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Can I just say?

by Brenda Dayne on June 14, 2010

Setting up a new computer is a royal pain. It goes like this: Try to install zipped app, Winzip launches asking if you want to buy it, realize you don’t have anything installed that will unzip things, look for free unzipper, discover ALZip no longer free, remember something you read about essential Windows apps on Lifehacker, search for and find it. Select a bunch of “essential” apps you probably don’t need but which sound good. Wait for exe file to download, launch, wait for essential apps to install. Occupy yourself while waiting by fiddling with taskbar, try to remember how icons were arranged on old machine, boot old machine, realize you still have a lot of apps to install, shuffle icons around for 20 minutes, realize you forgot something, install it, create shortcut, pin to taskbar, delete shortcut, shuffle some more, realize you forgot another app, shuffle, give up and chuck everything up there, realize this makes the taskbar too full and you can’t tell what’s open, and also, you forgot xamp. Get up, make coffee. Come back and try to remember what you were doing before you made coffee. Give up. Write blog post to complain about how hard and time consuming it is to set up a new computer.

On the up side, I have a new computer. It’s a quad core PC that was surplus to requirements for one of Tonia’s co-workers, who gave us a really sweet deal. It’s running Windows 7, and is so much faster than my old laptop, it makes me dizzy. Rejoice with me.

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