14 Feb 2009

Sit and Spin

How on earth does she…

  • Spin those yarny coils?
  • Insert objects into handspun?
  • Get the eyeballs to stick?

If you’ve found yourself lusting over handspun art yarn, or wondering how to make it yourself, Jacey Boggs’ new spinning video offers some answers. The ins, outs and super-special spinning techniques had me on the road to creating quirky, funky, one-of-a-kind works of hand spun art in no time. I’ve been sitting and spinning ever since Jacey’s video arrived, and I’ve discovered that making funky yarn is much easier than I ever imagined it would be, especially with the right teacher.

After a decade of perfecting fine, uniform spinning, I did find spinning the lumpy, bumpy, thick and thin yarn at core of Jacey’s techniques a bit tricky. Fortunately, each lesson on the video is punctuated by a driving rock video interlude (courtesy of Jacey’s partner’s band) which me treadling along to the beat, and gave me time to practice the things I learned in each lesson, before moving onto the next. Good camera work, with lots of close ups showing the details of the techniques, plus Jacey’s warm and friendly teaching style make it easy to follow along and learn as you spin. These are not techniques that rely on perfection, so I was able to learn what I needed and move through the lessons at a good pace.

And man, can this woman spin. Her control of the fiber is awesome, and truly inspirational. I can’t wait to find out more about how she does it in our scheduled chat for Cast On this weekend. Our conversation, and Jacey’s secrets of funky spinning success will be in the next podcast!


Posted on February 14, in Reviews


  1. Oh dude, this really makes me wish I knew how to spin. Eventually! Eventually I will get to it.

    Posted on 2.14.09 ·
  2. Mary wrote:

    Very cool! Can’t wait for your podcast. (I always look forward to them, alot, but this one has really got my interest!)

    Posted on 2.14.09 ·
  3. Anne wrote:

    I can’t believe I missed taking spinning lessons with Jacey when she was still living in Baltimore! Oh well, guess I’ll have to visit her at her new place some time.

    Posted on 2.14.09 ·

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