27 Apr 2012

Episode 117: Boulevard of broken dpns

In this episode: I am totally geeking out over substituting kfb for Llinc and Lrinc on sock gussets. Still. I can’t get over it. I know you understand.

Finally, the words I’ve longed to hear: Don’t be a dink! Chub Creek returns to an iPocket near you. Welcome back, Dave. Beginning April 27th, you can get your Yahoo on, with Heather at Craftlit.

Read all about Plug + Play + Pembrokeshire! Registration opens 15 May, 2012, and we are over-the-moon excited about all the goodies we have planned for this year. Stay in the loop with our P3 Ravelry Group.

Cast On was sponsored this week by Tea Times Creations, purveyor of pretty things. Go! See the pretty things!

This week’s Audible pick is Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, by Rhoda Janzen. How to Be a Woman, by Caitlan Moran, hasn’t been published in the US yet. You can pre-order the book on Amazon. Highly recommended.

I do the twitter. Come find me!

Music by The Jeweltones, Galileo.


  1. Barb Thames wrote:

    Brenda, I recommend full-length yoga pants with a long shirt or a tunic over them. Complete coverage and comfort. I don’t think I’d like the leggins on my shape — way too heavy for something that tight.

    Have a good flight and enjoy your trip – – – EVEN if you aren’t coming to the South!!!

    Posted on 4.27.12 ·
  2. Alison wrote:

    Soft and loose! The thought of tight jeggings for a long flight would not be my choice – something comfy and try to get a little sleep on the flight so that you don’t crash out early evening in DC.

    Any plans for a UK Tour?

    Posted on 4.27.12 ·
  3. Victoria wrote:

    It was actually Douglas Addams who said “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” It was from his 2002 book ‘Salmon of Doubt’. Not trying to pick on Terry Pratchett or anything, I love his works, but I see that quote mis-attributed a lot.

    Anyway, socks. Clever about the kfb! I’ll be using that. Revelution maybe/maybe-not, but certainly extremely useful. 😀 Not that I normally do arch-increases (still on the tubep-body sock), but I’ll place them like that on the next JMCO toe I do.

    Posted on 4.27.12 ·
  4. Beth R. wrote:

    Soft and loose for the flight. I second the yoga pants. I have some black drawstring waist pants in soft well-washed cotton sheeting that are just the ticket for travelling. I’d feel strangled and look top-heavy in jeggings and an overshirt.

    Posted on 4.28.12 ·
  5. Sophie wrote:

    I’m thirding the motion of either yoga pants, jeans or something that is loose-ish and lets your body be cosy/comfy while on the plane. I also second Tanya’s motion that the word ‘jeggings’ should be banned (its removal from the english language would be a moment to rejoice).
    good luck with the one-suitcase travelling!

    Posted on 4.28.12 ·
  6. Laura wrote:

    After much careful thought I am leaning towards the yoga pants and loose t-shirt/tunic. Wear layers. I used to fly all of the time from Baton Rouge, LA to my hometown in Ohio and the flights get so cold when you reach the higher altitudes but once you land in the dirty south – you’re so sticky and just plan elgh… feeling. So, have a cardigan that you knitted to keep you comfy if ya feel a chill coming on.

    You say you’re stressed but you sound like you’re glowing. This has to be a really great feeling for you right now. Live in it! We are all so excited to meet you at KNOTS and you know you have nothing but love coming your way from all of these great shops that are hosting you! No stress, ya hear me? There’s a bottle of scotch on hand at my place if ya need a boost. 😉

    Other than that – safe travels – can’t wait to meet you in person.

    PS: Now I’m being referred to as the merrily singing bird that stocks our shelves… I must be that or the 12th disney princess. Gee, thanks! 😉 LOL


    Posted on 4.28.12 ·
  7. Melissa wrote:

    Hello Brenda. My friend flies all over the world doing presentations from his ipad. He says to set your “screen time out” to “never” and that is probably the issue.

    Also, I can’t believe you are coming to the US right before Maryland Sheep and Wool fest and you didn’t schedule it in!!!

    Posted on 4.28.12 ·
  8. Mary Brown wrote:

    Brenda, I am supporting the soft and loose trend. I fly a lot, and also support layering. Wear things that make you comfortable. Bring one nice shawl that can double as a blanket, or a pillow. Try to find more knits and less woven things. Knits don’t look wrinkled and rumpled. You can dress things up or down but you just need some basic pieces that will be easy to rinse out in a hotel sink that will dry by the next day. Knits, preferably not all wool. One pair of Jeans will go a long way, but don’t forget they weigh more. I try to get by with a lighter pair of yoga pants. Really wish I was able to see you while you are here, but your class sold out before I could sign up.
    Remember it’s all just a fabulous adventure! Be Safe!

    Posted on 4.29.12 ·
  9. Brenda, I had to stop listening to the podcast to leave you a comment: NO on the jeggings. You said they’re a thing in the US? Well… they’re not so much a “thing” and more of a “thing of ridicule” among many people. Possibly in their seepage across the pond they have improved dramatically, but over here they are… I can’t even describe them succinctly. Skinny jeans are fine. Stretch jeans are fine. Leggings are fine. But leggings that are trompe l’oeil-ed to be like jeans? Seriously, even my students (I teach college) don’t wear them.

    Posted on 4.29.12 ·
  10. Kate wrote:

    Slouch beats grouch when flying. Be comfortable and bring something warm for your neck in case your seatmate loves full blast air conditioning. If you are stuck in a middle seat and can’t sleep try sleeping with your head on a pillow on the tray table.
    Projectors can be rented in Washington http://www.projector123.com/Washingtonprojectorrentals.php

    When you are in NY and need Apple Support the easiest location to find is in Grand Central Terminal overlooking the information booth. But there are stores all over the city that may be closer.
    HopStop http://www.hopstop.com is an app that provides directions on your phone for walking as well as public transport in NYC.

