)

    I wanted to answer your question about the music though. I have purchased several albums of music through iTunes after hearing the artists on your show, so I get the hear my favorites over and over again already. My vote would be not to repeat. I like that you repeat artists, though.

    Thank you so much for your continued hard work on Cast-On. I really enjoy the show!

    Posted on 5.29.06 ·
  20. Tusa wrote:

    I love your podcast, Brenda. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are my muse. Whatever you decide, I trust your judgement but please, please lose Today’s Sweater!!! Please.

    Music repeats are fine for me. They say music is the soundtrack of your life and sometimes it’s great to hear music which evokes memories for reflection (conscious or not).

    Posted on 5.29.06 ·
  21. Helen wrote:

    I have found some great music through Cast-On Brenda (Adrina Thorpe, notably). I vote for playing more by the same artists. Point me in the directions you like and I’m happy! (I liked SOME of the Christmas music – Alison Crowe was beautiful because she wasn’t VERY christmasy.

    Also, the infertility essay was powerful. I had to keep reminding myself that it was Sage READING it, not her story. Two years into infertility (hugs to the poster who said she’s been trying for nine years) and I won’t make anything for any unborn babies of ours yet. I have allowed myself ONCE to buy wool that I just had to have, in order to save it for a baby we might have, but that’s it. It’s just too painful.

    I love your essays, but the guest essays are also wonderful.

    Thank you!

    Posted on 5.29.06 ·
  22. Bernie May wrote:

    Please keep the music. Your taste in music is superlative, and I look forward to hearing what you’ve selected every week. Let those who want to skip ahead do so, but please don’t take away the tunes for those of us that want to hear it!


    Posted on 5.29.06 ·
  23. Leslie wrote:


    I’m a little behind on listening because I wanted to savor them! the Secret Water episode was awe4some!

    Posted on 5.29.06 ·
  24. Carol wrote:

    Please keep the music! And please let us know where in the UK to send our knitting for the Dulaan project. I already have a scarf and hat for you!

    Posted on 5.29.06 ·
  25. Rebekkah wrote:

    My thoughts on song repitition: I think it’s a great idea. I don’t think it would be ideal to have a very small pool of songs to choose from (and thus a lot of repetition), but I don’t see anything wrong with playing your (or our) favorites more than once. I don’t always listen to every song, but I’ve found a bunch of great artists through your podcast. There are several I’d certainly love to hear again.

    Thanks for the Dulaan reminder. I don’t think I’m going to make this year’s deadline, but it was a good reminder about what to do with the yarn odds and ends I want to use up in the next year or so. I hope to have a big box of knitted goodness for them next summer. One thing I’m looking forward to is the freedom from swatching. How often do we get the luxury of picking up the needles and just knitting, without worrying at all about size? Not that we need more excuses to knit for such a great cause, but if anybody needs the extra nudge, the ability to knit without swatches or planning is certainly a good nudge. As you said, what we knit will fit *someone*, so size doesn’t really matter that much.

    Posted on 5.29.06 ·
  26. Judy from Northern California wrote:

    And the problem with Christmas music is??? 😉 In my family, growing up, we could not listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving was officiall over (1 minute past midnight Thanksgiving night), then we could play it…just until midnight Christmas day.

    As always, love the podcast. Music? Repeat or not. I really enjoy your choices, and like others have mentioned here I have bought tunes I have heard on your show through the internet. Thank you for introducing me to music I would not have heard normally. I agree that repeition breed familiarity, but I also like new tunes. I could go either way.

    Thanks again.

    Posted on 5.30.06 ·
  27. Rebecca wrote:

    I listen to the radio for the opposite reason as Dave (and am thus usually disappointed). I want to hear new music. If I like something, I can buy it and listen to it over and over. So I like the fact that you don’t repeat anything. Keep up the good work.

    Posted on 5.30.06 ·
  28. may wrote:

    Great podcast, as always! Thank you!

    Posted on 5.30.06 ·
  29. Kathleen wrote:

    Okay, I’m a little behind the times, partly because of the delay in shownotes posting and partly because I was on vacation last week and did a whole lot of nuthin’. 🙂 So this comment is about a week late.

