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Bed Rest

by Brenda Dayne on November 21, 2008

I’ve always liked that expression, “Taken to my bed.” It lends an air of elegance to what would otherwise look like swanning around in one’s pyjamas.

I had a bit of a relapse this week – namely, pain that increased over 24 hours to the point where I had to call an ambulance. This sounds more dramatic than it was. People are always being “rushed to hospital” here, but my driver certainly didn’t rush. He sort of ambled his way there. I don’t think he even broke the speed limit. Or maybe it just seemed a long slow drive on account of the morphine.

I spent another night in the hospital, and had many tests and was given pain meds, and then gradually the pain faded. We never did determine precisely what caused it, but the most popular theory was “fluid trapped just below the diaphragm.” They assured me that death was not in the cards that day; a mistake on their part, as I promptly busted myself outta out the joint and came home. They would not send me home with meds (the slap on the wrist for being naughty and discharging myself) but I saw my real doc yesterday and we sorted it all out.

All is well that endeth well; I’ve reached that delightful point in my recovery where I’m well enough to make things again, not quite well enough to go back to work. I’m knitting furiously with Things On In The Background – movies, podcasts, web radio – but I’m, frankly, kinda bored by the offerings. I spent one whole day watching conspiracy videos on Youtube and am now persuaded that shape-shifting pan-dimensional lizards were behind 911, and actually are the true rulers of the world. People. Please. You must save me from myself.

I have a laptop with me in bed, and have wished many times this week that I’d not been so cheap with myself and ordered one of these :

This little number would have really come in handy this week, but I didn’t want to spend the money. Has this happened to you? Have you stopped yourself from buying something you wanted, because you didn’t want to spend the money? I read and listen to the radio, and I know we’re supposed to spend, and help keep the economy going, but I haven’t actually been able to bring myself to do it. Other than a few books from Amazon, I’ve been very frugal this month.

Oh, did I mention that Tesco, one of the big chain grocery stores here, has put security tags on meat? I haven’t seen it, but my daughter-in-law, Laura said she saw them doing it. Unbelievable, and yet another sign of recession. I’m just waiting for the stories about elderly people reduced to eating cat food, like we used to hear about in the early 70’s.

Anyway, the Internets are free, so please do send me your favorites to watch and read on the web. I’ll watch anything you’ve enjoyed yourself in the last 6 months; extra points if it’s longer than an hour.

Also, in case it isn’t plain enough, the podcast I had hoped to get out this week isn’t going to happen. For obvious reasons having to with pyjamas and bed. I won’t promise anything until I’ve had a few more days of steady improvement, but… next week is looking likely and, yes, there will be a Today’s Sweater. It’s fab. I luff it. There has been a serious amount of knitting happening since I’ve been home (again) all of which will find its way to these pages at some point, so do check in.

Finally, thank you for the lovely messages of support, and all the nice things you’ve been saying about the new look of the site. I can’t tell you how much your comments have helped my recovery this week. It’s really wonderful to know you’re out there, wishing me well. Thank you.

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