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Saturday Sky on Monday

by Brenda Dayne on February 11, 2008

Saturday afternoon I realized the manic pace I set last week, while exhilarating, is probably not sustainable. This was but one epiphany in a string of ah-ha moments last week. Early in the week we had Houses Get Dirty (that’s what happens when you live in them, but they don’t stay that way forever, because you eventually clean them, so stop stressing about the clutter). By midweek I’d progressed to Exercise Helps (get away from your desk and take Ruby for a walk and enjoy some fresh air, and your shoulders won’t hurt so much).

I know these seem extremely … oh, what’s the word here? … SIMPLE concepts to most people, but I am only just getting around to integrating them. The idea that you can let some things go in order to accomplish other things, or that it might be a good thing to break up the day with exercise, or set a sustainable pace for yourself, are hard ones for me. Deep down I really do believe that I am utterly capable of doing it all, and that I really ought to, because I am also invincible. The fact that I stopped working on a Saturday to go for a walk, and THEN decided afterwards to take ALL of Sunday off, and bugger the writing schedule, baby, that’s progress.

Saturday, we walked to the church. Last year the 300 year old building was declared unsafe, and services were moved to the village hall. The church stands abandoned, covered in orange fencing and signs that warn of danger from crumbling ruins, which make it somehow more attractive to me. Although I’d seen this building from a distance for years, I’d never bothered to visit until last December, when I wanted some yew for the garland I make every year. Although I’d never been to this church in my life, I knew I would find yew because nearly every church in Britain has a yew tree planted somewhere on the grounds. Does that strike you as strange as it does me? An actual yew tree. Planted for the purposes of warding away evil spirits. In every churchyard, no joking. Anyway, perched on a hill, with a great view of the surrounding countryside, only a mile and half away from the house, abandoned, AND totally free of evil spirits, this church is now a great destination for a walk. One of my new favorites.

I have been reading blogs for several years and I have noticed this thing called Saturday Sky, and I always wanted to do one and, the sky being particularly fine on Saturday, I thought it was high time I gave it a go.

Okay. Yes. I DO get that they are ALSO supposed to be blogged on a Saturday. However, I spent so much time on the computer last week that, honestly, I just couldn’t be asked. So I’ve decided to call this new feature of my blog: Saturday Sky on Monday (unless I can’t be asked) in which a yew tree attempts to sneak up on a bell tower, and is discovered.

Sautrday Sky

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