    Thanks so much for playing my audio comment last week, Brenda! It was both exciting and weird to hear my own self on your podcast. And thank you for the heads-up about the background noise, it is indeed my computer fan. (How does one get around this problem when one is recording at one’s computer?) I’m glad the discovery of Odeo was so helpful – I found out about it thanks to Amy Singer of knitty.com fame.

    And also, I vote for no song repeats.

    Posted on 5.30.06 ·
  30. Anna wrote:

    Another wonderful podcast–thank you, Brenda!

    You totally made my cleaning-out-my-office much more palatable!

    Posted on 5.30.06 ·
  31. Donella Evoniuk wrote:

    Thanks again for the weekly inspiration and soul-soothing!

    I suggest no repeats in music. I also appreciate that you referred to “creative MOJO” in #26. I have a workshop and event studio in Ashland, OR, called MOJO Rising. It’s all about facilitating creativity and muse in our lives!

    Finally, exposure to blogging through your podcast and others you feature regularly has gotten me off my butt, and I just started a blog yesterday called MOJOExchange. I realized how “cast-on” addicted I’ve become — you’re one of two “favorite links” I’ve got up there now…visit mojoexchange.blogspot.com/! Right now, it’s primarily a personal diary of sorts…but I am hopeful that it will evolve.

    Posted on 5.30.06 ·
  32. Kathleen wrote:

    I vote for keeping the new songs coming – I love them and a few have made their way out of the Podsafe network to sit lovingly on my iPod. That said, I’d love to hear the Boob Fairy song again.

    Posted on 5.30.06 ·
  33. Faith wrote:

    As always, wonderful show!

    Since this is your show, you can certainly do anything you want, but here’s my two cents:
    Please don’t repeat anything (except the sweater song). I don’t listen to the radio precicely for the reason Dave stated.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this show! I appreciate it so much. =)

    Posted on 5.31.06 ·
  34. Sophia wrote:

    As always, great podcast!
    About the music repeating idea, I think its a really good idea. May I put in a vote for the sond Divide and Conquer?

    Posted on 5.31.06 ·
  35. Emily knitsib wrote:

    Music – don’t mind. I often have the music playing while I do the things I need to do during the podcast that distract me from listening (make a cup of tea, read the pattern etc. Easily distracted!), and I don’t always like the same music as you but enjoy hearing it as a further expression of what you are saying and who you are. I’d prefer not lots of repetition, but a bit is ok.

    When you play the whole of the neighbour song, will you explain re Mr Rogers etc for us ignoramuses? I know I can google, but that’ll just give me the facts, not the feeling!

    Thanks. Like Tonia’s comment. I find myself singing Christmas carols all over the year at random times (in amongst pop songs, childrens songs etc) as I drive, as my car radio is dead! They do drive me mad in shops from about September, though.

    Posted on 5.31.06 ·
  36. Lauren wrote:

    I didn’t read all the comments but I thought I would weigh in on the music thing. Generally, I love the music, and I really like listening to new things because it gives a lot of variety. That said, however, I’m not opposed to occasional repetition. I feel that generally you do a great job choosing songs that are relevant to the subject, or at least the mood, of whatever you’re tlaking about, so if a little repetition is necessary to keep doing that, go for it. But I love the new music!!

    Posted on 6.1.06 ·
  37. Annette wrote:

    Thank you so much for another wonderful podcast, Brenda!
    I’ve been wanting to write to you for so long, so there’s too much to say. Since last week, though, I was telling myself “I could at least write to thank her for the music”. And now you’ve asked for it! 😀
    I have discovered so many artists through your blog. I have no time to search out “new” (to me) music, and I’m not very satisfied with what I hear on the radio. Being able to buy songs of independant artists via I-Tunes (I discovered I-Tunes thanks to you), thereby supporting them in a small way, is an extra plus.
    So – keep the music if you want. This is *your* podcast after all! Repeat songs if you feel they fit in. I love it when you play a new song from an artist you played before.
    But please, continue to do your *own* thing. You do it so well, and this is why your podcast is so outstanding.

    Posted on 6.1.06 ·
  38. Sheri wrote:

    Dear Brenda,
    I love your show! Didn’t you ask for suggestions for icons like Amazon’s stars. Well, how about little prehistoric Venus figures like the Venus of Willendorf? I looked it up. It is a universal female figure representing earth, fertility and continuation of life. What better knitting icon!

