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Episode 76: Panacea

by Brenda Dayne on March 6, 2009

The cure for all ills is found at the tips of your own knitting needles. An exploration of your brain, on knitting; with guest, Tara Jon Manning, and contributing writer, Diana Klau.

Tara Jon Manning, author of Mindful Knitting (UK) shares why knitting is the perfect panacea; writer Diana Klau (who usually speaks with images, rather than words, and whose Flickr Stream is here) knits her way back to health in a beautiful essay, read by Sage Tyrtle.

I’m using Meg’s Glacier Bay yarn for my current project. Check it out here.

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Do guys knit? How many guys are knitters? Why does it seem such a surprise to find out about a male knitter? Kyle is looking for answers to these, and other burning questions. If you have a minute or two, he’d love to know what you think. Checkout his survey at Knitting Men in America.

If you’d like to read more about the anatomy and chemistry of the brain, and the vital role it plays in creativity, check out:


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Additional music Opening by Jami Sieber, courtesy of Magnatune.

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