1. teresa c wrote:

    Wow, this episode seemed to go on an instant! And congratulations on your tattoo, lots of courage needed there! 🙂

    Posted on 9.14.12 ·
  2. Kim wrote:

    Nice color. I have three daughters and the all have a few tatoos, but I am just not there yet. Maybeee, one day. Love the show-
    Kimmie b

    Posted on 9.14.12 ·
  3. Bonnie wrote:

    loved this week’s podcast (as always, but even more) but it reminds me that I missed meeting you at Corktown by minutes….so glad you got to have the essential Toronto ukulele experience with Amy.

    Posted on 9.15.12 ·
  4. Loving the tattoo Brenda! I’ve got 7 myself and would like to warn you that once you’ve had your first one, you’ll start planning the next…. and the next… and… well, you get the idea!
    I really enjoyed listening to the ukulele jam. Awesome stuff.
    Will we be treated to another one of your beautiful essays soon? I miss them. I’d love to hear one about all the colours and smells of Autumn.
    *warm hugs* Clara xx

    Posted on 9.15.12 ·
  5. Monique G wrote:

    Congratulations on your first tatt!!!!! Just a warning, in case your friend didn’t tell you this already, tatts are highly addictive!!! I have 6 already and am now sourcing out what my next one could be. All mine are sealife related.

    Posted on 9.15.12 ·
  6. Susan wrote:

    Thanks Brenda for a great episode. Very nice Poppy tattoo and I really enjoyed the ukulele session. (See….we comment even when yarn is not involved!)

    Posted on 9.15.12 ·
  7. Doreen wrote:

    Love your podcast! I found it a while ago while listening to back issues of Weavezine. Now I am working my way thru your archives. Those podcasts are wonderful, even 5 years later. Thank you!

    Posted on 9.15.12 ·
  8. Fran wrote:

    Absolutely loved this episode! The music, the imagery, the hilarity (I desperately want to see someone walking across the street). Please post photo of your tattoo!

    Posted on 9.15.12 ·
  9. Fran wrote:

    Duh, sorry . Photo of tatt is right there in plain sight. It’s beautiful.

    Posted on 9.15.12 ·
  10. Darlene wrote:

    Oh Brenda what a beautiful podcast…I may be a little bias (a canadian here in PEI) you brought tears to my eyes. Thanks

    Posted on 9.16.12 ·
  11. Marisa wrote:

    Loving the tattoo, loving the podcast, loving T.O. (always), and wishing I had some poutine to love also. If you think it’s good in Toronto, you can’t begin to imagine what it tastes like done properly in Quebec. 🙂

    Posted on 9.16.12 ·
  12. Felix wrote:

    This might be my favourite episode of Cast On EVAH. It’s beautiful to sit here and listen to times you had, and places you were in, in Canada.

    So many brilliant sounds!

    Thanks for a wonderful podcast and for these sonic glimpses into your amazing adventures.

    Posted on 9.17.12 ·
  13. Wendi wrote:

    How was that Cod Omlette, Brenda?? LOL. FAB tatt!! ♥

    Posted on 9.20.12 ·
  14. Megan wrote:

    I’m having serious sailboat withdraws! So enjoyed the sailboat sounds, even if it made me homesick, and love the beautiful tattoo.

    Posted on 9.21.12 ·
  15. Laurilee wrote:

    loved the Canada podcast, going over to the islands in the summer is one of my favourite things to do

    Posted on 9.23.12 ·
  16. Carol wrote:

    I had a wonderful time listening to this episode, from our national anthem at the beginning to The Lumberjack Song at the end. I’m glad you had a such a good visit to Canada–come back again soon!

    Posted on 9.24.12 ·
  17. Sarah wrote:

    Love the tattoo! Luff! What did your family think? Oh, the color! The font! Luff!

    Can’t wait for the next postcard. Come South in February, please, please, please. We are so marvelously eccentric! And we have boneyard beaches for draping shawls, and the birthplace of indigo, and Bourbon! And funny accents!

    And if you go to San Francisco again, visit Greenwich Yarn. It’s not the fanciest, but the owner always has dog treats and WAYS of fixing gauge issues. She’s so wry and funny and doesn’t put up with anyone’s poo.

    Posted on 9.25.12 ·
  18. Caroline wrote:

    Hi Brenda – I have been away from listening to you for a little while but have just caught up with all your trip podcasts. I have really enjoyed them and am so glad to be back listening to you. I am all but house bound at the moment and these trip episodes have been able to take me on the journey with you and get a sense of what you experienced – in a small but powerful way. Thank you so much – I look forward to taking more knitting journeys with you soon. Caroline

    Posted on 9.25.12 ·
  19. Tricia wrote:

    I had a great time being a fly on the wall for your trip to Canada. I was listening while out on a walk, and startled a couple people by starting to sing along with the lumberjack song at the end. Thanks for a lot of fun.

    Posted on 9.28.12 ·
  20. Tina wrote:

    Oh noes! I *just* heard your podcast from last holiday season where you discussed your North American tour plans, and thought “Oh, I do hope I get to be there for it”, but it seems I am too late. This is how backlogged I am on your podcast! Well, another time. Maybe. Hope you enjoyed my hometown Toronto!

    Posted on 10.2.12 ·
  21. Jennifer wrote:

    I love the tattoo! It’s beautiful.

    Posted on 10.20.12 ·
  22. Cam wrote:

    I have a link that I wanted to share with you that needs a bit of help.
    When you go to that link, you’ll see some crocheted skeletons, which is cool for Halloween but that’s not what I’m sharing this for.
    So the blogger has these captioned picture of a “disgruntled goat” sharing crochet problems and she requests that people send in more of these problems like this one “use organic wool for yourself, use red heart super saver for everyone else” (I just had to go out and buy super saver for someone who asked me to).
    It’d be cool to have a few suggestions from people. The existing Disgruntled Goat pictures are hilarious.
    Thanks for listening,

    Posted on 10.21.12 ·
  23. Carol Bateman wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    I haven’t listened to your podcast since last winter but my mac has been quietly saving them for me……so when I hit a low note with my knitting I plugged you in and you soothed me over my block. By listening to all of your US road trip adventures and postcards together I thought what a great travel book it would make.
    And my knitting……..????? Your fault Brenda !!!! I am the worlds slowest knitter so for months I have been knitting Johanne Landin hats for all the females in my family for Christmas. (Total -five hats ) Unfortunately for them I’ve just downloaded the Colour Affection Shawl…… I must be strong and keep to the straight and narrow path that is paved with Fair Isle . Only one and a third hats to go.
    So I am now on a Cast On revisit and I am about to listen to the one by Dave of Chubb Creek.
    Regards from the wild NE of England

    Posted on 10.24.12 ·
  24. Love the tattoo. In case you do get addicted and plan more. I recommend eating chocolate throughout the tattooing; it’s quite hard to let pain bother you when you have melting chocolate in your mouth. Though I’m sure squeezing Amy Singer’s hand helped too.

    Posted on 10.30.12 ·
  25. Your tattoo is fabulous. Well done. I’m still holding out for my first tattoo… it’s a big choice.

    Posted on 11.8.12 ·
  26. Rebekah wrote:

    Love love love this episode! It has definitely made it into my top five favourite!!!
    So lovely to hear the sounds of Canada… poutine, lumberjacks, oh how I miss it… Might have to go book myself a flight back home soon… 🙂

    Posted on 1.16.13 ·

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