    Posted on 6.1.06 ·
  39. Just wanted to add some clarification to the music issue. For the record, I hate radio. I don’t listen to it at all anymore. I used to because that’s all there was besides tapes I made. But here’s the thing everybody seems to be missing… (and I speak as an amateur musician) It’s unfair to the artists not to replay once in a while. Here’s why: It’s really rare to like a song first play. If I only heard a song once I’d have missed out on so many favourites in my life that took some familiarity to sink in (I can think of “Hey Ya” by Andre 3000 as an example I’d have forgotten about immediately had I not heard replays, but one I love now) and it’s a nice nod to the artists to, perhaps, feature a song again that Cast-On listeners felt they liked. It would be a very nice way to bring the goodness of Cast-On to those musicians who deserve some recognition for their work. My two cents…


    Posted on 6.1.06 ·
  40. Great show as always! You are indeed an inspiration, I wonder how many of the new posdcasts out there were started by your listeners? Just curious.

    On the music issue I usually do not like music in podcasts because well I have an odd taste in music. (The music rating engine in yahoo music tells me that either Ive not rated enough music -over 2,000 ratings or my taste is unique. I guess its the later.) However I can understand why its there and if I really do not like it i can skip over it! So I would say keep it in.

    I also added the Dulaan link to my blog. It looks like a wonderful progect worthy of as much support as it can get!


    Posted on 6.2.06 ·
  41. Helen wrote:

    I agree with Dave’s comments, on reflection. The songs I’ve loved from Cast-On are songs I only learned to love because I happen to listen to each Cast-On episode AT LEAST twice, sometimes three times if I have no other podcasts I’m needing to catch up on. I’ve gone back to earlier episodes, heard a song again and thought, ‘oh yeah, I did like that one when I first heard it but I forgot about it!’

    I guess if people start indicating here that there was something they liked, you’ll get an idea of what to put on semi-high rotation Brenda!

    Posted on 6.2.06 ·
  42. Johnny wrote:

    Thanks for another great podcast Brenda. I always look forward to hearing your voice each week. It actually makes me look forward to commuting (and I hate being in the car.)

    I look forward to hearing the new music in each podcast, so I hope you decide not to replay any tunes (except of course the Today’s Sweater theme!) Also, thank you for the information about the Dulaan project. though I don’t have time to knit something new, I am certainly going to look through my big bag of scarves and find something to send on.

    San Francisco, CA

    Posted on 6.2.06 ·
  43. Valorie wrote:

    um, I know that there aren’t many of us who haven’t listened to every single episode, but what about newbie listeners? Since we know that Brenda will obviouly be “casting-on” for a very long, long time, is it not realistic to expect that there will be listeners who would have NOT heard a repeat song before? Not only that, surely there are others like me who couldn’t tell you whether or not a song played had been played previously in the week or two before. And one played months before — ha!not a chance — but that doesn’t mean I don’t like music — it just means I know whether I like it or not! I agree with Dave – it often takes more than one listen to decide if you like a song or not — and replays are definitely more support for the artists. I love the music segments, don’t think there has been any music I simply *hated*, so keep the music, repeat on occasion, but most of all keep it yours! Love ya Brenda!

    Posted on 6.2.06 ·
  44. Helen wrote:

    ok now I’m really a groupie. I’m here reading the blog comments at 11:30pm on a Saturday night while the show downloads. Reading the comments BEFORE hearing the show? Well why not? I’m fascinated to know what the church of knitting is all about. Looks like I’m not going to bed anytime soon….love you Brenda!

    Posted on 6.3.06 ·
  45. I want you to know I held off listening to this show (I usually gobble them up immediately, CANNOT wait, but I saved it to listen to while I worked, on my birthday. BEST birthday present, thank you, Brenda.

    Posted on 6.3.06 ·
  46. Theresa wrote:

    My very first podcast listening of all time! I love it – love the essays, the talk, the information, and especially the music. I don’t care if you repeat it or not – if I don’t like it, I’ll fast forward! Now I just have to remember how to download these things! Thank you!

    Posted on 6.3.06 ·
  47. Joanne wrote:

    Brenda, I have been a silent listener for too long. I love every single podcast you do. I save them up and listen to them, one after another, while I’m knitting designs to a deadline. Your work really inspires me…as a writer and a knitter. I so appreciate your careful musical selections and wish you would repeat every so often…I too loved that Divide and Conquer song and hearing it again would just seal the deal.

