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Episode 34: Knitting Mash Up

by Brenda Dayne on August 25, 2006

In which I announce the three! winners of the caption contest, and then forget to tell them how to claim their Briar Rose Yarn. (Winners, please send me your addresses!) – The Multi-directional Diagonal Scarf (that SO needs a better name) – Mash it up with Clapotis – Police/Ben E King Mash Up courtesy of CCC – Buy these Ts* – Write a pattern - Swap watcha got, for watcha need – make a tiny hat and maybe also write these folks and suggest they call their project something else – Special thanks to Heather Ordover and Jenny Spotila and Sage (for telling me about magnatunes and their policy of not being evil) and Dave (for my catch phrase) and Dolores, just for being Dolores.


  • A Sense of Place – Jim Fidler – Midnight Rover
  • Comments – Up Stairs – Mother’s Mandolin

*The Cafe Press Shop should be working… shortly. Technology. Feh.

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