    Have a great time!

    Posted on 4.29.12 ·
  11. Sarah-Marie,

    Thank you for sparing me humiliations galore! Let us never speak of jeggings again.

    I bought, hmm… they’re not so much yoga pants, as yoga-esque. I wouldn’t exercise in these; they’re too nice. Definitely comfortable though.

    Thanks, knitsibs, for steering me correctly. I knew I could count on you.

    Posted on 4.29.12 ·
  12. Late to the comment train, so you may have already found a solution for the projector. My hubby is a Macintosh computer consultant. I’ve asked him for advice re iPad-to-projector and will let you know if he has ever run across this problem with his clients. Maybe he will have a solution for you!

    A few episodes ago I threw out some ideas for site seeing in the Alexandria va and greater dc area. I live in. Silver spring md,just north of the DC-MD border. Did you see them?

    The offer to do the AVAM in Baltimore is still out there…. Lemme know if you have time to check it out!

    Posted on 4.29.12 ·
  13. PS
    Glad to hear you went with Yoga-ish pants.

    Posted on 4.29.12 ·
  14. imjustlori wrote:

    I’m so glad you said no to jeggings! Style, not fad. Yay!

    Posted on 4.30.12 ·
  15. as promised, here are a couple of potential leads from my hubbo, the macintosh-geek-extraordinare!
    Also check http://www.ipadprojector.org/
    am going to poke around your site to try-n-find your email addy so that i can share this info in a non-comment way

    Posted on 4.30.12 ·
  16. Nora wrote:

    I live in San Diego, jeggings are very popular here, and not in a ridicule way. However, we have a very high percentage of asian college students, on whom they look marvelous. Dont see them much outside of the college crowd, probably for good reason. 😉
    I REALLY LOVED your music choice again this week! Enjoy your tour of the US.

    Posted on 4.30.12 ·
  17. Karen R wrote:

    Well my dear, I’ve been catching up on episodes and it seems I’m too late to lay in my opinion–but I agree with those others who have. Stick with loose, comfortable, and not the jeggings option. I hope you are enjoying your Bihn bag (I’m not envious, I’m not I’m not) even if you aren’t enjoying the sticky East. I’m sorry you won’t be visiting southern CA! I considered driving up north, but my family reminded me of things that had “responsibility” and “offspring’s dance recital” in them. Party poopers. Enjoy your tour! I look forward to vicarious thrills.

    Posted on 5.2.12 ·
  18. Jill Messner wrote:

    Oh Brenda, thank you so much for the music! That was soul-satisfyingly beautiful. Have fun on your trip!

    Posted on 5.2.12 ·
  19. Nina wrote:

    Yay! I was going to advise yoga pants but I’m a bit behind on the commenting. I’m so happy you’re getting to take a trip back to the US. Enjoy the political ads for their sociological value! I find them funny and that keeps me sane. I’m going to try to get my mom to accompany me to your lovely event in Ohio. No one ever comes here except during election years. Then somehow we become important. Have a great flight!

    Posted on 5.5.12 ·
  20. T.Crockett wrote:

    I was just thinking of your Chub Creek dolls today. A friend is photographing a Flat Stanley paper doll in lots of locations for her niece’s class project, just like your “boys”.

    And as for the crazy idea that YOU aren’t a celebrity…forget it. When you recently left a comment on my blog, I told everyone I know (whether it meant anything to them or not). I couldn’t believe that THE Brenda Dayne, author of Knitter’s Manifesto and Pulling a Geographic (and many more) had actually read part of my little blog. I’m smiling right now, just thinking about it.

    Have a wonderful trip.

    Posted on 5.6.12 ·
  21. Martha wrote:

    I just found your podcast from a show on Craftsanity. I love the music and your voice. I am only up to episode 2 but I have already bought Natalie Brown’s CD based on one of the songs from your podcasts. I may need to update paypal for furture episodes.

    Posted on 6.15.12 ·
  22. Coffeeiv wrote:

    I am tech-stupid, so no synapses firing on the projector problem. Hope you’ve already found a solution. As far as the leggings go, I’m also not the most balanced clothes advisor, as I live in HELL and We do not wear fitted clothing here unless we are
    a) under 30 and built like America’s Top Model or Victoria’s Secret people
    b) anorexic and must have fitted, layered clothing even in heat and humidity
    c) dumb as a box of hair.

    SInce We (meaning me in the Queen Victoria sense, not in the People of Walmart in the South sense) are 53 and average, We wear loose fitting, breathable clothing and carry a sweater or shawl in the summer.

    And as for your whining over your messy house, get over it. Either do it or don’t do it. Apparently, no one cares but you. Your sweet partner is cooking for you. I would clean someone’s toilets if they would cook for me. I’m trying to work that out with the boys, but they pretty much just want to cook spaghetti and mac and cheese. They COULD cook something else, but of course, they have more Important Things To Do such as Music and Math. And Hubs is too obsessed with building rock walls in the backyard.

    Plus, housecleaning is SO not important in the Great Scheme of Things. No one will smite you if it doesn’t get done. Just so you’re not harboring roof rats or growing exotic fungi on the sofa cushions, you’re probably good. So stop worrying; sheesh.

    Posted on 7.5.12 ·
  23. Martha wrote:

    Glad the Hope poster is finally useful for something. 😉

    Posted on 7.17.12 ·
  24. Courtney K. wrote:

    I am sooooo excited that your featured song for this podcast is an accapella group! I absolutely love this song!

    Posted on 5.24.13 ·

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