    I’m also in the infertility camp–6 years so far, and I can only occasionally turn out baby clothes for dear friends and family. If I feel jealous or sad, I just stop knitting right away…it’s hard to stay hopeful. Sometimes it is great to escape into your podcast, ‘knit like the wind’ and think about something else for a while!

    Posted on 6.7.06 ·
  48. Steph wrote:

    Love the podcast – I’ve just discovered you and I’m catching up on some of the episodes. Have been to Colourway too – last summer whilst in Tenby on holiday! I adore Adrina Thorpe’s music particularly “Round the Bend”. Thanks for introducing that to me and please please play it again. I’m about to buy the CD. Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s fab! 🙂

    Posted on 6.7.06 ·
  49. Christy wrote:

    I’m so behind on my listening but I wanted to weigh in on the music repeat question since I just finished listening to this episode. I vote for repeats only in special circumstances for example, if a song really fits a theme or if there have been a bunch of requests to hear a song again. I love hearing new music each episode.

    Also, I wanted to note that I loved the Christmas music. In fact, the only episode of Cast-on that has stayed in my iTunes months after it’s initial listen is the Snow Day episode because I so love the song in that episode.

    Posted on 6.12.06 ·
  50. Rachel wrote:

    For what it’s worth, I vote for no repeats. One of the reasons I gravitate to “talk radio” is that I *don’t* enjoy the repeats on the music channels. I hardly even buy CDs anymore, because I rarely enjoy listening to the same piece of music twice. Chalk it up to my early (over) training in performance music if you like :).

    Anyway, I am one of those who occasionally fast-forwards through the music, especially if I’m listening in my home and knitting. I’d rather hear your stories! When I jog to Cast On, I listen straight through — though I curse my luck when it’s a music track, and I need the distraction of a story.

    Please don’t take it as a complaint though — I love your podcast.

    Posted on 6.16.06 ·
  51. Jess wrote:

    Hi Brenda. I’m pretty late coming to this one (started a new job in March that screwed up my listen-while-walking-to-work rhythm, and am just catching up), but thought I’d give my two cents re: repeating music.

    I’d vote for no repetition. I like that you play music because it introduces me to artists and songs I wouldn’t hear otherwise. I dislike some of the songs you pick, and love others to the point of obsessing. When I don’t like one, I fast-forward (yay, podcasts!). When I love one, I buy it. In some cases, I just go back to the original podcast for one or two more listens until I’ve made my peace with it.

    So repeating would mean listening to something I own, something I’ve sated my desire for, or something I’d fast-forward the second time anyway.

    Then again, I never was much of a radio listener.

    (And thanks for the podcast; I missed it while I was “away”)

    Posted on 8.22.06 ·
  52. Suzanne Elliott wrote:

    I’m with Jess,Jess August 22, 2006 at 9:29 pm, above…
    But I’m a few Years behind, but ahead!
    I listened to you on Saturday 14th November 2013!
    My what a time span.
    I know I’m YEARS to late for this debate but I wanted my say as much as you want Cookies 🙂
    I also want to send hugs. Stay with me…
    I’m very new to you. My new friend Flo sent me a link. I wasn’t really that bothered but I listened. Nah, you weren’t for me. I gave you another try, Flo so loves you 🙂 !
    I went back to your beginning and , Dam You! , You hooked me!
    I listen when I’m working. Which pleases everyone because it means I’m not listening to my songs and singing! And I’m in love. Your pod cast is AWESOME. I chuckle. Nod. Shake my head in disagreement. Talk to you, then remember I have headphones on!
    I have internet problems so Flo put all of you on my little player. (Series 1 – 9 anyway)
    And life was grand, until the ‘Boob Fairy’ song.
    I went looking for the link and I found the page of sorrow. I am, as I write, so sad for you both. For you two to lose one father is bad, but both so close together. Words fail.
    Then self grief at you not pod casting.
    I haven’t gone back to ‘that page’, up there in the real world.
    I book marked you down here, episode 9. Down here where all is as it was.
    I want to say something.
    Please don’t shut us out. We your Knit-sibs.
    We love you and we feel for you.
    We’re here for you.
    I send you the tears that now fall for you and yours and wish you happy memories of those who have parted. Xxx

    Posted on 11.17.13 ·

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