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Episode 127: Is this thing on?

by Brenda Dayne on March 7, 2014



In this episode: I celebrate the final patterns in Welsh for Rainbow, Barley Straw (top left) and Pentre Ifan (below left), plus the publication of the e-version of the book. I am delighted to find that I haven’t forgotten how to talk about my knitting, and am also relieved by such, in equal measure.

I also chat with JC Briar about her wonderful project,, a beautiful and intuitive method for mapping knit stitches. Find JC online at her website, the Stich-Maps Facebook Page, and the Stitch-Maps Ravelry Group.

I talked about knitting the Marin shawl, Tintern Abbey socks, and my second pair of Uzus. (The first were felted and went to the big lint trap in the sky.)

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Music by Session Americana, Down to You; So Far From Your door, from the cd Love and Dirt.

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