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Episode 119: A suitcase full of wool

by Brenda Dayne on August 3, 2012

Photo by Felicity Ford

In this episode: Spindles! Drop, supported and those of unusual size; a suitcase full of Estonian wool, projects old and new, and Today’s sweater. Third time really is the charm. Pick up your pointysticks, it’s finally time to cast on.

Huge thanks to Felix, (aka knitsonik) for sharing her beautiful suitcase full of wool with me, and allowing me to share it with you. To see the amazing colours from birch leaves, madder and woad on Estonian wool in all their splendour, see Felix’s post on the dye workshop. Images of Felix’s supported spindle that I so admired are here. I ordered one of my own from Ian, at IST Crafts.

My new chickens will live in an Eglu, once they arrive.

Some lovely Navaho Spindles live here.

I want one of these.

Check out the Dane Shawl, by Jane Tanner. I knit mine from DK weight Casanova, from ArtFibres in San Francisco.

Stephen West has a fine tutorial on garter tab construction here.

The finest knitting bag in all the land holds my Lanesplitter project.

Music by Kaen Mal, Suitcase Full of Memories, from her cd The Space Between.

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Download Episode 119

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